Theory about Natsu-Igneel-Layla

I seriously think that Natsu has something to do with the celestial spirit world.

Follow me and tell me what do you think:

Zeref created End and woke up Natsu as a little boy. According to Atlas Igneel wasn’t able to destroy End 400 years ago.. So Natsu was a little boy 400 years ago, and he was a little boy when Igneel left him and he joined Fairy tail and so?

Zeref do not age because he is cursed but Natsu? We can see that he can grow normally, but so there is a gap of time in wich Natsu did not aged:

this is Why I think that Natsu spent his time, with Igneel in the Celestial spirit world where the time flows differently!!

Do you remember the first mission with Lucy? He was able to go and return from the celestial spirit world while he was on Virgo’s shoulders! Even Lucy said it was strange! but what if Natsu belongs in some way with the celestial spirit world?

And this leads to my last theory: Layla died when Igneel and the dragons left-went inside Natsu so i think that it was exactly Layla with her power that brought Natsu (and even Wendy and Gajeel) in this world again!! So the day they think they were abandoned was the day they returned From the celestial spirit world to earthland world Thanks to Layla! This would explain Why Gajeel couldn’t pass Freed’s runes and why Grandeene said that Natsu and Wendy already met!

Maybe Lucy will do the same as her mother again?

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Seems like I only follow blogs that love Sterek but have given up on TW so I can't tell how widespread or strong the anti-TW reaction really is but it seems to me the showrunners and MTV MUST be aware of it because of how much they're trumpeting the BS of how great S5 is going to be. What do you think?

The Anti-Teen Wolf force is extremely strong and it has been this way since the end of 3b. The showrunners and MTV are most definitely aware of the constant negativity being thrown onto their work, but they like to play dumb.

The TW PR people check twitter and tumblr. MTVteenwolf blocks people who tweet them real questions about the shitty writing and decisions for the show. They check BNF tumblrs, that TW gossip blog, and then try to find ways to contradict what’s being said.

For example, there was a lot of talk among blogs regarding Dylan and Posey not being as close as they used to be, so the MTVteenwolf starting pushing out a bunch of O’Brosey stuff to falsify the rumors. 

Now, they’re trying to play up s5 as the greatest season ever. All the bullshit about the cast being more focused and happy than they ever have been, the shit about how the writers have been working really hard, the shit about s5 mirroring s2. [Note how they’re comparing s5 to s2 because they know most fans thought that s2 was the best].

But it’s sad and pathetic. There’s no excitement for the upcoming season. The fans they used and abused no longer give them free promotion and advertisement like back in the s2-s3 days. All their promo material is predictable and uninspiring. 

And I feel bad for the actors/actresses from the show that are working really hard to make people excited. Namely Melissa. She is so adorable, and she’s working so hard posting all of these BTS photos everyday, but it’s not working. 

I Want To Know What's On Your Mind {Nalu One-Shot}

I’m literally on a writing spree right now but I have a feeling it’ll end soon.
So this is my first time writing for Nalu and I hope you like it.
It was inspired but that one line in We Don’t Believe What’s On TV by Twenty One Pilots. “I don’t care what’s in your hair, I just want to know what’s one your mind”.
Sorry if they seem a bit OOC. Tell me what you think! I’ll take any criticism! Sorry if the end sucks
Natsu watches as Lucy’s smile falters. Just the tiny twitch of her lips made him want to grab the interviewer by the collar of his shirt and scream about how sexist he was and how he didn’t get the point of the event at all.

Lucy Heartfilia, model and ex-heiress, was throwing the first annual Jude & Layla’s Stars charity event. All of the proceeds would go towards cancer research since the blonde had lost both of her parents to the illness. It was a star packed event as actors, athletes, fellow models, and musicians, such as Natsu, filed into the ballroom.

Lucy had taken so much time and effort to make the charity perfect and to plan out this event. While studying business in college, but majoring in english and minoring in astronomy, and still working as a model, Lucy built the charity from scratch only to be asked about how she did her hair.

Even though Natsu had only met Lucy a couple of times, he already felt very protective over her. Levy and Lisanna told him it was love but Natsu thought it was only because he had began to consider her to be a close friend of his.

“This whole look is inspired by one of my mother’s, the one she’s wearing in the portrait.” Lucy explains to the interviewer and gestures towards the family portrait of her when she was six with her parents. Loke had told him that it was the last portrait done of them all together, since Layla had passed away the following year.

“Oh my, you resemble your mother so much!” The interviewer comments. Lucy lets out a soft giggle, causing Natsu’s heart to flutter.

“Thank you.” She says with a soft smile.

A large hand lands on Natsu’s shoulder and spins him around. Natsu is suddenly face to face with Gajeel, one of his bandmates.

“Natsu, we have an interview.” He says.

“Alright, I’m coming. Don’t get your panties in a twist.” Natsu replies. Gajeel rolls his eyes and mutters something about how Natsu was the one who wore panties, but Natsu doesn’t listen. He looks back to see Lucy one last time, only to see her bodyguard and close friend, Loke’s retreating back. The interview was over and she has other business to take care of. Natsu sighs then turns to follow Gajeel, who wasn’t as nice to look at as Lucy was in Natsu’s opinion.


“Alright, ten minutes until you guys preform. Go ahead and mingle.” Erza Scarlet, the manager of The Slayers, informs the group then she turns and makes her way towards the dessert table, leaving Gray, Gajeel, Cobra and Natsu to fend for themselves.

Cobra heads off without a word, while Gajeel insults them and says something about shrimps before he heads towards a small blue haired women. Gray and Natsu watch them go then look around the room.

“You gonna talk to her?” Gray asks.

’“Talk to who?” Natsu says.

“Lucy, you idiot, who else?” The raven haired man says as he loosens his collar.

“Mind your own business and don’t strip in front of all of these people. You’ll ruin Lucy’s party with you pervyness.” Natsu says then turns walks towards the buffet.

As Natsu reaches up a plate, a small hand wraps around his arm and spins him around so his back is facing the buffet. Natsu feels anger start to bubble up.

“Is he coming?” The person quietly says. Natsu’s anger subsides when he recognizes the person’s voice.

“Is who coming?” Natsu asks.

“Dan Straight!” Lucy says as if it’s obvious. “Is he coming this way?”

Natsu looks around the room. He sees the brunette looking around, then heading to another direction.

“No, he’s not.” Natsu says. Lucy lets out a small sigh of relief.

“He won’t stop following me around. He keeps smelling the air around me and asking what perfume I’m wearing. And he keeps changing his nickname for me every time he opens his damn mouth.” She explains.

“He’s still doing that?” Natsu asks. She nods and looks up at him. Natsu feels like everything began going in slow motion. She looks beautiful.

“Mind if I stick with you for a bit? He always says that you’re weird and that he doesn’t like hanging around you.” Lucy says.

“He says that?”

“Yeah. It’s probably because of that one time you told him to back off when he wouldn’t stop asking me out.” Lucy says. Natsu remembered that day very well. They were at a Dreyar party and for some reason Dan was there. He kept following Lucy around and she was obviously uncomfortable, so Natsu, very loudly, told him to fuck off.

“Sure.” Natsu says with a shrug. He hoped she didn’t notice how happy he was that she asked.

Lucy smiles at him then turns and looks out at all of the guests. Mirajane Strauss was preforming at the moment and there were couples on the dance floor. Lucy starts to slowly sway to the beat.

“Wanna dance?” Natsu asked. She looks at him with a surprised expression on her pretty face. Natsu couldn’t blame her, he was pretty surprised that he asked her as well.

“Yes!” Lucy says then clears her throat and straightens her back. “I mean, yes. I would love to.” Natsu opens his mouth to ask if she was feeling okay when he noticed how her cheeks were a little red, but he finds himself speechless when she slips her hand into his and drags him onto the dance floor.

Natsu feels his mind go blank when she put his hand on her hip and her hand on his shoulder. She holds his other hand out with her’s and starts stepping her feet in a dance Natsu was sure he never danced before, but his feet seemed to have a mind of their own as they followed her.

“Usually, the man would lead but this is the 21st century.” Lucy says with a cheeky smile. Natsu laughs and shakes his head.

“You did a great job with this party.” He says and gazes around the room. She nods and follows his gaze.

“Thank you. I did work my butt of for this day. I tried to follow the party style my mother used to throw.” Lucy says. Natsu looks down at her to see looking down with a small smile.

“I’m sure your parents would’ve loved it.” Natsu says. Lucy looks up at him.

“I hope so.” She says. Natsu stares down at her, unsure what to say next. They dance in silence as he tries to figure it out.

“Congratulations.” He finally says. “On your graduation from university.” He quickly explains when she tilts her head in confusion.

“Oh! Thank you! You’re the first one to even talk about that tonight.” She says.

“I am?”

Lucy nods.

“Most people only care about who designed my dress,” she says then glances down at her pink gown with a white sash on the hip. “Or how I made my hair into the perfect up-do.” She lets out a bitter laugh.

“They didn’t ask about your graduation? Did they even ask about the charity?” Natsu asks, trying to hide his anger.

“Nothing about the graduation, a little about the charity. But the media mostly cares about my newest photoshoots and who I’ll be walking for during fashion week.” She responds.

Natsu tightened his grip on her hand and hip. They were completely missing the point of Lucy! Sure she’s gorgeous but she’s so much more too! She’s smart and funny and she wants to publish a fantasy novel! Why weren’t those things on the headlines? Why did they only focus on her days on the beach and the latest fake scandal?

“I don’t care about your hair.” Natsu blurts out. Lucy stops dancing and looks at him. “I mean, of course you look beautiful but I don’t care. You could be in sweatpants and have your hair down and still be the most beautiful girl in the room.” Natsu wanted to shut up but his mouth kept moving. “But I don’t want to know how you did your hair. I want to know about this charity. I want to know about your time in college and what you think of the film adaption for Gone Girl. I want to know about your mom and your dad and your childhood. I want to know why you’re best friends are Loke and Levy. I want to know what you think of when you first wake up or when you go to bed. I just want to know what’s on your mind.”

Lucy stares at him with wide eyes. Natsu started to realize what he had just said and felt the need to turn and run. But instead he stands there frozen with eyes equally as wide as her’s.


“Natsu!” Someone calls out, cutting Lucy off. Natsu doesn’t know if he feels relieved or disappointed when he turns and looks at Gray.

“Come on, it’s time.” Gray says. Natsu looks at Lucy and drops his hands. He steps away from her and scratches the back of his neck.

“Well, um, see you later.” He mutters then turns and begins to make his way towards Gray but a soft hand grabs his shoulder. He looks back at Lucy.

“I want to know what’s on your mind too.” She says so quietly that Natsu almost believes that he didn’t actually hear her say those words.

“Natsu, come on! Erza will kill us!” Gray says, beginning to get impatient.

“Go.” Lucy says with a soft smile. Natsu laughs then flashes her one of his signature smiles. He turns and walks to Gray. The two of them leave the dance floor and make their way to the stage.

“Are you feeling okay? Your face is really red.” Gray asks.

“I’m perfectly fine!” Natsu says as he loosens his tie. “Just all fired up!”

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Please could you do me a tonyperry imagine where we have to do a project together n I go to his n we end up watching a film instead n their is no heating so we get in his bed to stay warm n tells me he likes me n it's really cute n he acts v shy? Xx

Sure thing love! Hope you like it and thank you for requesting.


Tony Perry was a guy in your Science class, what did you think about him? He was pretty cute, he was a class clown, he was hilarious, he always made you laugh, he’d occasionally smile at you during class, he’d say hi to you sometimes, you could definitely feel a connection between the two of you, but you were too scared to say anything to him. Science was your favorite class because you got to be with him, he was so cute and science was the only class the two of you had together, besides having the same lunch hour, but that didn’t really count since he was with his group of friends and you were with your’s, you couldn’t even seen him. You fiddled with your pencil as your teacher assigned you partners for a science project, “Tony, you’re with Y/N.” You sat up in your seat and your eyes widened, you looked over at Tony who was smiling at you, you smiled right back at him. This meant you were going to have to talk to him, be with him, you were so excited about this.

After class, you made your way to your locker where you grabbed out your books for your next class, you were about to close your locker when someone closed it for you, it was Tony. You smiled up at him, “Oh, hey Tony, what’s up?” You asked, Tony leaned against the lockers, “So, since we’re partners for the assignment, you should come over tonight. You can come home with me and I’ll even give you a ride home.” He offered, “Yeah, that’d probably work best.” You nodded, “Alright, meet me out front after class, okay?” Tony replied, you nodded and the two of you went your separate ways to get to your last class of the day. Your last class was History and it was the most boring class, it always dragged by, especially because it was your last class. You watched the clock impatiently, you were so excited to be going to Tony’s after school and spend the evening working on the science project with him, it didn’t matter what the two of you did, you were just excited to be with him.

The final bell rang and you rushed your way out of the class and to your locker, putting your books into your bag and rushing out of the school to the front where you couldn’t find Tony anywhere. You waited a few minutes and he finally came out, “Hey you.” Tony smiled, leading you to his car, “I almost thought you forgot about me.” You giggled, Tony pulled his car keys out, unlocking the doors and opening your’s for you, “How could I forget about you? Don’t talk crazy now.” He chuckled, closing your door as you got in and walked over to the driver’s side, hoping in and starting up the car, pulling out of the school parking lot and made his way to his house. You felt so shy you didn’t even know what to say during the car ride. “What kind of movies do you like?” Tony broke the silence with such an odd question, “Uh, comedies mainly, I like a good laugh.” You shrugged, looking down at your hands that were in your lap, your face was so warm, you were sure you were as red as a tomato.

“Good.” Tony chuckled as he pulled into his driveway, turning the car off, the two of you got out of the car and he led you to his door, opening it, you walked inside, his house was big and beautiful and smelled of faint vanilla, it was perfect and had a comfortable smell to it. “Wow. Your house is beautiful.” You spoke up, looking around, making your way to the couch and sitting down on it, putting your bag down at the side, “Want some popcorn? I was thinking about making some..” Tony scratched the back of his neck, he looked so awkward, he must have never really brought girls home, though he seemed like the type. “Sure!” You said politely as you pulled out your school work. Tony walked off to the kitchen and started up the popcorn, you could hear him humming an unfamiliar song, you couldn’t help but smile, everything he did was so cute.

After a few minutes, Tony came back with a big bowl of a lot of popcorn, setting it down on the table. “I’ll be right back again.” He ran off once again, upstairs this time, coming back down with a few blankets and movies stacked on top. You raised an eyebrow as he moved your school work and laid the blankets over you, leaving some off so there was enough for him to slide underneath them as well. Tony placed the movies on the table and picked a random one up off the top, “I hope you’re okay with Harry Potter, I was in the mood for it.” He chuckled his cute little chuckle as he popped the movie in and joined you on the couch under the blankets, grabbing a handful of popcorn. You were so confused, why was he doing this? You weren’t complaining though. You relaxed yourself and watched the movie. During the movie, Tony’s hand made it’s way to your’s, he slid his fingers in between your’s, interlacing your hands. You began to shiver, his house was freezing for no reason. Tony looked over at you, “Are you cold?” He questioned, you nodded, giggling a little, “Sorry about that, our heat isn’t working at the moment.” He sighed, “C’mon.” He pulled you up, grabbing the blankets. He led you upstairs, you knew exactly where he was taking you almost instantly.

Tony brought you to his bedroom, he had such a guy bedroom, plaid bedsheets on his king sized bed, Star Wars posters all over, clothes on the floor, “Sorry about the mess.” He scratched the back of his neck one again, he had a nervous vibe to him. He led you over to the bed, where you sat down, he laid the blankets over you and slid into his bed beside you, but instead of sitting down, he laid down. Tony looked up at you, “Lay with me.” He said softly. “Okay.” You smiled and blushed, sliding down and resting your head on his pillows. Tony cupped your cheek with his hand, stroking your cheek softly, “The main reason I wanted you to come over today was because I wanted to tell you, I really like you, a lot, Y/N. I know we never really talk, but you’re so damn beautiful and smart, and I’d really like to get to know you better and, be with you.” He admitted, his words caused butterflies in your stomach, “I really like you, Tony. I’ve just been too shy to talk to you..” You wanted to hide your face with your hands but his hand was blocking your way to do so. Tony kissed your forehead, “Be mine, Y/N?” He asked in a soft tone, “I’d love to be.” You responded with a smile on your face. Tony leaned down, kissing you on the lips passionately, you returned the kiss. You couldn’t believe this was actually happening, but you were pretty happy about it. He was your dream guy.

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And if u are gay what's the big fuss, it's not like u will be the first and last, 2015 and people are still worried about people being gay, like seriously

That’s not the point, the point is, a person who is not me nor do you know how my mind works or what I find attractive, cannot tell me that I’m gay or who/what I like. You simply just cannot, no matter what your suspicions are or what you think because at the end of the day you don’t know..You just don’t know what’s going on in my head, because you’re not me and vise versa I couldn’t do that to you.

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' type of boyfriend ..' ashton would be

having ashton as a boyfriend would never be boring. ever. and also it probably wouldn’t be all that quiet either - he loves to play instruments; drums, guitar, bass, fucking ukelele probably, he’ll be playing it every day. and don’t even get me started on the talking. the second you wake up he’ll be chat chat chatting in your ear about what you’re going to do that day or what you did yesterday or last year or that time he did that thing with his brother that ended with him almost falling off a balcony.

i think you would also be getting monthly calls from his mother on your personal phone, her asking you to tell her the truth because she doesn’t trust it from him; is her baby boy okay? is he drinking enough water? can you please look out for him for me? and are you doing okay? there would also be skype calls with his siblings, who always say they like you better than they like ashton. you all know they’re lying, but it’s cute all the same.

don’t even get me started on the spontaneous trips you’d take. maybe at like 10pm ashton would suddenly be full of energy and start giggling and ask “hey you wanna go skinny dipping? i know this place where no one goes, and it’s a warm night” and you’d probably agree because why the fuck not. and it wouldn’t just be local stuff - for anniversaries you’d have to be prepared to receive plane tickets, and even sometimes he would say “hey we have the weekend off, wanna go to new zealand?” because goddamn it he has the money now and he wants to make memories with you.

as with the other boys, you’d participate in a lot of rocking out and dancing around the house. ashton’s a clean dude so he would probably have this whole day of cleaning planned out and be like “babe let’s just sweep and vacuum the whole house and listen to metallica” so the house would always be clean (except the bedroom, there’s always clothes thrown all over the floor).

it’d also be a very clingy relationship. ashton needs a lot of attention and cuddles and, i think, reassurance that you still love him. he would always be looking for confirmation of this, in the way you talk to him and the way you look at him. if you’re talking to someone you can expect ashton to be standing behind you with his arms around your waist and his chin on your shoulder.

honestly dating ashton would be incredibly spontaneous and you’d always be laughing at pretty much nothing at all. you know that you’ll always have family and that you’re loved.

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Can you please tell me what it is about having a girls poop hole at the end of your tongue that you find so appealing? I'm guessing you go through a lot of mouthwash?

You do know men pee out of our penises, don’t you? Does that mean you deplore blowjobs, too?
I can’t believe there are still adults asking me this question. Actual grown people who still think butts are somehow covered in shit. What kind of people have YOU been sleeping with?
Some people like feet, some people like armpits, some people are sold on eyes.
Me? I like booty holes. Why? Who knows? Perhaps it’s the taboo of it all. Perhaps it’s the shock on a lady’s face when she realises she likes having her booty eaten.
Maybe it’s because lady booty is the physical manifestation of Jesus’ divine light. Maybe it’s because he dies for our sins and those sins include spelunking, beard first into the majestic crevice that is the ass.
The question isn’t what I find so appealing about booty, it’s why haven’t you found the soul brightening glory of the booty yet?
As for the mouthwash question… One day, assuming you’re a straight male, when you grow up and actually have an adult attitude towards sex, you might put your mouth on a woman’s hoo-ha. When that happens, will you be running to the bathroom immediately after because your mouth will OBVIOUSLY reek of pee and menstrual blood?
Spoiler alert: No…you won’t. Because ladies clean themselves. They bathe and shower and do all sorts to make sure they’re smelling and tasting like God’s very own bath bomb.
I eat booty because the allure of booty is in my DNA. It’s the spinach to my Popeye and I eat it with the same aplomb.
I eat booty because it’s a tragedy not to. Just think, you can go to Wendy’s an order an Ultimate Baconator; a sandwich with FOUR burger patties and at least three pigs worth of bacon. And you’re worrying about me putting a butthole in my mouth.
Remain a booty heathen if you will, you poor lost soul. But me? I’ll adhere to the word of the lost eleventh commandment: THOU SHALL EAT BOOTY AS THOUGH IT WERE AN ALL DAY SEAFOOD BUFFET.
Repent. Let the booty hole save you. Remember, a tongue in the butt means an eternity in Heaven.

Write ‘LOVE’ over it.

I am here and I am breathing. You are here and you are breathing, you are alive and you are loved. . A lot of people have a stigma around depression and all other forms of sadness and self harm, people feel that if you have it you shouldn’t talk about it, you should leave it alone and it will go away.

I’m not saying that it won’t go away because it can and I’m not saying to not hide it because of what people will think of you. Email me at to tell me your story or what’s worrying you today and I swear to God I will reply to every single email, you will not be forgotten. I want to help you. Write at the end of the email ‘R’ if you want me to reply, if not that’s fine sometimes it just helps to write it down and tell somebody. I can do anything and be anyone for you guys, every freaking day I’ll send you a reason not to self harm if you want me to. I’ll do whatever it takes to listen because sometimes you can’t just tell people to stop and they’ll do it because this is the real world and that’s not how it works, I just want to help. Any time of day or night, I’ll be here, I’m not promising I’ll reply the minute you send me an email, but I’ll reply the same day.

You don’t need to tell me who you are or where you live or how old you are, you can remain completely anonymous, just tell me what’s wrong.

And if this post doesn’t effect you please please please reblog it anyway because it might effect some of your followers. I promise that I will not tell anyone your stories and I will not give your email out. I want to help you guys even just by listening. SPREAD THE WORD THAT I AM HERE FOR YOU.

For those of you who don’t know about my current situation watch this
Tell me what you think, I’ve gone months denying help from people but now I’ve decided to swallow my pride and accept that sometimes you can’t always be on the giving end. I’m gonna continue working my ass off and saving my money, I can speed up the process from the help I receive! ❤️


Request: hi! i was wondering if you could write about Sam and Dean selling their souls for each other and they end up having only two years left to live but the reader becomes an angel to save them and Cas helps her. you can make a series of it too :)

Word Count: 1,842

Warnings: fair swearing, some violence, feels.

A/N: *fangirls* oh my god, guys. i’m so excited to do this one! This is making me shake in excitement and fear! Please, please, please tell me what you think of it! And tell me if you want me to continue this as well! Plus a shoutout and thanks to miss beautiful theperksofbeingginny for being an amazing editor :)

The sky was turning into a dark blue while you tried to think clear thoughts. Sam and Dean were in the Bunker, screaming their hearts out at each other, but you believed it was out of love and protection. That was the only thing you could believe at the moment. The brothers never argued like this. It was so brutal and emotional, the exact opposite of what they try to make themselves seem.

A soft breeze blew over your skin and it sent shivers down your spine. The cool November air in Kansas was comforting and yet foreign. You purposely stepped outside to let Sam and Dean have a moment to “talk” things over. But obviously you were wrong.

It was getting too cold for you to be outside any longer and you stepped back into the Bunker. Both of the men quieted down when they saw your face.

“You two done being a married couple yet?” you asked with a smirk tugging at the edge of your lips. Sam gave his famous bitch face and rolled his eyes the same time as Dean did.

“You know, this isn’t funny. We’re both gonna’ die!” Dean said pacing back and forth in the library. Sam sat in the wooden chair, his hands in his hair.

“Dean, we know this isn’t funny,” Sam replied for you, keeping his head low. You didn’t disagree; it wasn’t funny. The boys you loved most in the world were dying and you couldn’t do a thing to stop it.

Dean looked over at you, and for the slightest moment, you thought you saw fear trembling in his eyes. Your heart contracted at the sight of Dean and you wanted to reach out and touch his face, to comfort the scare in this broken man. But you didn’t. Instead, you closed your hands into fists and dug your nails into your palms.

“You guys, we’ll figure something out. We always do,” you said softly, but felt like a fool the second those words left your mouth. They always did figure out what to do next, but at the same time, someone always died in the end.

Sam lifted his head and pulled himself out of the chair, his body slump and tired looking. Dark shadows were forming around his eyes, showing his strong cheekbones to be almost poking out of his skin. His lips were pursed and his eyes were sad. This wasn’t how he was supposed to be.

“We don’t know anymore, Y/n. We’ve done possibly everything in the book from hunting mythical creatures to hunting demons and angels, starting the apocalypse to going to hell and back一literally. We’ve fixed everything and一” Sam paused and looked down at the wooden floors, avoiding to meet anyone’s gaze. “Maybe this time we can’t do anything.”

It was Dean this time who looked at you and his younger brother with exhaustion weighing down his features.

“Don’t talk like that, Sammy. We’ll figure a way out of thisーjust like Y/n said一”

“And do what, Dean?!” Sam yelled, throwing his hands in the air and slamming them on the oak table in front of him. “We’ve been doing this our whole lives; running from monsters and angels and demons. But I’m tired. I don’t want to run anymore.”

Dean stared with something dark cornering his irises. “So what? You just want to sit there and let some damn hell puppies tear you apart?” His voice was hoarse and strained. You started to wonder if you should go back outside again.

Sam dropped his head and chuckled softly. “What does it matter, Dean? It’s either be torn by hellhounds or by God himself for us. We don’t get a choice in how we die.”

Standing there in disbelief, Dean wanted to hurt his brother physically, the first in a long, long time. You knew Sam and Dean long enough to know every little trigger and little detail that makes them who they are. And Dean was about to snap.

The books that had been on the table were now scattered all over the ground, papers flying in the air and research no longer in sight. Sam’s eyes widened at his brother’s sudden action and bent to pick up all the material. Dean stalked over and grabbed Sam by the front of his shirt, digging his nails into his clothing.

“I’m not letting you die, Sam!” Dean screamed, slamming his brother up against the nearest wall. “We’ve been through too much crap to just give up like this! I took care of you my whole life! And I screwed up! But dammit, Sam, I’m not letting you quit! You’re my brother and I’m gonna’ save you.” His voice cracked just barely and it made you jump from disturbance.

They both stood there for a moment, their chests heaving in unison, until you walked over quietly and placed a hand on Dean’s shoulder and he tenderly dropped Sam. His eyes were still wide from Dean, but he was able to move willingly now.

“Look,” you said with authority, your voice echoing off the Bunker’s stone walls. “You guys need to knock it off. All right? We’re gonna’ figure this out and when we do, we’ll do whatever it takes to bring us back from this. But until then, you two need to pull your head out of your asses and breathe.”

They both didn’t move, as if you hadn’t even spoken.

You tried again. “Hey, guys. It’s late. You should head for bed. Get some sleep and we’ll try this again tomorrow.” They still didn’t move. “Now!” At that, they shuffled their feet to their rooms and you could hear the faint slam of their doors.

As soon as it was quiet once more, you fell to the closest seat next to you because your knees gave out. Heart pounding in your chest, you took a deep, shaky breath and ran your hands through your Y/H/C hair.

“Son of a bitch,” you muttered under your breath, trying to clear your head, once again. This wasn’t supposed to happen; Dean wasn’t supposed to hate himself; Sam wasn’t supposed to be an ex-blood junkie; their whole family wasn’t supposed to be dead. None of this was supposed to be happening.

A fluttering sound of wings made you raise your head and look around for the noise. Your eyes landed on the silhouette of a man in a trenchcoat, blocking the doorway of the library. You went back to your previous position, already knowing who the new character was in the room.

“Hey, Cas,” you said in a low tone, trying to keep quiet for the boys. They didn’t need to be out here; they already had enough on their plate.

“Hello, Y/n,” he replied in a equal tone but huskier. “Where are Sam and Dean?”

You sighed. “I sent them to bed. They’re in trouble.”

A chuckle came from Cas’s body and he walked over to where you sitting, pulling a chair out next to you.

“That is very motherly of you,” Cas said sincerely. This made you raise your head again. You rose a questioning brow.

“Motherly?” you scoffed. “Please, I’m just trying to keep this family from falling apart. Motherly is not what this is.”

Cas nodded and stayed quiet. You looked at the stone clock above the fireplace and sighed even more when you saw that it was 2:36 a.m. and you haven’t been in your own bed for at least two weeks. You had been on the road with the Winchesters’ hunting nonstop. This was the first time you had been home and it was a disaster.

“I heard about the deals they made.” You looked up in surprise but then resettled when you remember that he had some type of angelic supernatural hearing.

“Yeah. That’s what they got in trouble for. They were fighting about what to do and then it just got worse,” you admitted with honesty. There was no point in lying to Cas; he would find out the truth eventually.

“I don’t know how to help them, Cas,” you whispered, tears threatening to spill over and along your cheeks. “This hasn’t ever happened before. And look at how they’re acting towards to each other. It’s like a measuring contest of who can throw themselves into a pit of fire first.”

Cas’s eyes darkened into a deep, Caribbean blue and he looked at you with something dancing in them, as well.

“Y/n,” he said gravelly, “there may be a way we can save them.”

Your heart pounded through your body and you could feel your eyes widen. “How?”

Cas shook his head. “Sam and Dean won’t like this.”

“I don’t give a damn what they like. If it saves their life then they can bite me,” you spat. Realizing how harsh you sounded, you softened your tone and tried again. “Cas, I have to save them. What is it?”

He took a deep breath and said, “You can become an angel.”

You stared at him with confusion. This wasn’t even close to what you expecting.


Cas sighed and shook his head. “An Angel. The only way you can save both Sam and Dean is if you become an Angel.”

“Cas, that’s not possible. Humans can’t just turn into angels. They have to be created by G一”

“No. That’s not true,” he said, cutting you off. “Angels can be made by God himself but not always.”

You stared blankly at Cas and thought that maybe he was sick, if angels could get sick. But something in those flashing eyes of his said otherwise.

“For a human to become an angel, they have to go through stages of God’s will; completely tasks and showing true faith and loyalty,” he explained, something dragging down his tone.

“And how do I do that?” you asked with caution.

He looked down at his hands and bit his bottom lip. “I don’t know yet. I haven’t looked that far into it. I need to know if you’ll go through the trials to become an angel.”

Doubt was nibbling at the back of your mind which made you worry about what this feeling was meaning. “What about Sam and Dean? What do I tell them?”

“You don’t,” he said dangerously. “Y/n, you can’t tell them. If they found out, they wouldn’t allow it to happen. The Winchesters would let themselves die first before anyone could try and save their life.”

You tossed the idea over and over in your mind. Something didn’t seem right; the twisting feeling in your gut was obviously a sign saying that it wasn’t right. But it was Sam and Dean. They were your family. Your everything. They had sacrificed themselves for you so many times that it was like it was a new job.

You looked over at Cas, who had been sitting quietly and patiently waiting for your answer. Pushing past the sickening feeling in your stomach, you nodded. “Okay. I’m in.”

Birds Of A Feather (1/?)

blackbirdprince prompted: Kurt and Blaine are special agents from separate companies, and both are unaware that the other is a special agent until they’re assigned a joint mission where they find out. (Future!fic where they’re married, history is canon till end of season 5)

Note: I’ve decided to post this by short chapters (don’t know how many there will be yet). This one mainly focuses on Kurt and is slightly angsty. I’m very nervous about this one, so tell me what you guys think kay? For my dear Alison, I hope this first part lives up to your expectations <3 AO3

Chapters: 1, 2, 3

The second he flips the folder open, Kurt’s heart stops and his whole body freezes.

In retrospect, he should have figured out earlier. He could have figured it out, but maybe he was just blinded by love, not that he would have it any other way, but his ego was a tad bit bruised. He’s one of the top special agents out there and he didn’t even pick up the fact that his husband was a special agent too?

The bolded words ‘Blaine Anderson-Hummel’ were staring back at him, and next to it, his husband’s face. The same handsome face that he kissed goodbye right before he left for work a few hours ago.

Kurt was so caught up in his own world that he didn’t even register Isabelle talking until she snapped her fingers in front of him. He jolted up and cleared his throat as he closed the folder. “I’m sorry, can you repeat that?”

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Trial Update 05/14/2015 - My Visit to Court - James Holmes Case

If any of you noticed that I was gone, worry not. I haven’t given up on my Holmes mental health cause. I was actually away for a few days and at the actual trial itself.

I won’t bore you with the details about the trial that you can watch on You Tube, rather I’ll tell you a few of the personal things that I observed, and what I think you will be most interested in.

First, a big thank you to one of the Holmies for speaking with me last night and filling in some of the blanks. This helped me decide what I will and will not post about what happened to me in court.

I was lucky enough to end up in the main courtroom with James. His parents sat two rows behind James, and I sat about 3 rows directly behind them. It really was an experience that I won’t ever forget.

I had a very brief exchange with Robert Holmes, and he is a very, very sweet man. Arlene was there, but she was extremely guarded and I couldn’t make eye contact with her. Please keep Arlene in your prayers.

James:  I saw a lot of the back of him, and some of him in profile. I was fairly close, being only about 5 or so rows directly behind him.

He was wearing a long sleeve, thin striped light blue and white button down dress shirt, dark green khaki pants and a dark brown belt.

I could not tell that he was tethered to the floor, however I never saw him stray from his position.

His hair was very short, and his bear neatly trimmed. He wore what I believe were plastic, thin framed reddish colored, oval shaped glasses.

I did notice about a 1 -1/12 inch straight, red colored cut between his hairline and the back of the collar of his shirt. I’m not sure what may have caused it. My first thought was that perhaps something happened during his haircut?

James almost looked hunchback to me, but then I saw there was actually something slightly protruding between his shoulder blades. It looked like fabric or such under he shirt that bunched up when he moved certain ways. I’m not certain if it was a bullet proof vest under his clothing or what it was.

James sat stationary a lot of the time. When he stood, most often his hands were in his pants pockets.

To me James didn’t look nearly as heavy in person. Perhaps the camera really does add ten pounds!

James swiveled slightly in his chair fairly frequently. He looked straight forward and only slightly tilted his head to see receipts that were posted on the screen. He also showed a bit of interest when they brought out one of his guns.

Even when victims testified (a few of then stared James down), James didn’t flinch once.

During one of the 20 minute breaks, James engaged in a conversation with a person whom had been sitting to the back left of him the entire day. I’m not sure what this person’s function was. Come to think of it, he never really left James’ side. Personal bodyguard, perhaps? The man was dressed in a suit.

This is the ONLY person I saw James speak with during court (and it was on a break when everyone was out of the room). He did not speak with his lawyers or his parents during the course of the day. 

Their conversation consisted mainly of the other man speaking, although I knew James was answering him, because I could hear James’ deep voice (and see his mouth move). I just couldn’t make out what either one of them were saying. I could tell that it was a light, casual conversation, though. At one point, James even smiled a little.

James was dressed rather like a middle aged man, but he still looked very, very young. In person, he was almost unrecognizable to me. I’ve been watching the trial, so I knew what he looked like now, but it’s something entirely different to behold in person.

James seemed very normal, albeit a bit medicated, and still slightly in his own world. There is an aura of youth and innocence about him that will probably never go away. Overall, he is markedly improved from what I remember of him back in March of 2013.

After seeing the back of him so long, when I did catch his profile, I almost expect to see the face of a very, very young Jimmy. (The back of his head and hairline reminded me of how he must have looked when he was much younger.)

James is not very tall. I’d say 5′9″ at best, and he has a slight build.

Since I intentionally sat directly behind his parents, I was able to see James turn around to look at them very, very briefly and only one time during the entire day.

I caught his eyes, and they were dark. His focused look was darker and more intense then I expected. I’m still unable to clearly put into words exactly what I experienced. When he looked back, his face didn’t register any sort of reaction that I could tell. If anything, it was a little dismissive.

Some other things happened during the trial and, as I  previously stated, it was a conscious decision to omit these from my blog.

If you attend court, be VERY careful how your conduct yourself. I was heavily watched the ENTIRE time. These cops do not mess around. I can’t emphasize this enough. If the police had observed any even slightly objectionable behavior on my part, I have no doubt that I would have immediately and permanently removed from court.

If anyone has any questions, message me privately and I’ll answer you as best I can. xx


“‘So if they’re an enemy, I can see this enemy’s intention to kill me through the pattern of their actions. That’s what it’s like… Of course, these appear in different particular ways.

Think of this as a general description… That’s all I can tell you. And isn’t it just because of his upbringing that a successful businessman knows whether a work of art is good or bad?’

Comments like these from Amuro Ray appeared in print and on television for about a year after the end of the One Year War. After that, these kinds of reports completely disappeared.

Amuro’s words may have been those of a Newtype, but they were hard to understand. As a result, journalists gradually lost interest in what Amuro had to say and stopped featuring his comments.

Amuro Ray was then forgotten.”

- from Zeta Gundam Novel Vol. 1, by Yoshiyuki Tomino

200 years ago I would have been burned at the steak
Now as I read the eyes of men who want to figure me out
I just laugh

I shake my head and tell them
“baby men have been trying for centuries what makes you any different?”
I can see their captivation for me across a crowded room

I know what im doing
I know how this goes
I know how it will end

I’ll read your palm instead of hold your hand
My eyes will be the only thing you will think about for weeks
I’ll seem completely radiant to you

You will try to explain how you feel for me in incoherent sentences
ill just say to you
“i know”

because though i’m making the fire in you burn
the light in me left along time ago

—  Crystal Jean

#May ~ week 4 // Tuesday, 26th Finally May is coming to an end. What an awful end though…having three exams a day is not possible y'all: welcome to high school Italian edition. Let me tell you one thing: these teachers sometimes do not know what they put us through. I’ve been sick worried about my results to the point of panic attacks and fainting from pressure - I think the medblrs know what the opossum reaction is. Tomorrow I’m sitting latin lit and physics. Honest to God, I just want this school year to end. Mood of the day/evening/ all-night-long-because-I-have-too-many-exams-this-week-and-I-don’t-have-time-literally-when-am-I-gonna-breathe-4-real-doe: blue. As in the Coldplay’s song says “The sky is blue dream that lie ‘till it’s true”. Looked out of my window and thought of that :) little things that keep me going, like nature’s beauty. I’ll stop, my hippy vibes are showing! All the love Peaceful P. S. Can someone tell my siblings to stfu thanksss :))))))

To recap:  Being told “You shouldnt care what others think!” never helped me.  It never made me feel better. I still cared. I just felt stupid on top of it because everyone was telling me I shouldn’t and I still did.  

What ended up helping was the entrance of a 15 year old anime about card games into my life. Something I would ordinarily be very self conscious about liking. But it brought me a surprising amount of happiness, in a time when I was really quite unhappy and lonely and starting to accept that as reality. So when I found that happiness, a switch flipped in my brain that was like “Don’t you dare let anything or anyone ruin this for you, especially not your fucking self.”

ramblingredrose asked:

Tell me some Wanda and Natasha headcanons? Or even Wanda and Loki? You have excellent thoughts on Wanda, I want to know moooore. XD

I’m really feeling like I want to think more about Wanda and Loki so I’m going to go with that, because I’m still batting around this idea where Loki ends up as Wanda’s mentor intending to make her into his sidekick/minion/okay potentially equal opportunity villain-comrade but that ends up not being what happens because Wanda has ideas and morals of her own and is also quite a bit more powerful than Loki expected.

And like, thinking about the first time Wanda knocks Loki on his ass and Loki snaps back up, prepared to retaliate, almost snarling, but Wanda is already apologizing and looks a little surprised and Loki half thought she did it on purpose to humiliate him but she…didn’t? She’s just learning, like she’s supposed to, and she’s powerful and he wasn’t ready for it. 

And Loki deflates a little, and mutters a grudging good job, I didn’t expect that and Wanda looks a little pleased, maybe, and Pietro is laughing his ass off but Loki is not going to hex him, only because he does not want to lose Wanda as a tool, that is all. 

Although now I’m also thinking about the first time Wanda looks in Loki’s head and how bad that would be for everyone involved. Because it would be bad. Deeply, horribly upsetting for Wanda, and traumatic for Loki on top of making him furiously angry, and dang, I think I actually do have to write this fic. Fuck. Whoops.

(Loki also sometimes looks at Wanda and Pietro and is envious. Not because he misses Thor, oh no. At least Pietro is clever enough to truly respect his sister’s power.)

If Wanda ever found out about Loki’s relationship with Thor (and she probably would at some point) she would definitely call bullshit on that.

  • Riley:why didn't you tell me about this?
  • Lucas:it's not something I'm proud of, I thought I could start over here... Guess I was wrong. I guess you do something and that's the end of you.
  • Riley:you think that's what I'm upset about, whatever you did? Then I don't know you and you don't know me.
  • Lucas:Why are you acting like this?!?
  • Riley:friends talk to you and real friends listen remember?!? I would've listened!I'm your friend! Whatever you did! Why wouldn't you trust me with it. People who care about you are supposed to trust you with stuff.
The Truth Hurts

GLW part 3 

Summary: what were the Winchesters doing while Y/N was missing? 

Word: 2108 

Warnings: mild swearing 

If you need to catch up here are the first two parts:

Part 1 Part 2

A/N: hey guys i would have posted this sooner but my internet was down. I am thinking about making one more part. Tell me what you guys think! I hope you like it. also forgive the badish writing at the end. 

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