From Marcin Przybys, Tengwar New Light and Tengwar New Bold

This project is a kind of playing with typography.

J.R.R. Tolkien created new race – Elves with their language, culture and stylish alphabet. But did you ever imagine that the Elves evolve to present time ? Would they have their own Helvetica ?  How their „Hengwar” typeface would develop ?I made two modern elvish „Tengwar” typfaces (Tengwar New Light and Tengwar New Bold).


Ever wondered what the tengwar inscriptions at the top and bottom mean?

The tale of the First Age when Morgoth dwelt in Middle-Earth and the Elves made war upon him for the recovery of the Silmarils.~
To which are appended the Downfall of Númenor and the history of the rings of power and the First Age in which these tales came to their end.


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Requests can consists of phrases, names etc. in either Gallifreyan or Elvish and FULLY CUSTOMISABLE! You can choose the colour and layout to suit your specifications.For any questions about your translations prior to purchasing, don’t hesitate to ask. 

I currently can transcribe phrases and names in the following modes of Tengwar: Sindarin, Quenya and Parmaite. I can also transcribe them in these modes: Toralinda, Annatar, Annatar Italics (transcription comes out more cursive), but the waiting time may be extended up to five days.

All phrases and names are translated into Circular Gallifreyan, not transcribed. 

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Tolkien Language 101:

Did you know that the One Ring is inscribed not with Sindarin or Quenya, but Black Speech?

Black Speech was a language created by Sauron and is thought to be a corruption of Quenya, the language of the high-elves, and Valarin, the language of the Ainur. 

The inscription itself is in Tengwar, a script created by the elves for their own language.


Alright! Here it is. A quick, five-page guide to the Tengwar script in Sindarin mode! My apologies for my handwriting being so sloppy, I’ll probably redo this later. It was originally meant for just a few friends to use, but hey, why not?

Feel free to write me messages in the script after you’ve learned it! That’d be so cool.
Some of this might not be super accurate but I tried. If you spot any errors, feel free to correct them, I’m still learning, too.

My elvish tattoo. It means a lot to me and how I perceive death. It says “Death is just another path, one that we all must take.”
I’ve always loved this quote and wanted to get a tattoo of it. I almost died getting hit by a car in January 2013 and I got this a couple months afterwards.