Just an update

I’m no longer on hiatus with my “personal blog”.


I call it my “personal blog” because I’ve had it for 3 years…even though it’s mostly just an accumulation of hipster pictures, whiny rants, and few quality posts that managed to get me a large number of followers.

I left it behind in February (approximately one month after starting this blog) with full intention of deleting, but now I’m back and posting on it again!

That does not mean I will stop posting on this blog. The purpose of this blog was to blog about my SHINee obsession without losing a ton of followers and / or being judged by the ignorant people of the world.

You can check out my other blog by clicking here.

There’s not much SHINee related or k-pop related stuff on it but if you wish to follow it, by all means go ahead.

Duel Monsters/Duelist AU

Further proof I need to stop reading fanfiction.

AU where Coco’s a normal teengager and there’s no Reaper’s Game in Shibuya. Instead, Coco is a massive Duel Monsters fan. She often hangs around Domino City and duels people at random. She tends to lose at the tournament level but doesn’t really mind. She also still dresses like she does in the mainverse, and she tends to snack on sweets far more often than in other universes.

Coco runs a Madolche deck (primarily because I have on IRL that I quite like) and she’s pretty good with it. Her favorite card is Madolche Puddingcess and she runs a somewhat Madolche Chateau centric deck, with a bit of emphasis on a strategy she calls the “Cruffsant Bounce,” using whatever she can to avoid or halve damage, and only using cute monsters in her deck (with all of two exceptions, one for effect, one to help with her ‘make the opponent draw out’ strategy).

Actual deck below the cut, but totally message me if you’d be up for doing something with this AU.

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