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The Ghost of Me || One-Shot

Title: The Ghost Of Me
Rating: K+
Summary: –Sequel to A Meeting of Fate– A month after meeting Brona Croft, the Doctor finds himself back in Victorian London facing yet another Rose lookalike. But that’s impossible. Right?
Category: Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Brona Croft/Lily Frankenstein

Notes: Yes it’s a sequel to the Penny Dreadful/Doctor Who story you never knew you didn’t want. This is still pre-Waters of Mars Doctor, and set after 2x05 for Lily (no spoilers).

Seriously recommend reading the first story before you read this one. You can find it here.

Lily took a deep breath as she stepped outside, letting the fresh air and sun wash over her. Victor didn’t let her out often, and never unsupervised – she knew it was just because he worried about her, but sometimes she felt like a prisoner in his home. Unintentionally, she knew – Victor would never want her to be upset or uncomfortable. And she never actually expressed her displeasure at being trapped inside so much, mostly because she couldn’t put the feelings into the words – the need to be out and about, to be in the heart of London, to explore, to see, to learn.

Sometimes the feelings got a little overwhelming, if she was honest with herself. She didn’t understand the desire to be in a place she had never seen before – it went so far beyond simple curiosity. Sometimes she felt like she belonged in London. But that wasn’t right, was it? Victor had said she was from the country. What did she know of city life? She attributed most of it to the accident which had robbed her of her memory – Victor had said she was a little different from who she used to be, after all.

Of course, she could tell herself that all she wanted but it did nothing to stifle the awful need to escape. So she took advantage of these times when Victor was away to just step outside and enjoy the fresh air for a bit. She had a few hours yet before he returned, though she doubted she would stay out for even an hour more – it made her feel strangely anxious to be exposed like this.

Especially without Victor at her side.

A light wind whipped to life and she closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. With the wind in her ears she missed the slightly wheezing sound echoing from nearby.

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Foundations | Part 7/10

Rating: Mature

Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler

Summary:  Rose and the Doctor decide to have a baby together. After she becomes pregnant with his first womb born child, the Doctor realizes that he wants to raise a baby with more than just his best friend.

A/N: For allegoricalrose​‘s baby!fic prompt.

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Again, he winked and clicked his tongue. “You best be off to bed, hmm? I think I’ll find something we can both do after you’ve rested.”

Just when he was beginning to really break down her barriers with all of his tenderness, he had to pull his same old Doctor tricks on her. Rose felt like she awoke from a dream as she slid off the bed. It had been a long day, she sighed. She did need some rest. She could sleep for a week.

And she would, if her bedroom hadn’t disappeared.

“You know, you’ve never seen fit to interfere in my love life before,” the Doctor insinuated.

He was suspended on a swing in the bowels of the engine beneath the console room. His only connection to the rest of the TARDIS was a portable monitor propped up in his lap. He watched his girls resting in one of the parlors a few corridors down. Well, one of them was resting. The other was probably tenderizing her mum’s organs with her growing baby feet. When Rose first told him of this nighttime habit, she cited that although it was exhausting, she felt more at ease when the baby was moving around. If she was moving, then she must have been healthy, certainly alive in the very least. It wasn’t entirely unsound logic. It put Rose at ease, which was most important. She’d placed her full trust in the Doctor to monitor their child’s health, which was the perfect job for a man that didn’t sleep much.

Of course, this job didn’t entail the Doctor spying on Rose sleeping. But she was in a public area of the TARDIS. Resisting the temptation to watch them while he worked became an insurmountable task. He shut off the telly she’d been watching from the console room so that he could hear her breathing, her occasional sweet sighs, little snorts, and hums. He shifted the lighting just enough to allow him to see her shirt riding up her swollen belly.  At times he forgot he was peering at her through a screen smaller than his face. The complex weave of wires, tubing and switches making up the TARDIS’s engine unraveled around him as he admired her.

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