Warped YouTuber BryanStars is here announcing your 2015 Vans Warped Tour Comedians! Hosting the tent this year will be Eli Olsberg and Grant Cotter with special guests Beth Stelling (6/19-6/26), Chase Bernstein (6/27-7/12), Dave Ross (7/1-7/12),Eric Schwartz (7/26-8/8), Sammy Obeid (6/19-6/28), and Sandy Danto (7/26-8/8)! Watch the official announcement now!

I just have so many headcanons for this au already omg.
Bill’s visiting Gravity Falls with his aunt and uncle, who are great people but very busy and hardly around.
There’s a kid that lives next door who bullies the crap out of him, and no matter what Bill does he can’t get the kid to stop. One day when he’s running away from him and ends up at the Mystery Shack—for some reason, the kid doesn’t follow him inside it’s because Stan scares the shit out of him, so Bill spends the day there, befriends Soos and Wendy and takes the tour. 
He just starts hanging out at the Shack whenever he can, and Stan told him that, if he’s going to spend so much time there, he might as well help out; Bill is thrilled, just like Soos was back in the day.
One day the bully catches him before he makes it to the Shack, and Bill ends up fleeing into the woods. He stumbles upon the journal and finds a spell that summons what claims to be two powerful beings, with a warning to not summon them at all costs. Bill figures, ‘what could possibly go wrong’, and takes his chances…