[…] when the Doctor collapses after being shot with lightning/the Master’s life force, the Master runs over to catch him (before dropping him, disgusted with himself). When asked about the Master’s reaction here in the online commentary for this episode, Russell T. Davies remarked, “Well, he loves him really.”
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Thoschei ( Doctor/Master or Ten/Simm ) is Canon ?!

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I was hoping it would be these two I mean whut

  • Who cooks: I wanna say mainly the Doctor.  He is, after all, apparently a very good cook. I bet the Master would be able to whip up something good too, though, if he felt like it.
  • Who does the laundry and other chores: Honestly, between the two of them,  the Master is probably more likely to want the place clean. We all know the Doctor is…less than organized, after all. xD
  • How many children do they have: I could get into this idea I’ve had for a long while now involving them technically having a biological daughter, but I’m sure none of you want to read that whole thing. XD So I suppose none, although if they ever did…acquire a kid, probably only one.
  • Who’s more dominate: The Master likes to pretend he is but really it’s the Doctor.
  • Favorite nonsexual activity: Sitting in the library, quietly reading their own respective books together. And also watching bad telly just for the fun of it.
  • Their favorite place to be together: The library. Or at least, that’s one of them.
  • Any traditions: Sometimes, they both sit at the TARDIS door with their legs dangling off the edge, drinking tea and just looking out at the beauty that is space. They don’t say or do anything, they just sit there quietly with their tea and silently enjoy each other’s company.
  • Their “song”: Oooh, there are a couple I can think of. Kiss With a Fist, Drumming Song, War Drums, The Kill…there are more, but I won’t list all of them. XD
  • What they do for each other on holidays: I can imagine one or both of them picking something up for the other on special/random occasions and leaving it where the other will find it, but never saying it was from them even though it’s obvious. I could also imagine the Doctor taking the TARDIS somewhere nice and peaceful without really explaining why, be it a holiday, special occasion, or maybe if the Master’s been having a rough time.
  • Where did they go for their honeymoon: Even if they did ever get married, I’m not sure they could agree on a place to go. XD They’d probably just stay in the TARDIS for a while and…you know.
  • Where did they first meet: On Gallifrey, sometime when they were children. I actually have no idea how/when they met. Hmm.
  • Any pets: Nope. But if they did, I can imagine the Master wanting a cat.
  • What do they fight over: Oh god, everything. xD Although, nowadays, it’s more banter and habitual bickering and the Master’s usual denial than anything serious, it seems.
  • Do they go on vacations, if so where: There’s a whole universe out there, they could go anywhere. I imagine the Doctor’s usually the one to pick, seeing as how the TARDIS is probably still angry at the Master for the whole ‘Paradox Machine’ thing, and the Master just kind of goes along with it, albeit not without complaint.

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Yes the shipping name is a real problem. Like, what I've heard before is 'best enemies' and frenemies as proposals but yeah...

yeah i’ve heard that one too. and i know tensimms is a big one, but RPS gets mixed in it a lot. what happens if you look at the best enemies tag on tumblr?

*does it*


that was depressing. 

i always make a point to tag any shippy posts in “master x doctor” personally. 

but then a lot of people usurp that by using “doctor x master" 

if tumblr would just let us track backslashes this wouldn’t be a problem at all. ><

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The Doctor and the Master!

(As you didn´t ask for any specific Doctor/Master I´ll just do Ten x Simm)

falls asleep on the couch: I guess the Doctor would fall asleep, if he sleeps at all, maybe while watching a movie, cuddled against the Master
makes friends with the neighbors: Definetely the Doctor! He would walk up to all the neighbours and introduce himself. The Master would just stay in the Tardis (or their house for domestic AU) and be grumpy.
is the adventurous eater Both. The Doctor loves trying new food and the Master loves trying new eating styles.
hogs the covers at night The Master. And the Doctor doesn´t dare to disturb his sleep so he just gets up and gets new covers.
forgets to do the dishes That would be the Doctor. I think Ten would be as lazy with that as the Shalka Doctor. So their kitchen is a mess.
tries to surprise their partner more often The Doctor tries to surprise the Master with small presents, the Master likes to leave more unpleasant surprises (one time he re-programmed the Tardis buttons).
leaves dirty laundry on the floor The Master. The Doctor tries at least to put his clothes somewhere clean.
stays up til 2 AM reading The Doctor sometimes forgets the time (of course) and when he´s finished the book it´s already the next morning.
sings in the shower The Doctor loves to sing in the shower. He knows every disney song by heart.
takes the selfies The Doctor. But he doesn´t upload them, he only likes to have memories of happy times.
plans date night The Doctor, again. Because the Master wouldn´t even go on proper dates if he didn´t have to. But he sectretly enjoys stargazing and candlelight.

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You're NOT the only John/David shipper <3 i like your blog!

Thank you so much!! You’re sweetening my day <3

And, I mean, I do know I’m not alone (thank god there’s some yummy fanfic out there) but it does get quite lonely every once in a while…

(if anyone wants to send me drabbles, link me to blogs that ship them, prompts etc. I’d be pleased, I do want to get around with my fellows!)

(David totally got all his beatles shirts from John, lets be honest. And John wore this ugly silly velvet jacket at the Doctor Who premiere to impress David with his fashion style - what he forgot to think about is that David’s own fashion style, velvet jacket and all, is also not quite the best out there :D)

Am I rambling again? Sorry. But these two just get me talking.

Love you dear!