It’s Not Just Those Awful Ads in NYC: Teen Moms Are Bullied Every Day

The teen pregnancy prevention (actually teen mom shaming) ads making headlines in New York City are offensive and are part of a system that consistently degrades teen moms. The public service announcements promote unfair treatment of young women who need support. They enable people who have a personal agenda against teen moms to effectively use their disapproval to make the moms’ lives much harder than they need to be

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I have been interested in business since I was in 4th grade, when the class did an entrepreneurship project called “Mini Society.” My tenth grade year is coming to a close, and I would still love to go into business in the future! Staying on a college campus would also be an interesting experience, especially since I found out that a friend of mine is attending the program. I haven’t seen her since sixth grade (she moved to another country), and I miss her so, so much! I can’t imagine a summer with us partnering up again (like we did on a science fair project), but the thought of it brings tears to my eyes. Please help me. If this doesn’t reach 1,000 notes by May 30, I’ll delete this. We can forget this ever happened. Thanks for reading!

Given that teen mothers already experience educational pushout for being pregnant or a parent, our family members and friends judge us for our “poor life choices,” and we have the highest rates of postpartum depression than any other group of mothers, it would be nice to be able to fully enjoy the one day a year the nation comes together to express gratitude for mothers.

What if teenage parents received the same love and support other mothers get through ads and advocacy campaigns? What if teenage parents were told they are capable of making a difference in the world, and are doing so by providing the support their child needs, even with the odds stacked up against them?