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Thank you so much for the ship ! You made me smile so much (plus you shipped me with my favorite character ever, I'm not gonna complain hehe) ! Keep the good job, your blog is amazing ! xx

You’re welcome! We hope you continue to enjoy our blog! If you enjoy 5sos, PLL or Palaye Royale,  be sure to check out our other blogs! Links can be found on the sidebar of our blog! Keep that smile on your face, a smile is always better than a pout! Unless you are Derek! Hope you have a good day/night! -Sheena X

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what do you think about the idea of -teenwolfships blog? (hyphen included)

This is the first time that I hear of it and sure, why not. I guess everyone will find something for themselves there. :)

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what do you think about the idea of -teenwolfships blog (hyphen included)

Idk, tell me more about it - would it be only canon ships, or /all/ ships? It could be a good idea but you’d have to find people who are really, really open minded and not opposed to reblogging any ship/have an equal amount of each ship, which I know can be hard because everyone is biased. But if people can get passed their biased I think it would be a good idea!

If it’s regarding me joining, I can’t lol. Too many other sideblogs. 

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**Hi hi, i just started up this blog to bring all the ships together. We have a great fandom but we do divide because of other peoples ships. I wanted to try and bring the fandom back together by bringing all the things we enjoy together. Like our ships. Since your a big stalia blog I was wondering if you could possibly help kickstart the page with bringing stalia shippers here. If not thanks for reading this at all!:) the page is; -teenwolfships (with the hyphen)

hi, i think it’s a great idea and i appreciate that you’ve come to talk to us. i’m a multshipper on teen wolf and i think a lot of people are so it’s a great idea and i hope it works. -k

fellow shippers HERE the link to this blog about every teen wolf ship, give it a go and check it out :)