This afternoon, we went for a quick drive on the back roads of Sweetwater, Tennessee in search of one of the oldest houses in Monroe County. It was built sometime during the early 1800s, probably around the 1820s or 1830s. Naturally, it sits empty and it stands in some old man’s front yard. Unfortunately, it started storming when we went through the area. We plan to return on Thursday, when the chances of rain are much lower. We want to talk to this gentleman about taking pictures of this place. And guys, it’s a  beautiful old place.

This was an old shed of some sort on the same road the old house is on. All I can say is this particular stretch of road is filled with abandoned sites, namely old farms that have been left to ruin. I lost count of the derelict and overgrown farms we passed. There were former fields, which were once lined with rows upon rows of corn, soybeans, or wheat that were slowly being overtaken by the woods. Trees were already beginning to sprout through the exhausted soil. Just what happened here? There was something both surreal and sad about it all.


This abandoned barn stands on the side of the road in the rural community of Gudger, Tennessee. It was rather difficult getting these shots, namely because the structure was so overgrown. The only parts of it that could be seen was the silo and a couple of the windows. Believe me when I say this, but this barn is huge. I have provided a photo of the barn without the overgrowth that I had taken in 2012.

Tennessee Just Passed A Law Forcing Women To Wait 48 Hours For An Abortion

Starting July 1, women seeking an abortion in Tennessee will have to wait 48 hours before they’re allowed to have the procedure. Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam signed a bill on Monday requiring the two-day wait, which makes Tennessee the 27th state to impose a delay for women who want to end a pregnancy. 
*urgent* need couch - Tennessee

Hi. My name is Khris and I’m an afab genderfluid person who has been kicked out. This is urgent. I have nowhere to go. I don’t drink or smoke, I have no pets, and only a backpack full of belongings. It’ll only be until I find somewhere more permanent. I’m a hard worker, CPR certified, and willing to do almost anything. I have no physical disabilities. I’m vegetarian, but I’m willing to eat meat if it means I’ll have somewhere to go. I have very little money, thanks to my family, but I will try to get a job. Email: ccbreet (at) gmail (dot) com ; tumblr: chrisispersonal.tumblr.com ; phone: 615-956-8703

Thanks for your consideration.


We found this old shed on the side of the road in rural Sweetwater, Tennessee. The structure itself has deteriorated to the point of no return. The back end of it has caved in, leaving the contents exposed to the elements. When we had passed it as we were leaving the area, we seen that it had tin doors, meaning that it used to be a tractor shed at one time.