ahh my Front Bottoms obsession is back and I’m swooning again and no amount of missed phone calls and ignored texts and pleas for attention that went unnoticed will stop me from loving the back tops let’s be real here

Ran 6 miles after two whole weeks of not running and it was awful! Okay, maybe not awful, but I was a bit slower and now I feel gross. I feel nauseated and now I can’t wait to get home and just sleep. I really shouldn’t have stayed out so late yesterday knowing I had to wake up early to run. Also, I sort of got in trouble for coming home late. Ehh..

looking back on it, dying my hair blue when i was 16 was one of the stupidest things i’ve done

not the actual act itself, but the fact that one of the ~*c00l-alternative guys in my year dyed his hair the same colour like a month before i did, so in retrospect, me also dying my hair blue made me look like a stalker

which i completely oblivious to at the time

i just wanted cool coloured hair guize

cry cry