This view down Pennsylvania Avenue NW from the corner of 6th Street shows part of Washington near the Mall around 1860. On the corner in the foreground, where the Newseum is today, stood the National Hotel, one of the most prominent hotels in the city. It also housed a telegraph office, advertising “Morse’s Great Northern & Southern United Lines” with direct communication to to New York and New Orleans. Businesses line the north (left) side of the street, and to the south was one block of commercial and residential buildings which stood where the National Gallery of Art is today.

Learn More at Histories of the National Mall.

She spent her childhood watching films with her father, often violent ones such as Psycho, Alien, Jaws and Bonnie and Clyde. She was – by her own definition – a dorky, shy child who liked reading books and screenplays. She says she was the kind of child who would always pick up a rock to look at what was underneath it, fascinated by the dark side of life precisely because she knew she could return to the love and support of her parents.

This is exactly what she does today: she visits dark places in her imagination, just as she did as a child, although now she takes her readers with her.

Request ( lustfultears ): “Blog based playlist?” Hope you enjoy, love!


01. The Zephyr Song - Red Hot Chili Peppers // 02. Take Me To Church - Hozier // 03. III. Telegraph Ave - Childish Gambino // 04. Drown - Front Porch Step // 05. Sleepwalking - Bring Me The Horizon // 06. I Will Be Found (Lost At Sea) - John Mayer // 07. I Wonder - Kanye West


The planning for this has taken place mostly on Facebook, but I realized there might be people on tumblr who aren’t in the loop.

We’ll be holding The Bay Area Sandwich Night at Telegraph in Oakland:

2318 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

People will be there at 7, Show starts at 8. Message me if you have questions, but that’s basically all we have planned so far.

PS: please don’t murder me just cause you know where I’ll be for a couple hours.


Two waterspouts twist together during a storm off the coast of San Bartolomeo al Mare, Italy. The footage was captured by Nicola Ferrarese, who spotted the phenomena while working in his hotel in San Bartolomeo al Mare, Italy. Waterspouts are tornadoes which form over water during severe storm weather.

Picture: Nicola Ferrarese/Barcroft Media

Source: The Telegraph

9th Sept 2013
Telegraph Cove, Vancouver Island, BC

We got up fairly early for the long drive from Comox to Telegraph Cove, to go whale watching for the day. It was well worth the early start and long drive there and back, what a beautiful place and a beautiful day!

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