underpants-shogun asked:

3, 14, 27, 31, 33, 47, 59

3) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, give me line 17.

"…Tbl=10. Observe Yt approach 0.5 as x gets larger."

i’m sorry that is so lame this is a math ii sat book what do you expect

14) Who is your celebrity crush?
gosh i hate this question
let’s go with elliott morgan he’s totally a celebrity right ok bye

27) What was the last movie you saw?
i saw Lion King II for a sociology assignment about two weeks ago i think?? where i had to watch something directed at an audience of less than 10 year olds

31) Do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done you wrong?
it depends
but secretly, silently, yes

33) What’s the last thing you purchased?
a pumpkin spice frap at starbucks yesterday
pumpkin spice fraps
don’t look at me

47) What is the single best decision you have made in your life so far?
to get over myself and finally speak nepali even though people still made fun of me for it

59) Ever been on a plane?
oh yes
can’t get from hawaii to nepal on a bike
i can’t even ride a bike