'Yur A Wizard' Moodboard Template/PSD:

This is a super simple psd/template for getting started with moodboards. I myself have only just started making these but since I was happy with this layout I figured I would share. There aren’t any templates out yet (I could be wrong but I haven’t seen one) so I hope you guys enjoy this one!

- All sections and fonts can be edited as you’d like.
- Here is a guide that can help you get started.
- If you’d like an example of how this one looks after all filled in, you can look at mine here.
- The optional section can be used for the house symbols or just any symbol for any character (note: it does come with each Hogwarts house symbol.)
- Do not distrubte as your own but feel free to use it as much as you like.
- Please like/reblog if you are using!

—You can download this template HERE{ MF }.

Other than that, if you have any questions or need any tips feel free to inbox me and I will gladly help!