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I Fight Dragons - cRaZie$

I Fight Dragons is an amazingly nerdy band, a mixture of rock/pop and Nintendo sounds. If you haven’t heard them yet, check out the video above. It has Nintendo stuffs and zombies and more and trust me you will not be disappointed. 

And a BIG THANKS to tenpoundsofbacon for showing me this amazing band!

Hey, tumblr! 
It’s been a while…I haven’t had a whole lot of time this year to keep up with your shenanigans. It’s crazy being an adult!

Even if the feeling’s not mutual, I’ve missed you guys. beaky-peartree with her feistiness, shewalkslikealady with her omgakdjnvajnfarg pics, and everyone else. 

Let’s hope this year will be a little easier on me!

tenpoundsofbacon replied to your post “MUSCLES THO. HOW.”

I want to get into that!

Ooooh, you totally should! It’s easy to pick up if you find enough time to dedicate to it! It’s been a lot of fun, and it’s really helped me feel more aligned while also helping me feel like the total badass I secretly wish I was.

If you can’t afford or find a professional to help train you, there’s always some great tutorials online (by professionals!) that’ll help you step into it!

tenpoundsofbacon said:

For the classes, I want to try everything ya know. Can you have more than one character? How's that work? (Sorry I don't play the beta)

You can have three character slots, so I’m assuming a person would use a slot for each class. Each class has two (known?) subclasses that can be switched. You can lock in a subclass to make your build choices permanent with a crazy good stat boost! Also certain armor can increase your subclass’ abilities but adding extra perks or extending the use of your subclass specific super. 

tenpoundsofbacon said:

This "fables" series mentioned in a text post, what is it?

Really? I get to introduce someone to this awesomeness?!

Sit down and let me splain you a thing.

Fables is a long-running ridiculously epic comic, and by ‘epic’ I mean in the fairly traditional sense.

All the fairy tales were real. Snow White, Pinocchio, all of them, real. They have their own kingdom attached to ours, and everything was pretty good until a massive war started from within. A malicious entity started throwing the Kingdoms of the fairy tales over, one by one, and was proving to be an unstoppable force.

So the Fairy Tales did what so many other immigrants have done: they jacked all the riches and moved to New York. Our New York City, where they have their own burrough. Nat King Cole sits as mayor but Snow White actually runs the show, and Big Bad Wolf (Bigby) is the functional sheriff. The non-human residents live on “The Farm” upstate.

The evil force overthrowing shit back home, however, is quite aware that they jacked a bunch of riches and ran, and is keen on tracking down the escapees.

This is where we pick up the story. And it is awesome. The art is beautiful, the characters marvelous, and the villain of the whole thing is honestly kind of a surprise (he’s not revealed by name until fairly late in the series). I’ve read eight compilations and I know there are at least seventeen, so it’s a comic that’s been around a while and will eat a significant portion of your money if you’re not careful.

But, in my opinion, worth it. Just as rich as Sandman, but not as depressing, and a few little delightful Ever Afters here and there.

tenpoundsofbacon said:

I've had. This video game idea, and I want to make it. I'm tired of doing nothing, where do I start? Do you know anyone that knows where to start?

Years of college or years of coding or years of both.

I have ideas too and have a whole universe written down with all kinds of stuff. Of course it’s all useless because I’m lazy.

tenpoundsofbacon said:

I just hope I can use Halo 3 controls again. Those were my favorite

Judging from the panels I watched about it, there seem to be an impressive range of options, and if they’re providing each game to play as it originally did then Halo 3's controls are in the collection, makes sense you could use them as your universal choice. The only issue I see preventing that would be when games have different features like sprint that would need assigning somewhere but I'm sure it can be done if the system they have is flexible enough. 

tenpoundsofbacon said:

Hey! Remember that game idea I sent about a year ago? Well, I'm tired of not doing anything. I want to create it and I know It can be done. But I don't know where to start at all. I know you have a lot of followers and I bet someone could help. Do you think you could help me?

Well let’s see!

Followers, David here would like to begin creating a game he has had in his head for a long while now but is unsure how to go about beginning. Does anyone have any experience, advice or maybe even websites to help out? 
If so, please message/ask David with your information please. And thank you to anyone who can help out!!!

tenpoundsofbacon said:

He is a CHAR


you’re lucky i literally just got to that part today

Also, watch out for dangar, that show is very dangarous

i am not to dangar yet i think so i have 0000000000% clue who or what you’re talking about but that’s ok because it’s fun to go in as spoiler-free as possible