Feelin Better → A mix to keep your spirits up when you’re feeling down

This is an Adventure / The Lighthouse and the Whaler
Under the Booty / Bubba Sparxxx and Disney
On Top of the World / Imagine Dragons
Tokyo /Telekinesis
Adulthood / Jukebox the Ghost
Hey Mama / Mat Kearney
This is the New Year / A Great Big World
The Show Goes On / Lupe Fiasco
Daylight / Matt & Kim
Mountain Sound / Of Monsters and Men
5 ‘o Clock in the Morning (Who’d Have Known) Remix / Lily Allen
Miracle / Ghost Beach
The Cello Song / The Piano Guys
Haven’t Met You Yet / Michael Buble
Let’s Dance to Joy Division / The Wombats
Keep Your Head Up / Andy Grammer


You Turn Clear in the Sun - Telekinesis

Okay, the first time I heard this song was while I was at working at Old Navy. Picture this: me folding economically priced clothes while jamming out to some awesome indie hits. To my surprise, mixed in with the crowd pleasing Gaga and Rihanna, there are some pretty good singles playing at work. From Iron & Wine, to Toro y Moi, I find myself rocking out to the surprise of some customers…

Anyway, until recently, I had not know what the name of this song was until a friend (who also works at Old Navy) had it playing in her car the other day. Needless to say its been on repeat since then. The brain child of Michael Benjamin Lerner, a rocker from Seattle, Telekinesis is comprises of Lerner and a few others who join him while touring. You Turn Clear in the Sun comes from Lerner’s full length second album, titles 12 Desperate Straight Lines. Definitely a band to keep an eye on, and an ear out for.




Seriously one of my most favorite pranks!

Deadpool Comic Appearance Details #146

Cable & Deadpool #10
Written by Fabian Nicieza, Art by Patrick Zircher

Cable and Silver surfer fight. Deadpool and Cyclops provide exposition.


[Deadpool]: Well, that was the coolest expository dialogue I have ever had!


Deadpool heads off to complete his task. He’s stopped by The Cat.

[The Cat]: Wilson, if we are going to save the planet and the life of your friend—we are going to have to work together.


Deadpool, The Cat, and Cyclops gather the pieces to the device, the X-Men stop their fight with the Six-Pack when the city jerks in the air. Domino leads a group to check the gravity generators, where they discover that the generators actually just props…the city is actually held in the air by Cable’s telekensis, and he has just been defeated by the Silver Surfer.


[Cyclops]: He tricked you—all of us—into assembling this?
[Deadpool]: Tricked is a strong word. I prefer manipulated, cajoled, coerced.

[Deadpool]: Nate’s gotta have something up his sleeve. I know Cable better ‘n you do. He’s too stubborn to have this figured out.


[Cyclops]: You’re asking me to risk the lives of thousands of people—not to mention my own son—because I should trust your instincts?
[Deadpool]: No…because you should trust Cable’s.

Cyclops isn’t inclined to trust either Deadpool or Cable, and he shoots at Deadpool with an optic blast. Since they don’t have the luxury to discuss things further, so The Cat knocks Cyclops out.

[Deadpool]: That fight lasted as long as Deathlok’s last comic

The Cat hands the last piece of the device.

[Deadpool to The Cat]: You are so totally the coolest…


[The Cat]: But how do you plan to get it to Cable in time?
[Deadpool]: We got this whole Don’t ask, don’t tell thing goin’…not that there’s anything wrong with that…bodyslide by two…
[The Cat]: Don’t ask, don’t tell…? …oh…OH…

Deadpool bodyslides with Cable to Cable’s Safehouse #14 in Switzerland.


[Deadpool]: You sure about this?
[Cable]: Yes, Wade…now—use it—!
[Deadpool]: Geez, Nate, you so totally suck…

Deadpool uses the device on Cable. It’s connected with Cable’s teleport matrix to cut out portions of his brain to surgically remove the parts that control his higher telekinetic and telepathic abilities. He uses the last of his powers to lower Providence into the ocean as a new island, and share with everyone his vision for a peaceful future.


[Deadpool has placed Cable’s head in his lap]
[Deadpool]: Nate…c’mon…wake up…say something to get me mad… Tell me “According to Jim” is the best sitcom in television history. Tell me The Knack sucks something, Nate… was it worth it…?