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Enough of this “not hurting anyone” bullcrap, sin is sin and rape culture is rape culture even if the only transgression is inside your twisted little head. Pray God to purge this sickness from your soul. You say your “kinks” are hardwired, but deep inside, you already know the answer to that: if thy right eye offends thee, cut it out. Rein in your rebellious flesh. Make it obey. Re-shape your very thoughts in the image of your Lord. Keep your deviant desires chained and on a tight leash, and if that suffice not to contain them, mortify your rebellious flesh sooner than let it lead you astray from the true path. Freeze its heated passions, starve it of its obscene hungers, scourge it with whips, train it to obedience with stun batons. And if that doesn’t work, just think of the damage you’re doing to the fabric of society. The world is at a tipping point between righteousness and rape culture. But if you don’t do your part, I can’t do mine. And Tumblr can’t give the world the justice it deserves.

  • accents challenge!!
  • this sucks

so yeah i did it, but before u listen beware bc my voice is awful, and also my english is awful i can barely speak in spanish, english just adds an unnecessary layer of difficulty but that anon asked me to do it and also tay and ellie, and i’m basically bringing this back i guess. so long story short i’m tagging everyone that didn’t do it before bc u should suffer with me :3 pls and thank u. 
oh, and here is the spanish version for ellie ???

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I'm really confused as how you can use he/him pronouns and present very feminine. You can't expect people to know or do that.

Present feminine? How so? My clothes? Clothing shouldn’t have genders. I mean I know my clothes currently have feminine connotation but I don’t have the means to buy more “gender neutral” or “masculine” clothes. Or how else my hair length? The clothes I wear and or appearance has little to do with my gender. And I like he him pronouns it makes me happy.

so i was talking with a friend of mine about just how dumb hinata shouyou is and then she sent me this

and im upset bc that’s an actual thing in the manga and i can’t believe this child tbh„„, 

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there’s a ‘young republicans’ club at my school run by this ultra republican kid who wears fucking greg abbott shirts everyday and apparently is on the damn rick perry presidential campaign or some shit

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lmao no but otherkin kinda weirds me out tbh

honestly half of it isnt even otherkin its just all of the shit that their involved in

like “self diagnosis”* against the advisement of a medical professional, superiority complexes, triggerhappy, and defending horrible behaviour with shit that they make up so that they cant be blamed for being a dolt

My last Facebook status was “welcome to Puzzle Piece Hell Month” and my mom commented saying “You all should build a competing logo and start distributing it. I would wear it on my scrubs.”

I mentioned we have the rainbow infinity symbol, but I should probably tell her that she should not be wearing that on her scrubs if she’s going to be telling all the pregnant people she works with (she’s a nurse-midwife) that pitocin will give their kids autism.


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You know you’re getting old when