Aaron Glasson, A New Zealand born artist, has been painting murals throughout mexico for months now. Pictured are 2 recent murals in Mexico City and Cholula, Mexico.

The first being a solo mural of a multi-dimentional horse figure that seems to be galloping into space.  Below the horse is a landscape of psychedelic flora and fauna. A cactus with an eye and a little blue fox peer out at the massive horse figure.  Embodied within the Caballo is a landscape of a moon above a mountainous terrain amongst other patterns.

A blue bird seems to be flying off with a snake representing Glasson’s take on the Eagle messenger between the “great spirit” and human world.  Or maybe he is referencing specifically the ancient Aztec prophecy, where it was known that the people of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) originally would settle where there was an eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in its talon. The passing of the 2013, Year of the Snake, comes to mind.  This painting, according to Aaron, represents our current year we are living in now. The Year of the Horse. 

The second painting is a collaboration with artist, Cinzah Seekayem in Cholula, Mexcio. In Aaron’s words “This painting is a tribute to the nearby Popocatepetl volcano, the local kind characters, cacti, and plants, the daily parades, processions, and parties. Muchas gracias to the legendary Milamores and El Flaco!” August 2014

  • Tenochititlan

A sound of the pronunciation of Tenochititlan [teh-noh-cheeteet-lahn], the Aztec capital. The name is thought to mean “Among the prickly pears [growing among] rocks”, but this is contested.  It was situated on an island on lake Texcoco and served as the home of the Mexica, where Mexico inherited it’s name. It’s ruins are where Mexico city was built.