Hey y’all, it’s Desiree (the other half of sortedfoodies)

I wanted to post some of the pictures from the Austin meet-up that I had, but I accidentally deleted one of my tumblrs because I’m an idiot. So, I took over Raine’s blog for like five seconds to post these. If any of these pictures are of you and you want them removed, please let us know in a message.

i also have a really dorky selfie with ben but none of you need to see it because i look horrible. also, he took a couple pictures of him and i on his phone and didn’t show me them afterward, oh god please let them be ok.

hey ya’ll i have a 16h plane ride in my future which is filling me with anxiety both because i am always convinced my plane is going to crash and also bc i get super bored, restless, and claustrophobic. i have some benzos to get me to sleep through hopefully ½ of it, but if you guys have recs for super fun phone games (android) or good books (scifi/fantasy, fast pacing) that would be fabulous.

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Because at least someone is trying to help

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Pretty much all of the media professors that I’ve had had said that that argument is bullshit. Bad representation just helps create stereotypes that the people being represented then have to fight against. Then get told that they shouldn’t complain

Yeah I agree with that statement, and I’ve seen people getting told off for complaining so many times. The only thing is, what if it’s not an open and shut case of something being bad representation? Sure, we all know something Michael Bay writes is going to be racist trash, but what about Martha Jones? People are very heavily divided on whether or not she was good representation because of how her story went. Would it have been better for RTD to just not have done it, and for us to have to wait longer for a companion of color? Or, should we celebrate what we have, and campaign for better next time?


It’s a chance. Instead of being out here. Instead of just making it.

I’ve seen this picture circling around on facebook for wayy to long now, and its annoying as fuck to me.

In case you don’t get it, the problem is that the Man is the inside, where as he “is supposed to on the outside by the curb to show he protects her” or some retarded bullshit like that.

First off, this isn’t the 1960s,anymore where we do shit like this or put my jacket over a puddle so a woman can walk over it.

Second, why should I have to in a sense put myself more in harms way as if my life doesn’t matter?

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How do you draw dipper and mabel like from the cartoon? also the author and grunkle stan?

Sure anon! Here are the basics (kept them scribbly so you can see my process):

Idk what else to say here, anon! I find Gravity Falls style to be fairly easy, but I’ve also married it with my own style over time, which gives them a bit more of a “me” feel. Keep these tips in mind while drawing the main cast and you should do just fine! 

Note on Mabel’s sweater: Draw whatever you want! Canon or not, odds are she has a sweater of it anyway. 

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What's your opinion on the whole drama with Ashton and Bryana?

First and foremost, their relationship is none of my business - in all actuality, I shouldn’t be forming opinions on them as a couple because I don’t know them. I can’t judge either of them and I don’t want to make assumptions on people when I don’t have a place in their life. 

I want them to be happy. I want the boys to be happy with what they do, and I want Ashton to be happy - and if he’s found that with Bryana, then who am I to say no, he can’t be with her? Who am I in his life to step in between his happiness? Who am I to try and take that away? If he’s happy with her, let him be happy. Whatever it is that they have, it’s between them. He can make his own decisions and he has his reasons and quite frankly, that’s none of my business. He is smiling and he is happy and that’s all I want for him. It’s what he deserves, and I’m glad he has a reason to smile every day, no matter if you disagree with it. 

And I know Bryana’s track record isn’t exactly squeaky clean, but again, I don’t know her - or Ashton for that matter - and I sure as hell am not going to base an entire person on a few social media accounts and some tabloids. Yes, we do get a bit of a picture of who she is, and yes, maybe it’s not the greatest picture in the world, but please remember that people can surprise you. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that people will constantly surprise you. I know that the seemingly douchey jock will answer the questions in class when no one else does and I know that the player in the back has depression and will help if I had the courage to ask him for it and I know that the welcoming girl that I first met turns into a very thirsty jealous abuser and the point is, we’re so caught up in our preconceived notions of others and we’re so quick to label them as the people we think they are when people are so, so complex and you aren’t going to know that unless you actually interact with them. 

And this all leads back to the fact that I have never interacted with Ashton or Bryana, and I only ‘know’ them for this idea of them I have in my head based on social media and stuff I read. And I don’t want to form opinions based on that - based on carefully constructed images and other’s opinions. Ashton and Bryana know each other and I know neither of them, and it’s not in my place to judge when I’m very clearly not in that loop. So all these speculations, these predictions, these warnings in regards to this relationship - I call bullshit. None of us truly knows either of them and you can’t tell me that Instagram accounts or interviews or keeks makes me part of their personal life. But they know each other past that, and if they’re happy with what they found, then god forbid a horde of strangers try to stop that. 

People will surprise you. And maybe you won’t like it, but that’s the truth of it when you don’t really know them for who they are. So please, drink lots of water, get lots of sunlight, and worry about the people that you do know in your life - it’s okay to dabble with some curiosity, but don’t force yourself into a place that you have no position to be in. 

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Wyatt approached winnies camp trying to adjust his black tie and button the black suit jacket. Gosh he hated suits, and having his hair slicked back. "Princesz, you around?"

“Yeah, of course!”

Slipping out from the gaps of her little wall happened to be a bit more slightest with thanks for her sweeping dress. But the little blonde was able to manage, and soon enough she scurried up to meet her date.
“I’m here,” Winnie took his hand, a shy smile playing at her lips, “Shall we go then?”

Another sleepless night, another wip. Both Alistair and Aurelia are amazing and I really hope we get to witness their beautiful family reunion.

So I really feel what’s going on here is not entirely unlike religious disputes. Particularly disputes over what’s canon and what’s not.

The manga as the canon with the other versions being part of the reception history of the manga.

The manga as the canon with the others, or some of the other versions, being duetero-canonical (secondary canon).

The fundamentalists who, for whatever reason, have latched onto the 90s anime as the AUTHORIZED version of the canon (and within that might even have an authorized version OF the 90s anime).

And then of course there are countless other possibilities of what makes up the holy canon of Sailor Moon writ.

However, like any religious debate the fundamentalists will double down in the face of disagreement, attempt to say anyone not like them isn’t a real fan, and make personal attacks against those not in their in group. And you really cannot expect logic from fundamentalists.

Unfortunately, like with religious arguments, you’re not really going to accomplish anything by debating with a fundamentalist. The entire rest of the world may think Bill Nye won the debate, but I can assure you fundamentalists still think Ken Ham did.

I can’t art, but I really think what the Sailor Moon fandom needs right now is its own version of COEXIST.





Though I will always appreciate the Fai and Mokona cheerleading squad when it comes to heaping praise onto other characters. Because “nicely done” doesn’t even cut it. That was incredible. And Syaoran definitely needs all the positive enforcement in his life that he can get so YES. GO SYAORAN. YOU KICK THE THINGS. 

Putting aside for the moment that Syaoran is channeling his inner Shocked Kid I’m really enthusiastic about everyone’s expressions here. Kurogane is on guard, wary. Mokona is thoughtful. Sakura is - well, asleep. And then Fai. That is such a disturbingly disapproving look. No-one’s looking at Fai in the scene, so I don’t think anyone else sees it, but all of Fai’s facade of enthusiastic joy is completely gone her and it’s just. 

Disapproving. Potentially knowing. Possibly angry.