Foundations | Part 1/?

Rating: Teen (this chapter)
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler
Summary:  Rose and the Doctor decide to have a baby together. After she becomes pregnant with his first womb born child, the Doctor realizes that he wants to raise a baby with more than just his best friend.
A/N: For allegoricalrose‘s baby!fic prompt.

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Rose’s green bunny slippers took turns hopping as she shifted her feet just outside the Doctor’s study. She’d tried really hard, honestly, to eat and go to bed as she told him she would. She failed miserably at both of these tasks. Her plate of leftover chips was still sitting in the galley’s microwave, and as far as going to bed went, all she’d managed to do was change into a pair of loose-fitting pyjama bottoms. To be fair, she hadn’t made much of an effort in the way of taking care of herself since they’d returned to the TARDIS this time. Her mind was a busy beehive of activity that couldn’t be made to calm down no matter how hard she tried (which she really, very seriously wasn’t doing at all). She’d tried speaking with the TARDIS about her concerns, and the ship did her best to comfort her with the lull of her whirring engines and occasional gentle thrums into her feet as she roamed the corridors. But this time only the Doctor could answer the questions she had running through her mind. In the five years they’d spent together, she could count on her hands the number of times this topic of discussion came up. And almost every time he’d come up with a distraction leading away from it.

“We’re not going back, Rose. They’re perfectly fine.”

The door to the Doctor’s study must have slid open while Rose was thinking. That was the only explanation for him leaning up against the door frame with his glasses dangling from his fingers against his cheek as he studied her with an arched eyebrow. Rose stiffened. How long had he been standing there watching her? And what had she done to make his lips curl into that all knowing grin of his?

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fic: Distance, p24/?

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Teaspoon, Ao3

Once everyone had left apart from the Doctor, Rose flopped down on the sofa.

“It’s not quite bedtime for you yet, Rose Tyler,” the Doctor said, as he came back into the sitting room with a glass of water for her and a glass of wine for himself.

She failed to stifle her yawn, but sat up and took her drink obligingly. “Why’s that, then?”

“Got another Shondarian tradition to do.”

Rose laughed. “You really took a shine to their culture, didn’t you?”

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