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Totally Random: If you were the sorting hat, in which house would you sort Lee Pace and Richard Armitage and why? (if you can answer with some kind of character studies and not just things like "slytherin because he is ambitious", it would be super great! :))

Ooooo interesting question.

Richard would be a three way tie between Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Richard has a very clear idea of his own opinions and what he deems to be morally acceptable. Particular in terms of his politics, he votes labour, is anti-gun, vocally gay rights etc. He has a strong sense of justice and he also seems very generous and giving, like he would go out of his way to help others, which I guess crosses over into more Hufflepuff territory. He’s also tolerant, patient and kind which is again Hfflepuff traits. He must be to some extent brave as well, he has a phobia of water and volunteered to get water boarded for real when he did Spooks, showing commitment, tenacity and bravery. He seems to go above and beyond for a lot of his work. However, more than that he is very studious isn’t he? Intelligent man, very switched on to current affairs, reads extensively, and values the importance of intellect, books and hard work. He’s also pretty quiet and shy, doesn’t generally contribute in public group situations such as press conferences, interviews unless directly asked as opposed to more extroverted people like Martin Freeman or James Nesbit. It’s difficult to choose which between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw but I think I’d have to go Ravenclaw, though only by a tiny fraction.

Lee I think Hufflepuff, but with strong elements of a Ravenclaw. Like Richard, He too seems to have a very strong sense of right and wrong but I think it’s his affectionate nature that makes him Hufflepuff. He seems more playful and friendly in interviews, I think hes more comfortable in his own skin than Richard is. He’s shy like Richard but cheekier and contributes slightly more to group discussion, he also doesn’t seen to place quite as much emphasis on the intellectual process of acting in the same way Richard does, he works equally hard but it seems like very much a different process. Hes just so cuddly and adorable with people like Anna Friel and Evangeline you know? Also his penchant for weed, ‘cause lets face is Hufflepuff is the stoner house xD. Not that Lee is a stoner.

For reference, on the Harry Potter wiki these are the characteristics of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw;


- Intelligence

- Wit

- Wisdom

- Creativity

- Originality

- Individuality

- Acceptance


-  Dedication

-  Hard Work

-  Fair play

-  Patience

-  Kindness

-  Tolerance

-  Unafraid of Toil

Can you imagine Rich being kind of shy, bookish but very witty, being swept of his feet by Lee, the cheeky overly-friendly Quidditch player? Cuuuute.

They both seem to fit nicely into both categories but for the sake of making it interesting I put them both in different houses. Do you agree or disagree?

Both houses preach the importance of acceptance and tolerance which I think is very relevant in the context of some parts of Richards fandom. 

Thanks for the interesting question btw it certainly made me think :D.

mr. stone using rocks in metaphors for childhood life lessons. mr. stone using expeditions out in the wilderness to teach his son diligence, wonder, and tenacity. mr. stone calling steven ‘son’ 88% of the time because he never wants steven to forget who he is to his father and how much he is loved, even if he probably causes his father’s blood pressure to go up every time no one knows where he is for 5+ days

I really appreciate YouTube’s tenacity in showing me a 30 second Honey Nut Cheerios ad before a two minute mashup of Sandstorm and the Thomas the Tank Engine theme

SFAL chatter!

So I returned from Spectrum Fantastic Art Live a little bit ago, and I’m still reeling from all the incredibly kind and generous folks I crossed paths with last weekend. I had no idea what to expect, but the warmth and passion of the community was amazing to witness and be a part of. I’m glad I was able to go.

Sometimes it’s too easy to feel like illustrators and illustration opportunities only exist in NYC, or other major cities. After meeting artists from all over the country (and internationally), from all different backgrounds and different places in their career, I doubt I’ll ever feel that way again. The essentials I did observe were the usual culprits: passion, tenacity, and time. It was exciting to be around so many people genuinely excited about their craft.

All in all, it was a lovely experience, and I highly recommend for those interested in fantasy art. There was ample advice provided for all different corners of the industry.

And now, I’m very inspired to head back to work!


MUST READ: Michael B Jordan Responds to Critics of Him Playing Johnny Storm in the Upcoming Fantastic Four. His Op-Ed in Entertainment Weekly Showcases the Brilliance, Tenacity and Perseverance of Michael. To Us, He is a Super Hero On and Off the Screen. Check Out Our Favorite Quotes Below and Read the Full Op-Ed Here: http://bit.ly/1HAkODr

  • “Sometimes you have to be the person who stands up and says, “I’ll be the one to shoulder all this hate. I’ll take the brunt for the next couple of generations.” I put that responsibility on myself.” Michael B Jordan
  • “Maybe, if I set an example, Hollywood will start considering more people of color in other prominent roles, and maybe we can reach the people who are stuck in the mindset that “it has to be true to the comic book.” Or maybe we have to reach past them.” Michael B Jordan
  • “You’re not supposed to go on the Internet when you’re cast as a superhero. But after taking on Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four—a character originally written with blond hair and blue eyes—I wanted to check the pulse out there. I didn’t want to be ignorant about what people were saying. Turns out this is what they were saying: “A black guy? I don’t like it. They must be doing it because Obama’s president” and “It’s not true to the comic.” Or even, “They’ve destroyed it!”” Michael B Jordan

Studies have shown that 92.6% of all North American Pugs enjoy role playing games such as dressing in their ancestor’s ceremonial dress before chasing down the elusive chicken nugget in the wild.  It instills a sense of ferocity that only a true pug warrior knows in its soul.



Mars in Capricorn - The Everlasting Battery

“You are so confident,“ he says to me. "You’re stubborn and resilient. So brave. So strong. So inhumanly beautiful. You could conquer the world.”   -    Tahereh Mafi

Mars in Capricorn people express the erratic and intense energies of Mars through internalization and systematic energy releases. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and so given open expression and formidable power. The battlefield planet steers the stern mountain goat in the direction of fiery and disciplined ambition, unwavering tenacity and the manifestation of fantasy into reality. Mars in Capricorn personalities charge headfirst into the direction of their dreams and exude a surging recklessness in their urgency to succeed, achieve, weave the tapestry of dreams, and shatter opposition.

Mars governs elements of sexual energies. Its expression through earthy Capricorn relates to the physically responsive approach to sex that involves the deep attuning with bodily senses. The individual may be easily offset by uncomfortable room temperatures and becomes a cautious and calculated romancer who possesses strong sexual tensions. There may be themes around guilt, oppression and extremes when it comes to their sexual encounters and he typically directs his internal agony into intimacy and romance. Mars in Capricorn people may emanate controlling or dominating features in relationships and possess an intense need for security physically and emotionally. He may take the conservative approach to life and follow the wise footsteps of his elders. The individual is enduring, focused, calculative, and distributes mental and physical energies equally. His own rage and aggression may erupt through bone and joint pain.

Mars in Capricorn people have strong internal urges to leave a resonant imprint on the world, all while connecting physically with others. He displays a great resolve in love and directs much of his resources into establishing a career and ascending the professional ladder. The individual constantly re-evaluates and establishes new goals to set upon, and knows how to focus his fanatical energies into a disciplined appropriate direction. There is a constant, radiating low vibrating energy emanating from the Mars in Capricorn person and a force so internalized it spindles dream particle into held gold.



Roads Less Traveled: An Interview with D.J. Struntz

Adventure photographer, tenured traveler and father of two D.J. Struntz is one of the surf industry’s best-known lensmen. Aside from spending time capturing surf photos in the lineup, Struntz is also involved in humanitarian efforts such as Waves for Water, and does tactical lenswork for North American Rescue, a company specializing in providing supplies to our military, law enforcement, firefighters and emergency health professionals.  D.J. was good enough to chat with me on the phone a while ago and fill me in on the path his career has taken to date, the importance of tenacity and the goodness of going where few have gone before.  Check out our conversation below the cut.

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it must be exhausting to be an anti-sjw

how can someone have the strength and tenacity to log on to tumblr and lose arguments on a daily basis

…It’s how you get back up that makes a difference. #athlete #aesthetic #badass #beautiful #bodybuilding #chiseled #cpjphoto #collegethesis #champion #dunamis #excellence #form #fitfam #fighter #fitness #fineart_photobw #gymfit #instafit #phoenix #muscular #malemodel #nofilter #persistent #tenacity #seattle #sculpted @talon_rex

The National Center For Feline Psychology has discovered that at least three fourths of cats over the age of one year attempt to disguise themselves as elderly if living amongst older cats, as a ruse to have their antics blamed on the older clan.  For example, kitty scarves -BOOM.  Did granny cat make one?  No, she has arthritis.  House plant grooming -KAPOW.  Pappy kitty lacks skills, he can’t even remember where the litter box is.  Look to the youngster disguised as the geriatric, lurking in the shadows.  There’s your ninja.



We suffer from the delusion that the entire universe is held in order by the categories of human thought, fearing that if we do not hold to them with the utmost tenacity, everything will vanish into chaos.
—  Alan Watts

I want Rachel’s determination, Mercedes’s ability to stay true to herself, Quinn’s growth, Tina’s compassion, Brittany’s lightheartedness, Santana’s honesty, Kitty’s quick mind, Lauren’s confidence, Becky’s spunk, Marley’s charm, Sugar’s generous nature, Jane’s tenacity, Madison’s optimism and Unique’s strength of will.

Day 6 (and the last for now) of Meet The Artist project. I’m pleased to say that below is the interview with Yama, a fan-artist from the far away land, where there is always warm weather. He has been most enduring during the torment of this interview and an absolute pleasure to work with :)


DeviantArt | Facebook 

Please state your name, pseudonym, age and nationality
Yamandú ‘Yama’ Orce, I’m 27 and I’m from Uruguay.

How have you heard about the Witcher first time?
I got my first contact with the books when I was a kid. A friend’s father was pretty obsessed with it and used to tell me stories about this Geralt of Rivia. When the first game came out, I made the connection with the character and it was awesome! I think I share the curiosity and tenacity with the character.

What is your favourite Witcher related work that you have done (or top 3)?
The Witcher 3 Geralt 
The Witcher 2 Geralt
The Last Wish Yennefer 

Who have you sided first time with in Witcher 1 and 2 (if applicable) – Scoia’tael or Blue Stripes. Or have you managed to remain neutral? Did you regret the decision? What were the other times?
I tried almost every option. Remaining neutral was the best, yet not the coolest.

Why do you think being neutral is not the coolest?
Picking sides always involves you into more dramatic situations.

What ending did you choose for your first TW2 playthrough? (Give Anais to Roche, give her to Redania or did you do something else?)
Both, and still not convinced haha.

Did you have any moments when you had to put the book down or stop a game just to have a break because you were quite shocked of what happened? Books and games are Witcher related of course.
With The Witcher 2, the visuals stunned me, it was amazing! With the books I had some moments of reflection.

                                   The Witcher 3_Geralt by YamaOrce

What was the most challenging work that you did? Why?
It was my first related artwork. It was for a contest and I put a lot of pressure on myself. I was not even close to winning, but it worth the effort.

What is your all time favourite work that you have done (or top 3)?
I would dare to say it’s my next artwork, and I’m sure right after I finish it, I’ll hate it and think on the next one as my favourite. This is a metaphor of my artist life. I’m never happy with the result of my work. The only thing that keeps the challenge, is working on it. After the artwork is done, I have to pursue another challenge. The last three portraits I made made me really proud and inspired me to keep working on some other related stuff, probably comic book pages.

What methods do you use to create your work?
I start with a loose pencil sketch, then scan it and go for digital painting over it.

Have you got a favourite artist?
There are hundreds! Would be hard to name them all but I could say anyone with a mastery in their technique and concept.  If I have to choose a top 10, I would say: Andrew Loomis, Frank Frazetta, Bruce Timm, Alex Ross, Adam Huges, Alex Alice, Michael Turner, Wayne Reynolds, Aleksi Briclot, Jim Lee.

What does a day have to be like to get you inspired? Or what inspires you? 
I’m inspired by many things, people and events. Mostly depending on the moment of harmony and balance. This balance makes me feel content and happy. That way I feel inspired.

                                     Arkham Sirens 1 by YamaOrce

Have you got any favourite quotes or sayings?
‘Don’t give up, challenge yourself again’

What is your favourite drink: alcoholic and non alcoholic?
Chocolate milk.

Tell us a story from your childhood.
You are already looking at the story of my childhood haha! When I was around 9 years old, I wanted to adopt a dog. Since there were no dog shelters around I decided go out on my bike and bring home a street dog. Obviously without my parents consent, I took some food out of the fridge and went for a ride, baiting the dogs around to come home with me.  I came back with 11 dogs. How my mother almost kicked me out is another story!

Ah, a fellow dog lover. What is the most exciting thing you’ve ever done or would like to do?
Running horseback naked while trying to shoot with a longbow of my own craft. I used to do it at the countryside when I was a kid.

Sounds.. er.. exciting :D How many languages do you speak or/and what languages would you like to learn?
Spanish is my native, I also speak English and understand some Italian and Portuguese.

Tell us 5 facts about your personality.
I’m a guy of ideals, I’m a freedom fighter, I’m a pirate (Boatswain, but I look forward to be a Captain!), and a thief but I like to play hero. 

                                            Impervious by YamaOrce

What accomplishments are you most proud of?
Having a life I love and feeling free to live it.

What music genre do you prefer? What are the 3 bands/musicians that really define you or have shaped you as a person?
The Rock! U2, Led Zeppelin, The Who.

Who is a character from a TV show or a book that you’ve always identified with?
I feel more identified with Batman, but I’d like to be a Witcher too.

But if you’re a pirate and a thief, how can you fight crime? Wouldn’t you have to fight yourself? :D
The pirate and thief thing was metaphorical.

If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick and what would you do?
Frank Sinatra, and I would sing amazingly!

Don’t you trust your singing skills? :D
I do trust my singing skills but singing like Sinatra would be awesome!

What question do you hate to answer?
I hate asking more than answering.

                                Dragon Age-Cassandra by YamaOrce

Have you read Witcher books or/and played the games? Which one was first?
Playing and reading at the same time (more playing than reading)

Are you going to play Witcher 3? What are you looking forward/hoping to see if so?
Yes, YEEEEESSSSS!!!! I guess I’m looking for some awesomeness!!! Great story, stunning graphics, comfortable gameplay and endless inspiration.

Have you got any favourite characters from the Witcher? If so, then which ones and why?
Raymond Maarloeve, I love his name for a detective. And of course, Geralt.

Describe us your perfect day.
It would be perfect to do everything I plan to do when I wake up. It kinda never happens.

What’s the weather like where you are right now?
It’s awesome! It’s the beginning of a warm fall. Sunny days and fresh breeze.

Sounds perfect to me. Would you like to say anything to the other artists? Any advice? Any suggestions?
Never give up following your dreams, don’t surrender to frustration, work hard enjoy what you do.

Thank you very much, Yama!

Sunday Funday at the gym, rise and grind! Just because it’s a holiday weekend, doesn’t mean I’m going to rest. Too many days off for some turn into, “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Before you know it, it’s back to square one. That’s @bella.falconi , one of my fitness inspirations. She’s a beast in the gym. #ETG #EmbraceTheGrind #OnTheWayBack #RoadtoRecovery #traindirty #fitness #tenacity #determination #getfit #cardio #cleaneating #lifestyle #progress #confident #fitspo #fitfam #hardwork #outwork #TeamBringIt #BPonce26 (at 24 Hour Fitness - Glendora, CA)

Hard work pays off. #strength #sculpted #seattle #ripped #nofilter #malemodel #muscular #lighting #athlete #mma #focus #aesthetic #badass #personaltrainer #beautiful #bodybuilding #champion #classic #chiseled #cpjphoto #dunamis #form #focus #fitfam #fineart_photobw #gymfit #humble #humility #instafit #persistent #tenacity @talon_rex