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Taichi, Kintaro and Jirou's s/o comes up from behind, covers their eyes and asks "guess who?"

First request for Kintaro and Taichi! ~


Taichi first thought his head band  covered his eyes again but lets out a high pitched scream when he realised that it is actually a person who’s covering his eyes. He quickly calmed down and blushed in embarrassment when he recognised your voice asking “guess who?”. Taichi shifts a bit before he answered “It’s you (Name)…” You sigh in disappointment and dropped your hands, giving Taichi the opportunity to turn around and look at you “Y-You are my g-girlfriend/b-boyfriend so naturally I would recognise you, desu!” You giggled when you saw his red cheeks, he was just so adorable, with a squeal you hugged him tightly making the poor boy blush even more.


You covered Kintaro’s eyes from behind and tried to disguise your voice. In a deep voice you asked “Guess who!”. Kintaro actually thought for a bit before he answered in an excited voice “It’s (Name)! I’m sure, it’s (Name)!” He jumped up and down in excitement making you lose your grip on him. Finally able to see you Kintaro’s eyes sparkled full of pride about him recognising you. You fake-pouted cutely “Kin-chan how did you know it was me?” Grinning he laced his fingers with yours “Your hands! Your voice sounded kind of weird, deep and a bit creepy but you are the only person I know with so soft hands!” You blushed when you heard how casually he complimented you. The next two weeks Kintaro covered your eyes whenever you saw each other, you tried to explain to him that it wasn’t funny if he did it all the time but in the end you had to ask Shiraishi for help who threatened Kintaro when Kintaro ran away during training just to cover your eyes again.


Giggling you covered Jirou’s eyes, speaking in an unnaturally high voice “Guess who?~”. Jirou didn’t react. He just bend forward a bit, lifting you from the ground. Jirou yawned mumbling “Sooo tired…” and continued to walk with you half lying on his back, your arms now wrapped tightly around his neck. After a few steps Jirou reached one of his favourite spots to take naps. He flopped down under the shades of the big tree, lying on his stomach with you lying on top of his back. Annoyed that he didn’t react to you and just carried you around you whined “Jirouuu!”. With a sleepy voice, that honestly sounded kind of hot he replied “Shh, just take a nap with me (Name).” Sighing you rolled from his back and wriggled yourself under his arm. Jirou tightened his hold on you with a content hum and fell asleep in a matter of seconds. Well, at least he recognised you immediately.