I am totally knackered from today, me and Yanna (tellmewhyicant97) trekked down to Waterloo for the Feminist Library Summer Fête which absolutely lovely. There was lots of vegan gluten-free food and plenty of books to indulge in. I learnt about Armpits 4 August (a female equivalent to Movember, if you will) which I hope to participate in next year and you should all check out/support. The group (a few amazing women) only began a few months ago and managed to raise a significant amount of attention and money, hopefully in the coming years it’ll only grow. There was also some poetry reading from Rachael Allen and Cat Madden, both their own and other women’s. They were both marvellous and their nervousness made everyone feel more comfortable, we were giggling and relating to it all. After the reading everyone gathered around on the floor and then began a wonderful discussion; ranging from the aspects of the “new wave”, to the availability of feminist education, to many other topics. Everyone was sharing ideas, talking, laughing and even a few of the guys chimed in. I also met Bethan (thebooksandthebees) whose blog I hugely enjoy so that was nice! The day rounded off with a showing of Persepolis (arguably my favourite film which you should all watch). I saw a few tears fall but before I knew it the credits were rolling and people were saying their goodbyes.