Telestrator’s been in progress for over a year, and there’s still a lot to do, but we’re going to pack up a stable version and call it 1.0 here soon.

To get ready for the submission and launch, I’ve started working on (yet another) new website for the app. Here’s a little preview.

Party Games that a Muggleborn would bring to Hogwarts:

Gryffindor: Dixit, Gloom, and Sheriff of Nottingham

Hufflepuff: Cards Against Humanity, The Resistance: Avalon, and Ultimate Werewolf

Ravenclaw: Superfight, Telestrations, and Wits and Wagers

Slytherin: Ca$h & Gun$, Munchkin, and Skull (and Roses)


Telestrator, on my iPhone?! Its more likely than you think!

I’ve been working on a fresh implementation of Telestrator, one of the features is that its universal for iPhone and iPod touch. Here’s a preview of how the UI moves around when it is rotated.

Holy cow, I can’t believe this is finally happening.

Over a year ago, I started working on Telestrator, recruited a developer out in California, and set up a placeholder website.

Now, finally, Telestrator 1.0 is available on the App Store! We have plans to add a lot more features, but for now you can sync videos over and draw on them, and with an iPad 2 you can use mirroring to show it off!

Check it out, tell your friends, and grab a copy!


Personally, I don’t think Pac-Man would be that great of a roommate. #telestrations

Cards Against Humanity + Pictionary + Telephone = Success

There is a game called Telestrations that essentially combines the games Telephone and Pictionary into one game. There are cards you choose with different subjects on them. You draw it, the person next to you guesses what you drew and passes it on, and the next person after that draws a new picture based on the previous person’s guess. It continues around until you get your drawing pad back. Instead of using the cards that come with the game, my friends and I use Cards Against Humanity instead.

NSFW? I don’t know.


Spongebob minus bob? Playing telestrations (at DyceNDyne)