A Rainy Day

The rain lashed against the window, rattling the shutters as it drove against the glass. The sound of the downpoor echoed off of the roof in a lulling rhythm. The air outside was cold, but indoors under the blankets you and I were warm as can be. The blankets were only an outer layer, the real warmth came from us nestling together, as close as we could be. Your head lay across my chest as you listened to my heart beat. From there I could rest my face in your hair, marvelling at how good you smelled. We slept there for a while, your hands around my waist and mine around your shoulders. Every once in a while I stirred and planted a light kiss on your head, cheek or neck, to which your response was a content mmmmm. Your body fit perfectly against mine, so perfect that I could easily lie there for several more hours. I was however interested in making sure that the rain had not damaged anything outside.

Slowly I peeled off our warm winter blanket and slipped out of bed quietly. I discreetly left the room and walked down the hallway to the lounge room, there I looked out a large window into the front yard. Seeing that everything was ok and nothing was flooding I was about to turn around and return to you in bed when your arms suddenly took me around the waist and squeezed. I stood still a minute letting you hug me at the window, once again enjoying the feeling of your arms around me. After a minute or so of loving embrace I turned and looked at you, angling your head towards me to give you a light kiss. As I pulled away from the kiss you pouted at me and I laughed, your disappointment at it ending making me smile. I took your hand and led you to the couch, pushing you down onto it before me. As I sat down as well I began to kiss you. Your neck, your collar bones, your chest, down to your stomach and just to the edge of your shorts. Finally in contrast I just brushed your lips with mine. You pulled me close then and kissed me at length, fed up as you were with me teasing. I kissed you back, pushing you down onto the couch and pinning your arms. From there I took over, kissing you passionately not just on your mouth but in all your little sensitive places, bringing up goose bumps across your ivory skin.

Your body grew supple beneath my touch but as you grew content to submit to my attempted seduction I grew playful. Suddenly with a laugh I tickled you lightly in the side and ran to the kitchen. As you chased after me I got myself cornered in the horseshoe of the kitchen bench tops. You had a devilish look in your eyes as you pushed me back against the bench. With one hand on my chest and the other on the counter top behind me you pushed me back so that I was forced to sit on the edge next to your hand. From there you put me down flat on my back and climbed up onto the bench. Obviously I could have resisted but I was happy to let you take your turn in control. As I was lying on the bench you sat on top of me, kissing my face and neck enough to give me shivers. As you kissed my lips I kissed back in return, savouring the taste of you. My hands trailed over your back and waist, coming to rest there lightly where I could control our motion a little. Your hands ran along my jaw and I loved it so I pulled you closer. Your flattened your body against mine and kissed a little harder which turned me on so much I really only had one way to act.

In one fluid motion I sat up with you in my arms, spun around and sat you on the bench. Simultaneously I stood between your legs and kept kissing you with my hands in your hair. As I kissed you bit my lip and held it perfectly in your teeth, in this gap in the action we briefly locked eyes before diving back into kissing. Before I knew it your hands were sliding over my shoulders and chest and I stepped in closer to you. Your began unbuttoning the buttons on my shirt and slipping it off me, leaving me standing shirtless in front of you. In return I slipped your shirt over your head as you helpfully raised your arms for me. You sat in front of me in your bra, turning your head to one side and smiling at me in that gorgeous way you do. Feeling the chill of the rainy day however your put my shirt on loosely, disregarding the buttons. I couldn’t just let you have the shirt though, if I was missing an item of clothing so were you. I began to kiss your neck and nuzzle against it while I undid the button and zipper on your shorts. When they were off I let them drop to the floor as you sat in your underwear and my shirt on the kitchen bench. The beautiful sight made me smile so I picked you up with a laugh and carried you back to bed.

The rain still poured down outside and could be seen through our bedroom window but we barely noticed it as we rolled across the bed running our hands and lips over each other. We moved against each other smoothly, well into the rhythm of our little escapade by now. At one point we were kneeling in front of each other still on the bed kissing. My hands were over your body pulling you closer to me while your arms went around my neck, holding my face close to yours. I couldn’t believe the way you kissed me, so strong and attractive but loving and tender at the same time. We continued to chase each other across the bed, making out in various arrangements of our combined bodies and limbs. I kissed your thighs as they lay tangled under the blankets, running my lips up their inside until I was nearly nosing your underwear. In return you kissed around my body to my hip bones, giving me shivers and goosebumps. The two of us continued like this for well over an hour, enjoying the feeling of the other and exploiting all the little tricks we knew to please each other.

After what we wished was an eternity but seemed like just short minutes I gave you one final lasting kiss. My lips perfectly entwined with your soft, supple ones just once more in the last act of passion. We each made our own little moan of satisfaction and pleasure before retiring to the blankets again. I pulled you close to beat the chill in the air, as you were still in your underwear and I was shirtless. Quickly I threw the blankets across us so that we disappeared into our own warm little world, once again snuggled up together listening to the patter of the rain and the beat of our hearts. 

La felicitá la si può trovare anche negli attimi piú tenebrosi… Se solo uno si ricorda di accendere la luce.
—  Albus Silente - Harry Potter e il Prigioniero di Azkaban.

The morning sun drifted down slowly through the thick glass of the window, creating a trail of dust motes leading across the room. The harsh winter had snowed in the little cabin, trapping it’s inhabitants inside until the snow melted. Under the earthen floor of the cabin was a storeroom with provisions to last the winter. The door and all the windows bar one were covered in snow and unable to open. A merry fire glowed inside the brick fireplace at one end of the cabin, warming the single room nicely. A small wood stove sat in one corner, in the centre of the room was a plank table and two simple yet comfortable wooden chairs and near the snowed in door was a double bed heaped with blankets and furs to keep at bay what chill the fire could not.

Two forms could be outlined under the blankets, though closely intertwined as they were they could just as easily be identified as one. The two of them were huddled close together, sharing their warmth. They enjoyed this time together, before the day truly began and they had to set about maintaining their cabin and cooking meals. The time when they could do as they pleased, as their pleasures dictated at any given moment.  Under the blankets he held her in his arms, slowly caressing her skin and planting light kisses on her neck and cheek. His gentle touch lulled her half to sleep as she lay content with his playful efforts. The skin of her neck and body was pale, made almost snow like by the weeks spent snowed into the cabin. The red of her hair contrasted like the reflection of firelight on frosty ground and as he noticed this he held her tighter. Her relaxed body lay flush against his, their proximity baiting him further and further into a state of romance. 

La felicità la si può trovare anche negli attimi più tenebrosi se solo uno si ricorda di accendere la luce.
—  Albus Silente
La penna scorreva rapida, graffiando il foglio e lasciando tenebrosi simboli sulla carta. Lettere che, impresse così, con quella delusione nel cuore ad appesantirle, celavano il pericoloso veleno del sapere.
—  Jerry 93

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Cosa significa il tuo url?💕

In ‘Harry Potter e il prigioniero di Azkaban’ Silente dice “La felicità la si può trovare anche negli attimi più tenebrosi, se solo uno si ricorda di accendere la luce.”

A me piace vederla così, i momenti tristi e bui non sono eterni, basta avere la forza di accendere la luce e torna la felicità.