These awesome anthropomorphized terrariums were created by Milan-based designer Matteo Cibic. They’re part of a series called Domsai, which features both terrariums, candleholders and electric lights, all standing on their own two legs topped with protective glass domes. With interesting plants or a candle inside them, we think they look like little alien astronauts.

The terrariums come in a variety of shapes and colors, some even look like they’re wearing socks. Their glass domes feature holes which allow the plants breathe. According to Cibic, plants growing in Domsai terrariums only require a few drops of water each week and should be kept out of direct sunlight in summer.

Visit the Domsai shop for additional images.

[via Demilked]


Design of Geometric Glass Terrariums

Waen started in August of 2014 – 172 years after a terrarium was accidentally discovered by English botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward. Although it seems like terrariums have only recently become popular, they were actually designed with increasing intricacy and style and have been widely consumed as a decoration for the home since the Victorian age. Asli is a green thumb architect with a passion for geometry, and she thought of the idea for geometric terrariums back when I was working on my master’s thesis in neuroscience. I made her one as a birthday gift and she loved it, so we decided to make more together.

Product DesignerMurat Ozsaltik