Noah Siano
Memphis, TN
Canon EOS 6D

Tell us about your time at Tumblr as a photographer. What part has it played in your life?

Being a tumblr photographer is different. It was amazing how accepting everyone was when I decided to post only my work on my blog, and after over two years of doing so, I couldn’t see myself blogging any other way. I don’t recall putting much effort really into trying to get followers, but I think that is due in part to the fact that I really enjoyed what I was doing. I’ve tried broadcasting myself on other websites such as Facebook or society6, but I just can’t find the passion for it there. There’s something about the tumblr community that keeps me coming back.

I can’t mention my time as a “tumblr photographer” without bringing up that I am also a tag editor for the Landscape tag. While I rarely spend time featuring things anymore, for the first year as an editor, I spent a lot of time looking for and looking at other photography, and I think that really influenced both my photography style and my skill as a photographer. Seeing the beautiful star pictures got me out on a breezy fall night taking my first star pictures, and seeing stunning waterfall pictures from Yosemite got me out testing my tripod’s sturdiness in a riverbed taking a long exposure of a waterfall in the smoky mountains. Nothing else could have excited my imagination more to take landscape photos and to travel than to work with tumblr featuring pictures on the landscape tag.

Overall, I’d say that tumblr has influenced me the most in the area of photography because it has pushed me to try new things, go new places, and work harder for a picture.

Tumblr: @noahsiano
Website: @noahsiano


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My college campus just added these police booths, which you can use to call campus security in an emergency. What a fantastic idea to protect students! If I’m ever in the process of getting mugged, I’ll be sure to just step into the booth and call the (unarmed) campus security. 

We had a gunman on campus recently who attempted to kidnap a female student. He was the only person on campus, and possibly within miles who had a gun. I don’t see how these booths help in the slightest. At least have an armed security team…. right?