teresa x jace

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Teresa x Jace:

Who puts up the holiday decorations? Both of them. They would both go into stores during the holiday season and they would pick out decorations for their home (inside/out). They love to do as many things together as they can. It just brings them close together. They would be getting into the festive mood and start dancing with each other while taking small breaks in between putting up the holiday decorations. They would just make the whole house a winter land and everything would look beautiful. It has to be one of their favorite holiday’s because they get to spend time with family and they would be able to host in their brand new home.
Who eats the others uneaten pizza crusts? Jace. It seems like Teresa would do this often because sometimes she may not like the pizza crust so she would place them off to the side.
Who always forgets to pick up their wet towels in the bathroom? For some reason I’m going to say neither because both of them seem to be decently organized and they know by picking up their wet towel would save the other, in case they were having a bad day. But then again I could see Jace being slick man and smacking Teresa with the wet towel. Just them having their sort of fun in a strange way that leads them to… sexay time!!
Who talks smack while playing video games? Jace. He would be so slick when it comes to talking smack while playing video games. He would be pretty much be an asshole to anyone who isn’t Teresa (which we know is true!!!). So he finds enjoyment out of to talk a little bit of smack while he probably still ends up talking smack in general at work. But, this is one of Jace’s way to still act like a kid which Teresa, of course, finds completely adorable and just sits there and watches him from the distance. (Like d’aw, you two just stop!)
Who watches Jeopardy and calls out the answers? Both of them. They would definitely be that couple who would cuddle up in bed (which they do often yeees!). They would have their fingers interlocked with each other and just saying the answers at the same time. Both of them would just smile up at each other and continue the night away while watching Jeopardy and spending this sort of time together.
Who is more likely to cry over a sad book or movie? Teresa. She could really emotional when it came with the ending of Fast 7 (which who didn’t??) but, something would struck a chord and cause her to cry. It’s also in her blood to get emotional when it comes to a sad book and movie but then, she’s got the dream man so then easily cheers up. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jace were to make fun of her at some points for it but most likely would believe it was cute and then give her a big kiss on the forehead.
Who sings along with the radio? Both of them. Although Teresa claims she doesn’t have the best singing voice but Jace would always sweeten her up and claim that statement is wrong. But, yet she still sings along with him because music is their thing as well and they would even break out into a duets. Jace would most likely record singing or rapping to watch it because he finds her adorable.
Who falls asleep on the other? Teresa. Most likely because Jace is like a big ole teddy bear for Teresa and she just finds him so comfortable after a long day of work. Plus, they both like to cuddle and or/ snuggle up with each other. They get to enjoy each others presence even if they aren’t talking. Being with each other is what matters the most and this is one another thing (out of plenty) both of them do with each other.

Moments with Jace & Teresa: ( I apologize this might be crap but I could just see them having a relaxing night after everything and Jace looking out for Teresa ajkalsf )
It had been many months since the whole miscarriage and the news of Josephine’s pregnancy. As much as it hurt to see things moving forward with Josephine & Kellin, both of them knew their time would come. It had been a long week and Teresa was surprised to see Jace home before her. Things for the both of them have been going strong even with the full rocks in the road. But Teresa had entered into the house to see a bunch of rose pettles laying on the floor leading her towards the dining room. Teresa ends up seeing Jace standing with dinner all already for their night it. It had caused a wide smile to spread upon Teresa’s face seeing all the time Jace had taken out for her. Simple but subtle night for the both of them.

Josephine x Kellin:

Who puts up the holiday decorations? Josephine would be bombarded with all three of the kids running towards her with their holiday decorations. It would be hard for Josephine to not hang them up because she doesn’t want to see the kids upset. Of course after, she would tell the kids to wait till dad was home to finish the rest of decorating. But, it would be both of them. They would both most likely would love to do it as a family since they have combined both of the families together and it would be important for them to start traditions. Plus it would put a smile on both Josephine’s and Kellin’s face to see the kids so excited and helping each other out. Also hearing all of the kids singing along to Christmas carols.
Who eats the others uneaten pizza crusts? Kellin. He would take one for the team like dads do and eat after their kids. Kellin takes one for his girlfriend as well!
Who always forgets to pick up their wet towels in the bathroom? Either one of them. Both of them are pretty good when it comes with picking up after themselves since they also do have three (four soon ok) kids that they are both handling. But, if one of them leaves something and forgets to do it. Whoever sees it takes care it for one another because they understand both have long days at work.
Who talks smack while playing video games? Kellin. I could just see Kellin and Jace sitting on the couch with each other, having consumed a few drinks as well. Both of them just get really competitive because it’s their ‘guy’ time together while both of their ladies are still there and putting the kids to sleep. (Of course, I see this happening after shit happens with Jace, Josephine & Kellin and it is like closer towards the end of Josephine’s pregnancy. Like they would act like nothing had happened.) Although, Kel doesn’t play video games often but he has them for a few spare minutes even with all the kids running around.
Who watches Jeopardy and calls out the answers? Both of them. Both of them would be running around the house due to the kids and they would still be listening to the tv and shout out the answer at the same time while doing things. They would both widened their eyes at each other then high five for answering the questions correctly.
Who is more likely to cry over a sad book or movie?: Josephine. She lets all of her walls down since being with Kellin. So, she doesn’t have a problem with showing him this side of her and is happy that he could bring it out instead of letting her to keep it in. Mostly because both of them want the best for each other with each other.
Who sings along with the radio?: Kellin. Josephine would be sitting in the passenger seat and watching him sing with a smile because he has such a beautiful voice and she is so happy to have him back in her life. Plus Josephine always compliments Kellin on his singing and whenever him & the band performance, she makes sure to take the time to go out to see him perform. It is something that means so much to him and she wants to be supportive of him through anything and everything.
Who falls asleep on the other?: Josephine. She would climb into bed after a long day and Kellin would most likely be reading about his next case. She doesn’t want to interrupt him while he’s reading because it is important so she would just lay against him as a pillow. Immediately after she would be right out and sleep but they had always enjoyed spending time in each others arms.

Josephine & Kellin with their Quality Time: ( I swear my brain isn’t doing justice but these moments are simple but after the long list of plans and devious plans up the sleeves.. Much can not be expose! )
Over the past months, things for both Josephine & Kellin had been busy. With them announcing their recent news about the pregnancy and even preparing for the little one. The weeks has been leading up towards their date night (which they have now since tbh need it since they got kiddos). Josephine has no idea what would be happening but continues along with what was going on. Eventually they arrive to a familiar spot, where both of them had kissed after all of the years being apart. It would just be simple but Kellin wanted to take Josephine there because it had lead them to where they are today.