Shinji was all alone, that much he knew, so he also knew that something was wrong when he heard the soft sound of footsteps. Every muscle in his body tensed up. Instead of running, he made the mistake of looking over his shoulder.

Blue eyes widened. The face he saw, untouched by age (much like himself), was all too familiar, and was as terrifying as it was beautiful.

“Shikinami-” His breath caught in his throat. Shinji backed off. Every part of him was braced, he was ready for any sort of blow that was landed upon him.

temperamentalpilot02-deactivate asked:

You have a stupid hairstyle, tch.. ((I'll give you a cookie if you can successfully guess who this is behind this bitch > w >; ))

Aoba looked at the shorter red head kid with a a single raised eyebrow.

“Oh, I’m sorry you don’t like my hair, little girl. Personally I can’t really say wonders about your own. Are those supposed to be cat ears? And when did fake eye patches got in style?”

(ooc snkajhba i have no idea man omg uh.. )