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Damn Squirrels.

Author- DreamingDrea.

Warning- None.

Words- eh. Not that much.

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thedoctorsnameisdean asked: Hello gorgeous! I was wondering if you could write one where you and dean have been dating since season 6, but by one of Metatrons cruel tricks you no longer remember him at all? and he has to make you fall back in love with him? lots of fluff and a little angst if you don’t mind! Thanks! :) *Epilogue*

His eye’s were puffy and red, tears running off his cheeks as his head hung low, he stood on your door step a broken man…

You pulled him towards you cooing in his ear as his sniffles reinforced into sobs. He held onto you tight his head lying in the crook of your neck. Dean Winchester, a man so righteous, so strong, stood weak against you.

You were afraid to know what shattered him, the end of the world maybe…you couldn’t think of anything else that could tear such a strong man apart.

“Dean is it the end.” You murmured in his ear.

“No…Sammy…” He replied in a shaky voice, a tone you’ve never before heard in all your time being around him.

Losing his only family…You should of known. Sam was his world…it really was the end…for him.

You pulled him inside kicking the door shut and in that moment you also kicked away all the darkness, demons, and monsters. Dean was yours and your mission was to heal him, to make him forget the pain and agony that knocked him onto his knee’s.

“Dean please stay with me.” You pleaded knowing his habits from past experiences.

“I will…You’re all I’ve got. I won’t ever leave…never.” He replied heavily before he pressed his lips to your shoulder.

That was the day you met Dean Winchester, the Dean behind a cocky ego. From that day and on you both made a life together…apple pie and all. Dean got a job, mowed the lawn and built a white picket fence along the borders of your home. You cooked Dinner for him, he cooked Dinner for you, and even dates took place.

It was all normal, no vamps, wolves, or ghouls, That was in till…Sam rung the door bell.

His brother was alive during the whole time being that you and Dean were together… Dean was relieved, angry, and confused but still he let his brother in with open arms. That’s when the leisure ended and the crazy skipped to home base.

Dean leaving you for “the best.” and returning back to hunts. Sam turning out souless, alpha vamps, and purgatory. Shapeshifters invading your home causing you to join the famous never ending Winchester road trip. Sam getting his unstable soul back, the angel Castiel converting into a backstabber and a total god wanna be lunatic, leviathans, Dean going to purgatory and coming back, demons…

This is a summary with your past with the Winchester, there was memories you wish you could forget and ones engraved in your pulsating heart forever. Life as a Winchester was endless trouble…they had enemies with their blades sharpened and ready…Sammy was already a weapon against Dean and vice versa…but what happens when the weapon is you… *Chapter 1*

“Friggin’ angels…” Dean groaned gruffly as he slammed the literature that once belonged to the men of letters clenching his jaw in agitation that in which taunted everyone, the past couple days have been nothing but obsession on how to turn off the angel metatron now with god-like powers thanks to the source of the angel tablet. You guys hadn’t slept or even showered, just sticking to the map table as if it was the only place for civilization and reading.

“We need to eat.” You suggested to the boys with your stomach churning at the thought of opening another dusty, ancient book.

“Totally, you’ve eaten everything today.” Sam replied sending you a playful glare with his deep hazel eye’s reddened from exhaustion.

Sam’s remark was infactly true, you had a constant hanker that wasn’t fading no matter the numerous pounds of junk you stuffed in your face, and you had literally cleared out every scrap of edible materiel in the bunker.

“I’ll make a run then.” You offered with your belly howling.

“You sure sweetheart ?” Dean finally chimed giving you a worried glare with his lush green eyes.

“Positive baby.” You assured giving him a chaste kiss on the cheek.

Dean handed you the keys in unusual defeat, yawning deeply as he did so. “Don’t hurt her.” Dean said wearily before giving you a soft kiss to your lips. “and play some good tunes or she’ll throw a fit.” you rolled your eyes as you repelled away, Dean might as well date thing if he already hasn’t.

You were joyful to be out on your own, to see dark blue night skies, glimmering radiant stars and to be finally breathing fresh air.

You sped down the stretch, driving the impala being a really rare opportunity not even considering the fact that you were doing it alone.

The nearest Gas.N.Sip was approximately twenty minutes and you attempted your best to get there sooner before Dean realized he was out of character.

As you drove your mind finally had time to think about things besides metadouche, like why were you so hungry? You had eaten practically a week’s supply of food but yet you were still a victim to hunger.

And since when did Dean let you on your own? It was all a little conspicuous, and the urge to turn back crept through you.

You shook off the feeling anyways your best bet being the creation of delusions of your own, obviously being cooped up and tied to the Winchesters was unhealthy for your dependent skills and odd eating habits…no biggy, totally normal.

Though you steadied yourself you decided calling Dean would end all nerves. But while rummaging through the glove compartment you found no phones…that’s definitely a yield sign.

You started to panic your grip on the steering wheel compulsorily glued. Then you saw it…a silhouette, broad but short standing in the path of your speeding vehicle. You jacked the car out of the way by impulse, swerving, turning, flipping and a utter darkness closing the scene.

*Dean’s P.O.V.*

Why did he let you go alone? The question tainted Dean’s thoughts as he lied on his back making out patterns on the ceiling like a child except a tad more gruesome like Metatrons head on a stick gruesome.

Dean continued to rewind the day in his head, reflecting on how oddly he’s been feeling and how you’ve been eating more than Dean his self could chew.

He decided that an hour of your absence was enough, he picked up his cellphone calling you with dread racing in his mind.

The phone buzzed and buzzed and buzzed then he heard your voice but not in the way he wanted to hear it.

“You’ve reached Y/N, you know what to do.”

“It’s Dean. Where the hell are you?” Dean growled lifting his self from the bed and heading towards the garage, Dean wasn’t going to stick around pacing up and down the stone floored halls. He was going to find you, even if his worry was unnecessary.

He snatched an old mustang from the collection of vehicles and dashed down the road not even directing a notice to Sam, All the while his regretted decision for letting you off on your own slugging him in the gut.

It took him ten minutes to find his worst nightmare…

Out in the fading night sky was his car, flipped in a ditch, dark thick smoke escaping its vents.

"Y/N!" He called as he slammed the brakes, leaping out the mustang and heading towards the wreckage.

His heart ached and his thick lips trembled as his mind flashed images of your body blue lipped and cold.

When he finally reached the window he looked through finding you there…scratched and scraped but still…you were alive.

He pulled you out, groans and whimpers escaping your lips as he did so.

“Baby.” He croaked attempting to shatter your unconscious state.

“Mmm…” Was your response, incoherent of course but still a sign that you were in fact still there.

Dean carried you to the old mustang, sprawling your body in the back seat.

He sped back to the bunker, needing the aid of Sam to help patch up your wounds that leaked lightly of crimson blood.


“How the hell did this happen.” Sam pondered as he cleaned up the visible damage done.

“You got me Sammy…probably a damn squirrel. ” Dean replied puzzled, looking down at your head that lied in his lap with pursed lips.

“She even in there Dean.” Sam again questioned pushing you more against Dean as he finished his patch work.

"Yeah…I’m sure of it.” Sam cocked an eyebrow at Dean before leaving the room, his heart also heavy with worry. You were like a little sister to Sam and the thought of losing you…chilled his very bones.

Dean lied you comfortably on the bed, finding his place next to you after.

He traced patterns into your cheeks with his thumbs, tears clouding in his eyes at the sight of seeing you injured and in pain. His fear of almost losing you was to much….how or even why would he ever let you out alone. Especially with all the worlds recent ruckus.

He laid there tranquil for hours staring at you, waiting to see your bright eyes open, waiting to hear your light giggles as he kissed your face in a frenzy.

Then the moment awaited arrived and your lids fluttered open…but not in the way he expected.

Terror filled your eyes to the rim and Dean got the warning quick enough to take a giant step back.

“Y/N?” Dean asked afraid of the events that would take place in passing time.

“Y-Yess but- who…who are you?”

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