Women, men, children, the elderly, no one is safe under Nawaz Sharif’s government.

The Pakistani police are using rubber bullets and tear gas shells against peaceful protesters in Islamabad

Police brutality will not stop peaceful change. The joint PTI and PAT revolutionaries will continue to march towards the PM’s house to demand his resignation.

Join the revolution. Support change

31st August 2014

01:40AM Pakistan Standard Time

*Calling all Islamabad residents* - 90 injured at PIMS with over 100 injured at Polyclinic Islamabad. Emergency blood donations are needed at these hospitals ASAP

dhatghettodisney said:

What is happening in pakistan? I have not seen the news?

To sum it all up, this all started when the two political parties ‘Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’ (PTI) headed by Imran Khan and ‘Pakistan Awani Tahreek’ (PAT) headed by Tahir-ul-Qadir called for a protest (known as the Azaadi and Inqilab march) to demand a resignation of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his party due to the allegations of rigging in the May 2013 election and the Model Town Lahore incident which resulted in serveral protestors being killed by the police gunfire. The protest started from Lahore and thousands of people travelled all the way to Islamabad on the 14th August (Independence Day of the country). Both the parties kept a peaceful protest and urged that there would be no voilence by the Police. [Soruce: Wiki and from what was shown on ARY News] According to the interview with channel, Muhammad Afzal Khan, former additional secretary of the Election Commission alleged that the 2013 general elections were rigged and the “peoples’ mandate was stolen”. He said that the prime minister Sharif “did not win the elections in a free and fair manner” and chief election commissioner Fakhruddin G Ebrahim “had shut his eyes on issues of rigging”. He also said that “judges were involved in fixing the vote” and they deliberately delayed the hearing of voter fraud cases. Amongst the judges who facilitated rigging, he specifically named former chief justices’ Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and Tassaduq Hussain Jillani. Nawaz Sharif refused to step down in any way. Yesterday, both the parties initiated the protest to move forward to the Parliament building (in a peaceful manner) which has been under the protection of security forces. However, as soon as civilians reached the spot, the forces started a tear gas and fired rubber bullets at the protestors which has resulted in 300+ injured and around 9-11 dead (there are no accurate figures yet from PIMs, the hospital where injured are being taken. People believe forces are not letting them give an accurate number). The forces are continuing the tear gas and fires from time to time.

Timeline of the Protest from when it started till now. 

This might also provide more info about the current situation.

ISLAMABAD: At least two protestors including a woman were reportedly killed and hundreds others were injured in a violent riot control operation to disperse the marchers of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf outside Prime Minister House, Samaa reported. “Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets on the protesters attempting to stage a sit-in in front of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s official residence”, an official said.
—  Minhaj.ORG: Blood & tears as riots roar in ‘Red Zone’ http://ift.tt/1ucvd0n

Supporters of the PAT seen here carrying an injured protestor to safety.

The two most powerful men in Pakistan will be meeting this week on how to handle the ongoing protests

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has summoned parliament to meet on Tuesday and is encouraging talks to resume again with PTI leader Imran Khan and PAT leader Tahir ul Qadri. Both leaders are dead set on not returning to talks until the resignation of the PM and the CM

General Raheel Sharif will meet with high level military officials; the meeting chaired by General Raheel will discuss matters relating to the internal security situation.


MFI Australia Supports Imran Khan in Sydney! 

Mehdi Foundation International is a spiritual organisation with no affiliation to any political party. We, however, believe in standing up for truth and justice. Under the regime of Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan has seen an unprecedented rise in terrorism, poverty and sectarianism due to Nawaz Sharif’s policies and dishonesty. We understand that Imran Khan is a sincere politician who has the best interests of the Pakistani nation at heart; therefore, MFI wholeheartedly supports him and all those like him.

His hair removed due to excessive stiches, backbone injured & cant move body due to excessive pain but yet he is back to send a message to nation to vote for him and their better future.

'I have fought for 17 years in Pakistan for our rights, do the right thing on 11th May '13 and change your destiny. Quran says that Allah doesn't help those who dont help themselves. Go out and vote for the idelogy, not the personalities. Go and vote for new Pakistan.' - Imran Khan, chairman PTI. 

If this doesnt inspire you and move you, so I feel sorry for you and your existense. 61 year old took a fall from 15ft and yet he is up. He deservs more than a vote. 
Long live IK, long live Pakistan.

Picture of the Day: Karachi, Pakistan. After a rally organized by the smaller Awami Tehrik Party, but backed by several other parties, eleven people were killed and more than thirty injured in gunfire. Above, a young man, visibly wounded by a gunshot, flees the shooting.  Those responsible for opening fire are not yet known. More from Dawn and AFP.

Credit: Faysal Mujeeb/Whitestar. Via.

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Nawaz Sharif must go. He is a curse. He is an enemy of the state and he must be punished. We want Imran Khan as Prime Minister of Pakistan.

To Imran Khan: Come on! Go free Pakistan from monsters like Nawaz Sharif; it is now or never. This is the only time for FREEDOM. This time will not return. Revolution is imminent now!

—  His Holiness Younus AlGohar, Official Representative of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi (via Twitter)

I don’t give a shit about where you’re from or what you do but the whole world stood by Gaza when they were going through a tough time, and now it’s Pakistan turning into Gaza, except their own government is doing this. People have died and are dying right now all for the sake of freedom and justice. Don’t pass this by, look at what’s happening around the world for a change.

Day 247: Vote!

We’re Voting for Imran Khan and his Party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf in this year’s election. Are you casting your vote this year? If not, then don’t complain about the country’s problems for the next 5 years.

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His Holiness Younus AlGohar gives crucial advice to Imran Khan in order to overthrow the corrupt tyrant, Nawaz Sharif, whose government in Pakistan has no legal basis.

The nation of Pakistan is all standing by you. If Mehdi Foundation International is standing by you, then His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is my witness: the entire universe is standing by you. If MFI is supporting you, then you can safely say that God and 124,000 Prophets are supporting you. With my support, you have enough moral and spiritual ammunition on your plate. Never again will you ever need any help from anybody else. But this time, do not look back! Do not step back. You must advance!


Nawaz Sharif is a criminal who has looted the Pakistani people for far too long. We support the truth and this is why we support Imran Khan. He is an honest man and he is sincere with Pakistan.

To all Pakistanis: this is your chance to free Pakistan from the shackles of Nawaz Sharif’s illegal, oppressive regime. Don’t waste this opportunity!