tenaciousthaumaturge replied to your post: early 20s?/female/bisexual?/white - nordic descent? (lol minnesota stereotypes)/fuck idek i’m so sorry i’m terrible but for now you work in a smoothie shop i know this because of snapchat/ metalocalypse, always sunny, trailer park boys, game of thrones, breaking bad/hmmm i feel like you like classic literature, maybe some magical realism?/hmm i know you’ve played final fantasy because you made an ff7 reference but idk/ RARE STEAKS


HAHAHAH yeah that too ;P right before i started reading it you made that post about how you didn’t think anyone could like lucy and i got to the linguist part and i was like shit.

tenaciousthaumaturge replied to your post: maybe the pastries remind them a somebody, an its the somebody thats the problem. you never know.

Некоторые люди должны преобладать над их вопросами плаксы. Я сделал мой мир с печеньями.


Some people need to get over their issues crybaby. I made my peace with pastries.

oooooh shit thagts rite
u were killed by a poisond cookie or sumthin

see guys
u have the power 2 heal urselves

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Мое текущее местоположение - драгоценная тайна. Вычислительное устройство было подарком от мягкосердечного человека. Я был хорошо, и я надеюсь то же самое можно сказать на вас непосредственно.

My current location - a precious secret. The computing device was a gift from kind-hearted person. I was okay, and I hope the same can be said for yourself.

haaaa i knew u were gonna b cryptic y did i evemn ask

i guess im….alrite…

ok heres a question u mite actually anwser: wat r u drinking atm

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Что - нибудь возможно, если Вы помещаете ваше сердце в это. Наша сила воли - божественный подарок, и я сделал изящное использование из этого.

What - anything is possible if you put your heart into it. Our strength of will - a divine gift, and I made a neat use of it. 

huh…. .. yea

i guess wat im wonderin is how u got a hold of a computer

shit i got no clue where the hell u even r but u dont wanna bug me w/ such “trivial details” so watever

how u been ras

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превосходный!!! также, относительно того, чтобы быть мертвым ... это весьма не придерживалось, и я предполагаю, что это никогда не будет.

Excellent! Also, with respect to be dead … it does not quite stuck, and I guess it never will be.


so ur alive now?

ugh i should b used 2 this stuff by now

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Эй, эй, давайте не говорить как этот, любимая. Кажется, что мы разделяем страсть к воде жизни. Позвольте нам пить вместе.

well shit how do u NOT expect me 2 react like that when the first thing u say 2 me is “o hey ur hot” 

besides idk how u expect us 2 drink 2gether when im assumin ur kind of dead

unless u just mean drinking @ the same time in which case i drink p much all the time so w/e thats fine i guess