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LEGO Ninjago 2015 Sets – Official Images, Part 1

  • 70745 Anacondrai Crusher
  • 70746 Anacondrai Copter Attack
  • 70747 Cole’s Boulder Blaster
  • 70748 Titanium Dragon
  • 70749 Temple of Anacondrai

I have to admit I was never much of an Ninjago fan, but those sets look really good and underline how poorly designed the DC Comics Super Heroes sets are (not judging the minifigures though) .

LEGO Ninjago 2015 Sets – Official Images, Part 2

The large temple from the north, Satgaon, Buldana District, Berar 1871
Photograph of the principal temple at Satgaon in Buldana District, Berar, taken by Robert Gill in 1871, from the Archaeological Survey of India Collections: India Office Series (volume 19: Berar, Gujarat, Madras, etc.).

This view shows the temple which is built in the Hemadpanti style of the 13th century Yadava period.
(via British Library)

Temple of Lust (closed AU w/ giveintodesire)

Artie looked up and down the temple. Hidden in the woods, he was dressed rather conservatively. He heard of strange wonders in the temple to those who worshipped. He slowly entered the temple, looking around. Intricate drawings of people lost within lustful debauchery decorated the walls. He shuddered a little and went up to the alter.