"It’s not gay if it’s in a three-way"

This is for you ami/teensophie ~!! I saw you were feeling down and wanted to draw something to cheer you up! 

You’re such a big inspiration to me and you’re super talented (drawing, writing AND an awesome sense of humour? I smell amazing all over you) 

//hugs you tightly// 

don’t let anything get you down!! 


((Yeah, so I noticed how someone love the idea of the siblings of TeenSophie’s ship!babies, and I thought to myself, you know, I can’t see them as a SHIP but I could totally see them having a super strong sibling love once they really did get to mature and know each other. And Kristofferson being slightly older, he would probably at one point protect his baby sister, even though they have different father’s. And then I thought to myself, “Well, if he sacrificed himself to save his baby sister, what would his last words be? What would the situation in WHY he would need to save her?” And oops I went to that website where you get your “Last Words” and this came up.

And I wonder, what the heck would be happening to make him SAY this? But I really shouldn’t think about the death of other peoples characters, it sounds kinda rude and mean >_>; Because you know, they are her babies… but it just got me thinking is all. 

I’m sorry Sophie…I hope this doesn’t make you super sad. It was just me being bittersweet and angst about the idea is all. LOL))