▪Why Eridan Is An Amazing Character▪ Let’s talk about Eridan.. He’s a cool character and people think of him the wrong way. Like people think of him as a low-life loner who can’t get a partner and all he wants to do is pail. Like look at the picture on the top right. He has an amazing sense of humor. And his word choices are…pretty hilarious and unexpected for someone of his blood color and class. Not a lot of people seem grasp that. They see him a boring murderer who killed Feferi because she rejected him but I don’t think they remember that Feferi launched herself at Eridan after he shot Sollux. Sollux wasn’t just hit for no reason. Sollux wanted to duel Eridan and such. Im fact, Eridan allowed Sollux to live even though he was perfectly capable of killing him. Feferi acted out of her will, planning to do damage to Eridan. So, he did what he had to. He hit her which eventually led to her death. I think people forget that he’s 13 years old. I think people don’t realize he is the only troll who HASN’T smiled. He also went grimdark, just like Rose did! He was kind of pushed into a situation where he wasn’t ready for what was to come even though he agreed. Eridan is a dork. He even said “Poppycock” before! Eridan is very intelligent but everyone knocks all those facts down and notes him as a: “Character who just wants to fill buckets”. It’s like Roxy. She’s intelligent and can read codes as easily as ringing a bell but they focus on her alcoholic issues and her funny typos but she’s more than that. Eridan is more than that. I guess that’s why he’s one of my favorite characters.


Scourge Sisters for life

Vriska: aph-ackerman
Terezi: pyrope-inc

Photographer: gemstoneperidot


I think we can all agree this isn’t Terezi at all. Terezi doesn’t stutter or stall for time. Terezi isn’t hesitant. Terezi doesn’t accept Vriska’s words just like that.

If this Terezi hasn’t been through three years of a bad relationship with Gamzee, then she’s gone through three years of something different that’s left her a bit too compliant to my liking. :/