a bonbon,that`s really cute….



”These lil guys look rocking!I wonder how they taste like”

-sees sample area for them-

”Don’t mind if I do!”


”Holy heck these are tasty as fudge”

I’m trying so hard not to swear cause this place seems way to nice to do that.

”I`d like a whole batch of these lil nuggers,how much would that be?”

3.98!! or well with tax I gotta go ring it up to find out.. but I’m glad you like ‘em me and my aunt handmake everything here!! It makes me happy to see a smile on peoples faces when they eat our sweets~

*rings you up a box*


so uh.. do you go to thneedville high.. too??

candy-teen replied to your post:
*passing by with a few grocery bags* OHMIGOBSTOPPERS KITTTYYYYY *runs up to ur window*

-Gandalf jumps off bed to climb on window ledge- Cat why must you leave me -dramatically reaches out to the cat, but notices it staring down-
Hmm? What’s up? -climbs off bed to join the cat, blinks at the person- Uh…hi there.

candy-teen said:

[txt] hihi!!! I know we havent spoken in forever but I'm going through my phone contacts and you're the cute bunny girl right!! [txt] how have you and bunbun been! [txt] sorry this is kinda random haha

Cute bunny girl, oh my……

[txt] Hi Candy!

[txt] We’re doing fine uvu

and thus candy suddenly disappeared for a week without notice when no one was looking as for why click here

*excited for the grand opening for the shop tomorrow*

*not so excited about having to actually attend and transfer into a school*

..but then again I’m excited for a chance to have some new friends.. I wonder what kind of treats I should bring.