Wanted ( for life ) - Brett Imagine

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This is one I was particularly excited to write, I love the idea of it. I took the liberty of adding in a little bit myself. Hopefully, it was good. Even got to do some lore research for this one. Enjoy!

Ps. The gif is my own, feel free to use it as long as you give me credit. 


"Well? What is it?" Derek demanded as the pack was all gathered finally in the loft at the arrival of the final two who called the meeting.

"We, I mean Lydia, cracked the final part of the list." There was a surprisingly somber glint in the auburn. 

"That’s great!" Kira smiles faded away at his serious face.

"Or not?"

"We uhm, we found something, a name we recognized on the list. We all know her actually." 

"You mean another classmate?" Liam questioned, puzzled like the rest.

"Closer than that." The normally spastic boy exchanged a silent glance between Lydia. There seemed to be a sort of silent monologue going on before she broke the silence.

"She deserves to know. Look how well it went with Malia." At the reminder a soft growl sounded through the loft. 

"Thank you, I remember." Sighing, he cleared his throat and turned to look at you. There was something hidden in his eyes, that made you feel uncomfortable. A feeling, you wouldn’t like what was coming next. An apologetic expression came across his face, and something just clicked. 

"I’m on the list." Your voice was surprisingly steady, considering the minor freak-out going on inside. 


"How much… how much am I worth?"

"15 millions." 

The air suddenly became to hot, feeling like you were suffocating inside a closed in space that kept growing smaller. You couldn’t stay any longer. Not meet the eyes of your little group of friends, something resembling pain and confusion in their gaze. Or the way they placed themselves before you, Scott angling himself a little in front of Kira, Stiles and Malia blocking Lydia from your view. Worst of all, Derek , watching you like an unknown threat.

"I can’t - I can’t do this." You spun around abruptly and ran out as quickly as your legs would carry you, ignoring the loud shout’s of your friends.

Surprised, you weren’t able to detect anyone chasing after you, it was something you would have betted on in any other circumstance really. Tonight however, you were glad for the solitude. 

After a bit, the dash slowed down to a jog, your legs started screaming out in pain before you collapsed in a heap of limbs on the slightly damp grass. Not taking much notice of where you were headed, you were surprised to find yourself on the lacrosse field, just a few feet away from the bleachers. 

Perhaps not the most logical spot to go to. Then again, it seemed as good as any place to have a life crisis in. Suddenly everything became so very real, too real. The prospect of possibly dying young here in this town, especially with the company you kept, was something always irking in the back of your mind. But this, seeing your name on a hit-list and knowing the fact that someone was so intensely set on you specifically ending up dead, that was scary, absolutely terrifying. 

But maybe even more so, because of a reason you had no clue of what it was. Their shocked faces as Scott revealed their findings, some mixed with a bit of distrust ( Derek ), is what you imagined your face would look like, had you managed to snap out of the paralyzation that came with the news.

Before all of this started, being thrown into the whole supernatural game that seemed to be  inevitable to some, you’d always considered your life to be normal. Or at least, as normal as it could get. But this, the sudden revelation that you were something more, not fully human, made it feel like everything you knew, the life you’d had before that was a lie. And wasn’t that a kick to the gut. 

Time stopped in the little haven of yours. You had no idea how long you’d been sitting there. At some point, it had started to rain , fitting and all, and left you completely soaked. Still you didn’t leave. It wasn’t that you weren’t capable of doing so, more the fact that you had no idea where to go

Sometime later, it was starting to get dark around you, the storm inside had calmed down a bit and you were able to focus. Right on time to register your pocket vibrating. Oh. Deliberating for a moment wether to answer it, not really keen on talking to anyone yet, you finally gave in out of guilt.

"Hello?" Wincing at your raspy voice from the crying you didn’t remember, your breath hitched when a familiar soft voice came on the line. 

"Finally! Are you okay? Where are you? They said you ran off before…" Panic laced his words, sending your heart plummeting down to your stomach. 

"Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you worry. I’m fine." Physically, at least. 

Good.” Startled, you turned your head when the words didn’t come from the direction you expected. Your eyes locked with sky blue, filled with concern. 

Brett.” Was all you could manage, before another storm of feelings came along. What if he left you know he found out? Or what if you died right in front of him? 

"Hey, hey, sweetheart. You’re freaking me out a little here, I need you to calm down, okay?" Strong arms circled you, pulling you against his chest.

"You have to breathe angel. Come on, do it with me now. In and out." Closing your eyes, you tried focusing on nothing but the soft murmur in your ear. It was shaky, but you managed to do it. 

"Good, now another one." Inhale, exhale. It became a mantra, one you followed blindly until the feeling of your throat closing up was gone, and you were no longer on the verge to passing out. Drained, emotionally and physically, you leaned back against his frame, welcoming the heat radiating from him. 


"Yes. Thank you." Tilting your head up, you gave him a peck. 

"Great. Now, can you tell me why my girlfriend is sitting out here in the dark, freezing cold and have panic attacks when I show up?" His bluntness was something you always admired about him, he never sugarcoated things. He could always be depended on to tell the truth. 

"I don’t wanna die." It wasn’t what you planned on, but nevertheless the words that came out. "I’m… so scared Brett." A stray tear fell from your eye, quickly brushed away with a gentle hand that stayed on your check.

"I’m not going to let anyone hurt you, you hear me? You are safe with me, always. I would sooner die than let anyone touch a single hair on your beautiful head. Okay? 

"But I -"

"No buts. We are all on the list. And more than that, we are a pack, family. I know that they will all want to protect you as much as I do. I know it must be scary not to know why you’re there, and I wish to God or whoever answers one’s prayers that you weren’t. But I promise you, we are going to figure it out, together. I’m not going anywhere, capish?"

"Capish." Unable to fight it, your lips tugged into a weak smile mirroring his grin. The others found it absolutely dorky, but it was your thing. And you loved it. Like you loved the brave werewolf. How could you ever have doubted he wouldn’t be there? He always was. 

"I love you , B."

"Dito, angel." It wasn’t by any means perfect, there was still a lot of things to deal with, but it didn’t seem as scary anymore. You weren’t alone. And the pack welcomed you both back with open arms, you suspected Lydia had a finger in it all, and apologized for doubting you.

"We know who you are already, you’re pack. That’s all that matters." Scott grinned, squeezing you tight. 

"Dude, easy, she’s starting to turn blue." Stiles cut in, before taking his turn. By the end of the night, you were all hugged out, but happy. More than that, you were eager to read the bestiary the strawberry blonde brought you. 

"Whatever you are, should be in here. We’ll help you found it."

A lot of hours of endless research and restless nights later, your eyes found letters written in ink that seemed to sing out to you. Though the thing that made you smile, was the line about strengths. Faes are magical creatures. 

I can do magic?” The look on Stiles face when you told the others the news, was absolutely priceless.

"Oh come on! I feel cheated. Where is my cool superpowers?" 

"Well, you’re super annoying." The remark was met with a punch to the chest, and laughter erupted as he winced in pain from the rest of the pack. The thought that even though your life would never be the same, still some things never change gave you comfort. 


Lydia Martin is too G L A M

To Give a D A M N

Imagine- fighting with Stiles

"Gosh, I can’t even look at you right now! How can you even think that blueberry’s are red?" You sighed annoyedly before you turned your back to the smiling Stiles and left him with an amused Scott.

"Man, you messed it up" Scott laughed as he watched you walk away from the two of them.

"Like you are gonna ignore me" He mumbled after you with sarcasm lacing his voice, even If he knew that you wouldn’t be able to hear it.