His flimsy singular heart is bursting with affection, no, adoration for her, and he’s afraid its rapid beat will never slow down.

"Since when?" she asks breathily, pressing her hands gently into his chest. “Since leather?"

"Yes, I like this on you," he murmurs distractedly.

"No," she giggles, her amused face luminescent in the afternoon sun. “I mean, when you wore it."

"From the beginning, Rose," he confesses, pulling her down into an embrace. His arms clutch her reflexively. “Always."

-excerpt from “Show, Don’t Tell" by Spookyknight, for Riona

Mini WhoFic: Show, Don't Tell

Show, Don’t Tell

Pairing: Tentoo x Rose

Rating: Adult

A late birthday fic for tehriona, who shares a birthday with Tentoo. So what better way to please both birthday people than with Tentoo and Rose doing happy adult things in Pete’s World?

Inspired by this photo of the lovely Billie Piper and a sort-of sequel to this tagfic.

Rose Tyler in leather, the Doctor, and a motorcycle. Enjoy!

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