April 20th, Saturday morning, corner of North and Greenmount Avenues in Baltimore City: A FENCE WEAVING with Can Collective (Emily C-D, Jessie Unterhalter, and Katey Truhn)

Tshirt String, Hands, Fence, Folding Chairs, Zip Ties, Sun

Thanks to Bobby, Reggie, Kathy, Chris, Janai, and two other ladies whose names I am not remembering but I do remember that your work and presence were beautiful. Special shout outs to Sandra Coles and Lowell Larsson for their tireless work in the Greater Greenmount Community, and to Peoples Homesteading Group for lending indoor space for weaving workshops. The garden looks great thanks to Civic Works Community Lot Team and all the folks they got to lend a hand with the landscaping and planting—you guys rule.

Tejiendo una cerca con tiras de playeras con la comunidad del barrio Greater Greenmount en Baltimore, Maryland, EEUU.

Tal vez los escritores son como las arañas, tejiendo aquí y allá sus historias, alegrías y angustias, con la tendencia a entorpecer como cualquiera, atorárseles las patas y colgar después de su propia telaraña.

Project: My first sweater. Yes I finally finished this sweater that I had started to be  more exact on January 2nd and was hoping to wear on our cruel winter but  I couldn’t knit that fast. However I learned that knitting takes a lot longer that crocheting and no matter the time I’m happy to complete something that I wanted to do in a long time.


Crochet an i-cord (right-handed version) (by planetjune)