I just finished this piece for my show! It is a hand printed #albumen print of a photo shoot I did in #Moab with the awesome @fheebs and @zoleaux I then paint and draw on the prints. #echoes_exhibit #teresaflowersphotography my opening is this Wednesday in #DTLA go to my website for more info www.teresaflowers.com and check out my indiegogo to help support my project. Igg.me/at/echoesexhibit thanks!! (at www.teresaflowers.com)

I took this photo 15 years ago with a #mediumformat #hasselblad camera. Shoot on #Tmax 400 #film. I printed this on archival ilford black and white 16x20 paper by hand in my own darkroom. This photo is shoot in the basement my family’s 100 year old cabin where I spent my childhood summers in Bear Lake Idaho. What I love about photography is that you can use it to express what you feel when you can’t find the words. At 20 I developed disabling arthritis in my hands and I had to drop out of college when I was on an art scholarship. I had disabling pain and at the time I had no idea what was causing it. I felt so helpless. My mom was dying of AIDS and I spent most my time caring for her and I lived this in secret due to discrimination and harassment, I didn’t even tell my best friend. I didn’t tell anyone until a few weeks before my mom past on. The figure in the photo is leaving behind the bonds of the past and walking away on fire. Walk away from your past and let all your love and passion turn into a fire that blazes up inside you and inspires the world. Help me continue to share my story by backing my project on indiegogo at igg.me/at/echoesexhibit more info at www.teresaflowers.com or www.sleepictures.com and PLEASE SHARE! Thank you! #teresaflowersphotography#blackandwhite (at www.sleepictures.com)

My favorite photo from the @jacvanek shoot with the gorgeous @yasmine_jorgensen @larissahatch93 @abbysayer @ocean_air @asia_kehl
from @niyamodels Thanks to a rad and hardworking team!
Stylist director, art direction and photography #teresaflowersphotography
Production #teresaflowersproductions
Stylist assistants @miekamay @graveyardgirl @cerene_v2 
Photo assistants
@jasonballphotography @sailortaylortattoo @djsilversey
Hair @zapkerpow
Make up Wendy Halterman (at www.teresaflowers.com)