BUY or DIY: Hula Hoop Tent.

For other DIY CanopyTents, see Below:

For a cheaper tent use sheets for fabric as seen in the  DIY Hula Hoop Tents from The Craft Nest here.

You can also use a large embroidery hoop to make a canopy tent like the one at Sew Liberated here. She used silk for the fabric but you can also use parachute-like fabric as a cheaper alternative.

The Fixed Tent Scene

~I’ve never wrote anything before, so please don’t harass or give me any crap. i just thought about what if the tent scene went something like this. I have seen some other ideas from other people and incorporated it in. Enjoy I guess :) ~


Beca rolled over to face a grinning Chloe. Her clear blue eyes still sparkled even in the dark. “What are we doing here?” She tried her best to make it clear that she was mad about the whole situation.

“We’re bonding. You seem tense. Do you need a back rub?” Chloe lightly placed a finger on Beca’s forehead, trying to push a stray hair out of the brunette’s face, but Beca threw her head back in disapproval.

“Several body parts are rubbing my back right now, thank you.” She flinched as she felt Lily’s shoulder bump into hers.

“You know, Beca, we’re very close but I think this retreat is really gonna let us discover everything about each other.”

“Is that right?” Beca didn’t like snapping at Chloe. Her optimism was just making her more angry for some reason.

Chloe, still grinning, nodded. She gazed into Beca’s navy blue eyes, trying to forget about all the other Bellas in the tent. She locked onto the DJ’s gaze and lowered her voice. “You know one of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t do enough experimenting in college.”

A silence fell over the two of them. Anxiety built up in Chloe’s chest. She was hoping that Beca would say ‘Me too.’ or ‘I can fix that.’,but instead Beca started to turn back around.

“You are so weird.” Beca managed to say as she shifted back onto her other shoulder.

Chloe felt a huge pit forming in her stomach, but she didn’t want Beca to know how she felt, so she played it of. She smiled big, “Thanks.” But as soon as Beca was facing the other way, her kidding smile fell into a disappointed frown.

Beca felt Lily’s tongue on the tip of her nose. She signed heavily in annoyance. Hearing Beca’s silent call of help, Chloe slid down into Fat Amy’s empty spot and began to massage her shoulders. Beca wasn’t in the mood to move in protest or snap back at the redhead behind her. She just melted into the very uncomfortable ground and let Chloe’s ‘amazing stress relieving’ fingers do all the work. Closing her eyes, she started to remember other times when Chloe’s hands were the magical solution: the night before ICAA Nationals her freshman year, studying for exams or writing a research paper, one or twice when her and Jesse got in a fight, and now, when her stress about the Worlds and her future as a music producer evaporated into thin air. Chloe dug her thumbs into Beca’s shoulders. She tried to undo every single knot in her fellow Bella’s back, starting at the shoulders and making her way down to her lower back. Sighs of relief, or pleasure (Chloe couldn’t tell), escaped Beca’s lips. For a split second Chloe’s finger accidentally touched Beca’s lower bare back, sending chills through her body.

Fat Amy’s footsteps sounded outside the tent and Chloe felt Beca tense up, making her chuckle to herself. She loved seeing her nervous; she was always so cute when she didn’t know what to say. Pulling back the tent flap, Amy saw the redhead laying in her spot. She didn’t care, obviously. She actually liked the idea of Beca and Chloe together, wether as just friends or something more. Not wanting to ruin their ‘moment’, she crawled into Chloe’s spot and went to sleep.

Eventually all of the Bellas were fast asleep, expect Beca and Chloe. Chloe was still rubbing Beca’s back even though there weren’t anymore knots. Beca never told her to stop, so she didn’t. After a couple minutes, Beca turned back around to face the same sparkling blue eye she had yelled at earlier.

“I’m sorry I snapped at you… I was just frustrated…”

“Sexually?” Chloe raised a questioning eyebrow at Beca, who lightly slapped her on the shoulder. She was smiling, so Chloe knew she hadn’t offended her.

“No…” Beca answered hesitantly.

“You sure? What about physically flawless Kommissar?” A hint of jealousy lingered on Chloe’s response.

“She… She is flawless. I don’t know why I get that way when I’m around her. I’ve always liked guys. I still like guys. For Christ sake I’m dating Jesse. But maybe it’s because I’ve never been with anyone other than guys…”

Chloe could tell that her friend was seriously confused, but she didn’t know what to say. She just listened.

Beca looked up to see Chloe’s eyes gazing into hers and suddenly she felt like they were the only two people in the very squished, very stinky tent. “Chlo, have you ever… been with a girl…?”

“Twice. Both were drunk accidents at frat parties.” She lied, kinda. She had kissed more than two girls, but she never dated a girl before. 

Beca didn’t say anything after that. They just laid there, looking at each other. Chloe watched as Beca slowly lifted her hand to Chloe’s face and tucked a stray red hair behind her small ear like she had tried to do earlier. Beca’s light touch left a trail of warmth and she could feel redness spreading on her cheeks. Luckily, they were masked by the darkness. Beca started to scoot closer and Chloe’s heart raced; her breathing became very rapid.

“I need some air…” She croaked at the close girl.

Careful to not wake anyone, Chloe crawled to the entrance of the tent and out into the cool summer night. The whole retreat was silent and still. Barefoot, she made her way across the dewy grass to a park bench. Hearing footsteps behind her, Chloe let out a dry laugh.

“Beca, what are you doing?”

“Are you okay? You seem uncomfortable.”

“I’m perfectly fine. I just had to get away from the fart air.”

Now Beca was sitting on the bench next to her. Their thighs were next to each other, making Chloe feel the same warmth as before. Beca cleared her throat before talking again.

“Chloe? Were you serious?”

“About what?”

“About wanting to experiment more?”

Overwhelmed with emotion, Chloe sprang up from the wood structure and whirled around to face the surprised brunette.

“Here’s the thing Beca Mitchell, I like you! I’ve liked you ever since I met you at the activities fair…”

“Chloe, I like you too–”

“No, Beca. I more than like you. I love you… I knew i liked you at the activities fair, but I knew I loved you after we sang in the shower together. Now I can’t even hear Titanium without my heart racing.”

“I never knew you felt that way…”

“Yeah well now you do! So laugh at me, mock me, make fun of me, whatever! I’m going back to bed…”

Chloe whipped around to leave but Beca called out after her, making her stop in her tracks.

“I wish I had experimented more too! After seeing Kommissar and not being able to say anything bad about her, I realized that maybe…”

“Save it, Beca… What makes you think that after what I just said that I would want to hear about how much you want to be with that German beast?”

“I wasn’t– Just listen to me. Anyways, I realized that maybe I’m more interested in women than I am men. I became very… sexual confused.”

She tried to lessen the intensity with a stiff laugh, referring to what Chloe had said back in the tent, but she didn’t look amused. Her arms were crossed across her chest and all her weight was on one hip.

“So, I started picturing myself being with another girl, but every time I pictured it… I was with… you. At first I felt guilty. I shouldn’t be thinking about you this way. You are my friend, but I couldn’t stop, You were on my mind 24/7 and being with you only made it worse. One time, I even dug my fingernails into my thighs to stop myself from pouncing on you. You’ve always believed in me. You’ve always been there for me. I suddenly realized that I was kidding myself with the Jesse thing, but I couldn’t just dump him out of the blue. That seemed unfair, but I can’t control it anymore. Especially after what you just said. It’s always been you, Chloe Beale. I love you.”

Chloe was speechless. She was unable to breath or think or move, so Beca moved towards her instead. The only sound came from croaks of frogs and the chirping of crickets. A smile spread across the redhead’s face, making Beca smile too (like an idiot).


“Shut up and kiss me.” Chloe grabbed the back of Beca’s neck and pressed her lips to hers. It was simple, perfect, and romantic. They parted; Chloe rested her forehead on Beca’s.

“Did you hear that?”

Chloe and Beca lifted their heads and listened. Faint whispers and awes came from the tent area. Smiling, the two of them turned around just in time to see six Bella heads quickly going back inside the tent.

NEPAL, Kathmandu : Eight year old Nepalese child Nisan reacts as he plays with Japanese doctor Mazaki Miyazaki in a tent camp in Kathmandu on May 5, 2015, which was set up for people that were left homeless after their houses were destroyed on the April 25 deadly earthquake that killed over 7,300 people and left tens of thousands homeless.  Miyazaki and other members of the Joint Disaster Relief Medical support unit of the Japanese Defence Forces were waiting to set up their day clinic at the camp.   AFP PHOTO/ROBERTO SCHMIDT