temperence brennan

I have to give credits to Bones, though, for this storyline. We’re heading torwards the end of the season, so I can start to gather my thoughts about the show and season 10 in general. For the ones who have been following me for a while, they know what I think about the show (I say that from time to time), but they also probably know that this season was not a favourite of mine, especially after the show got back from hiatus, I had a moment of “oh my god, I don’t want my favourite show to turn into something really bad, do I really want season 11?” and for a moment I started asking myself if it was me, that wasn’t loving the show as much as I used to, or if it was an actual decline in quality, the first one that kinda really mattered to me in ten years, in which I had pretty much coped well with Bones flaws. I didn’t have an answer. I couldn’t even base my thoughts on online opinions, because the internet is like that, the haters are always louder than the supporters, so what if many people were complaining? Maybe they were always the minority, just louder. The main reason why I wasn’t liking this season (yeah, wasn’t), was that I couldn’t find - first of all - a theme in it. And, the second one, also the most important for me, was that I was looking for a big impact after Sweets’ death. I was never among the people who thought that I would stop watching the show because Sweets wasn’t there. I’m someone who deals well with changes. I never thought Bones lost significant quality after the departure of Zack (sorry, stans), so much that season 5 is my favourite season. So - of course - I thought I could deal well with the Sweets-less Bones. And in fact, I could. But what bothered me, at the beginning, was that I wanted to see the fallout of that storyline. Instead, episodes passed, many filler ones, and it was like “what is even the importance given to such a traumatic event??” I started to think that - maybe - the people who claimed that Bones killed Sweets just for shock value were right.Where was the heart??? Well, I’m finding that heart in this gambling storyline and I’m glad. Last night’s episode was another great one, surprisingly. It had a lot of heart and I loved it. It gave me a season 5 vibe (and I don’t think it’s a coincidence the show is heading torwards that direction in the finale.) There was a big connection between the case and Booth and Brennan, but there were also a lot of other little things. What I’m liking is that Brennan is not questioning at all her love for Booth. And Booth, well, kudos. I loved how the transition from his delusion to him getting it together wasn’t all sudden. An aspect of Bones that has always bothered me a bit through the years was that they rushed all the important plots (most of the times.) But they didn’t this time and I’m glad. Anyway, I was saying, Booth was so delusional last week and it was weird to see him so out of touch at the beginning of 10x20, but it was done really well overall. I think (as many people said) that it was during the interrogation that he realised that he had to do something. And Brennan, oh Brennan. The glimpes of the character that I loved so much that she became my fave tv character, were all there. Her concern for Booth was alive through the whole episode, and I loved how she smiled every time she saw Booth or someone told her things about him. She knows that that’s what he needs to wake up, but - at the same time - she’s hurting even more than him, maybe. And not for her (for all the people who say that’s she’s a cold hearted selfish mean bitch) she’s hurting for him. Mostly. I was scared about this storyline because I didn’t want to hate Booth. Or Brennan. Or both. But I do not. I know Brennan is right, but I do not feel compassion for her because she’s being portayed as strong. And I do not hate Booth either because I know where he’s coming from. This is what I call good angst. I also loved the general feeling of the episode. Hodgins’ experiment, the chit-chat in the lab and the focus on Hodgela. The thoughts about danger and life in general, and about how every one of us is shaped by their own experiences. Life changes us, and that’s true, isn’t it?? The victim would have never became an addict if she hadn’t got shot. Booth would have never started gambling again if Sweets’ hadn’t died. And Angela and Hodgins, as well as Booth and Brennan would never think about leaving their job is they hadn’t seen how harmful it could be, not only for them but for everyone they love. So yeah, I’ve found my theme and I’m happy. Life is the theme. Bones is still better than many other things.