In the trailer for Teen Wolf season 5, it shows you the body in the tank and it’s got a hand missing. 

Could that be the body of Satomi’s Beta who got her hand chopped off by Violet? 

It’s her left arm she is holding up which has the hand chopped off. The thing in the tube is also missing it’s left hand.

There’s her right arm intact. Is that thing in the tube her? And if so, why do The Doctors have her body.

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did they ever reveal who the person at the end of 3x14 was?

You mean this person?

The one who pulled the plant out of the nemeton and released the fireflies? 

No, I don’t think we ever actually got strict confirmation on who this was. We assumed it was Noshiko doing this to summon/release the oni:

We know that the oni do come from/transform into the fireflies, so it wasn’t a far reach to think this was Noshiko especially given her history with the nemeton and the nogitsune and whatnot. I think we were always just meant to assume it was her. 

Then again, what we are meant to assume on this show is often a deliberate trick. Perhaps we were wrong. And perhaps the three firefly figures released were not the oni, but rather represented the three types of trickster spirits. Or even represented the trio that was being targeted (Allison, Stiles, & Scott). And maybe it wasn’t Noshiko, but rather someone who wanted to let the “evil spirits” out. Or maybe it was Noshiko who wanted to let the “evil spirits” out. 

Prior to this episode, we only know that Scott&Allison&Stiles are dealing with the darkness and all struggling in some way. But we don’t actually see that Stiles is possessed by the nogitsune until after this episode. So it could have been this that led to his possession and it could have been intentional. 

It could be something we were just supposed to connect the dots with (or it was confirmed explicitly and I don’t recall), or it could be a clue that there was something else going on with the trickster storyline. Your guess is as good as mine. 

EDIT: What is interesting though is the timing. It would fit really wonderfully if this is what summoned the nogitsune and whoever released it was just waiting until the other two (or three) tricksters were in place. This does happen right after Malia is returned to human form and that could be a coincidence or a conspiracy. 

Mesmerism, hypnotism, psychology, and Spiritualism

Part I: The Basics

Stiles: Uh - Haven’t you ever seen the Wolf Man?
Scott: No.
Stiles: Lon Chaney Jr.? Claude Rains? The original, classic werewolf movie?
Scott: No! What?
Stiles: You are so unprepared for this.

The Wolf Man____

Psychiatrists, asylums, ice baths, electroshock, trepanation. It’s all very 1930′s, 1940′s.

The Wolf Man, released in 1941, is by definition real 1930′s, 1940′s.

In The Wolf Man, an upstanding member of his community, Larry Talbot, is bitten by an itinerant werewolf…or is he?

The central philosophical framework of The Wolf Man is one of then-modern psychology: Larry may be a werewolf, or he may be in the grips of a murderous, feral delusion.

Larry’s father, Sir Talbot, further explains being a werewolf, lycanthropia, as a form of schizophrenia.

While the film ends with Sir Talbot forced to kill his rampaging son with a sliver-headed cane and appears to confirm the real existence of werewolves in the narrative, you can never be 100% certain that Sir Talbot didn’t come into the grips of the same delusion, thrown into question by exchanges like:

Larry: Doctor, do you believe in werewolves?
Dr. Lloyd: Why, I believe a man lost in the mazes of his mind may imagine that he’s anything. Science has found many examples of the mind’s power over the body. The case of the stigmata appearing in the skin of zealots.
Sir Talbot: Self-hypnotism.
Larry: But if a man isn’t even thinking about the thing, isn’t interested in it, then how, how could he hypnotize himself with it?
Dr. Lloyd: It might be a case of mental suggestion plus mass hypnotism.
Larry: You mean by that that he could be influenced by the people around him.

As Eichen House takes center stage and people start drilling heads, it clicked in place for me all the phenomena we’re seeing on screen are within the explanatory power of the theories powering psychology in the late 1800′s and early-to-mid 1900′s.

To understand these theories and hit the full breadth of what Teen Wolf covers, we’ve gotta start a little earlier.

I promise that if you stick with me through this meta series Teen Wolf will make sense or your money back

The idea I’m working with is that the show treats these ideas as as important a mythology as any other mythology it pulls from. The ideas manifest as vividly on the screen, and the show doesn’t discriminate between the science people believed backed them and the wilder ideas that got attached.


I hate getting bogged down in the histories of things versus the ideas behind them, so apologies that I’m not going to give a whole lot of historical context here.

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Stiles is something – or how agent McCall totally didn’t kill the chemist!

I’ve been saying Stiles is something for ages and I know the entire Meta Pack is with me on this. We’re not entirely sure what yet but I have a suspicion it has to do with belief

Some have perhaps already seen the promos and previews for next week and knows that Lydia adds Stiles’ name to a list (i suspect the one from her grandma’s code.) That just drives this argument home, and truthfully I didn’t see that until after I had spent a minute shrieking with glee for 10 minutes scaring my coworkers after watching episode 4x08. (Does that make me a BanGlee? Terrible pun I know, moving on).

I know I’ve CSI’d this scene earlier and given a somewhat plausible explanation for which direction the bullet came from and why the bullet didn’t hit Stiles. I still think that could explain – or at least serve as an explanation that Agent can use when writing up his little report - that is what he see and hear him do in the beginning of 4x08.  But I don’t think that is what happened and this episode gave us the final proof!

Now, credit must be given where credit is due, because this is a joint meta pack effort and we have spent a lot of time discussing the shooting scene from 4x07 and we found some strange discrepancies.

Let me present them for you.

  • It is a miracle the bullet didn’t hit stiles. It is possible, but takes a VERY SKILLED MARKSMAN to pull off that shot. And we have no evidence Agent is one. He admits to Scott in 4x08 that he’s only shot and killed someone twice before. Not a lot of experience. The Sheriff probably have more skill than agent McCall. He did shoot the rope holding Deaton remember. AND agent was wearing full hazmat suit which would make it virtually impossible for him to do this with any kind of accuracy. Hardly ideal conditions for a Jack Bauer level shot.
  • The bullet wound in The chemist’s forehead is dead center, like a third eye. If agent made the shot, we’d think he’d aim more to the side to ensure the bullet had a bigger chance of avoiding Stiles.
  • The bullet wound does not look like an exit wound. First of all it is very small and second of all it has gun powder residue around it. Look at the black tinges around the wound. Entry wounds has this, not exit wounds!

  • We see a light go off at the same time as we hear the shot fired (see gif below), but it’s too bright to be from the gun. It lights up the entire room. Stiles is associated with flickering lights…
  • Look at this gif – we clearly see that the chemist’s head whips backwards, then forwards before he slumps to the floor. That indicates that he’s been hit from Stiles’ side and not the back.

  • Add to this Stiles’ bewildered comment to agent when he emerges from Coach’s office : “Where did you come from?” If this was the savior with the gun, wouldn’t he be exclaiming “Thank god you came!”

So based on this the meta pack concluded the shot came from Stiles’ side and we believe it was Stiles who caused it. Take a look at the gif again – he does look scared, but not as scared as he should be. He’s concentrating. Using his power, saving himself.

Okay, and now for what we see in 4x08 that I believe supports this theory.

We get a scene with Agent McCall making his report on the incident. We see him removing the bullets from the gun and putting it in a plastic bag.

This is his gun                                                        

This looks very much like the same type of gun that Braeden shows Derek later in the episode

Okay, not the best screencap, but we see it’s a similar handgun. And more importantly – she even gives us a lecture on it.

Braeden: You’ll like this one. The legal clip size in California is 10, you always will remember how many shots you’ve fired. Running out of bullets can get you killed.

Thanks for that Braeden. Now let’s go back to Agent McTall (snickers)

If the legal clip size is 10 and he’s fired one shot that leaves…. 9 bullets left. But wait a minute – how many bullets are in that bag? Let’s count them shall we.

Well, i’ll be damned! It’s 10 bullets! Agent McCall didn’t fire any bullets - meaning the bullet that hit the chemist must have come from his own gun - remember it was pointed straight at stiles’ head and he was in front of him. Somehow Stiles has the ability to make the gun turn on it’s master so to speak.

Here’s another shot of the bullets if you want to do your own count

Still 10!

You might think that sounds outrageous, but let me quietly remind you of all the other “impossible” things Stiles has managed. And if we do a rewatch there might even be more!

  • stiles streched a handful of mountain ash into a line of several meters
  • stiles managed to hold a paralyzed werewolf afloat in a swimming pool for more than two hours
  • stiles is shit at lacrosse, but managed to score numerous goals during the final game in s2
  • stiles managed to hold up a support beam and a shitload of shaky ground with a simple aluminum bat
  • he managed to overpower ethan - an alpha! - at the creepy motel when he wanted to take a saw to his chest
  • maybe he even saved cora in the ambulance because he believed he could? it was a werewolf infected by mistletoe and he saved her by giving her the kiss of life…!
  • Stiles fixed his jeep without having the first clue how to do it
  • Stiles seem to have extraordinary strength for a human - managed to hold on to the lacrosse stick with one hand while simultaniously studying his crime scene photos - Coach was yanking on the other end using both his hands. And also when holding down the werewolf Brett at Deaton’s he held his own. And also Scott in 3x01 when Derek burned the tattoo…

And now with Stiles added onto a list made by a banshee, i’m thinking things will finally come into light- and yes I use the word light deliberately - He is the light of Beacon Hills according to the MTV Character bio :)


First thought - boy they really will find any way to not give us Stiles’s actual name…

Just kidding (not really).

BUT I don’t think we should be worried that Stiles is now on the hit list, we should be worried that Stiles is now on a list of people who are already dead.

I think this is a list of the people who were killed in the previous dead pool because YES I THINK THE DEAD POOL HAS SURFACED BEFORE IN BEACON HILLS!

Remember the code we had to break before season four started? I think the word “decade” is actually referring to the dead pool. It surfaces every decade - but not necessarily ten years apart because then it’s too predictable, too easily avoidable. But say it happened in the 90s, in the 2000s, and now it’s happening it 2012 (I think).

So when did the last dead pool occur?

Well, Claudia died in 2004.

But then last night Peter says he was in the hospital for six years following the Hale fire. Assuming that’s true and only about a year or so has happened in Teen Wolf time (I think, maybe a year and a half) then the fire occurred roughly seven years ago, possibly closer to 8. If it’s 2012, then the Hale fire happened roughly the same time as the death of Claudia. Coincidence? I don’t know.

But then let’s not forget that the day Claudia died, the sheriff was at a car accident. A girl told him to go be with his wife, so this girl is presumably a banshee. That girl presumably died as well.

That’s a whole hell of a lot of supernatural creatures having died within the same time frame. Granted, we don’t know that Claudia was supernatural and we have a human cause for her death (FTD), but after hearing that Lydia’s grandmother spent time in Eichen House (possibly the same time as Claudia) then it doesn’t seem quite likely.

I am going to digress for a minute here and talk about Eichen House.

  • We know that Claudia was supposed to be shown in the episode “Echo House” last season when Stiles is checked into Eichen House.
  • Sheriff is very hesitant to check Stiles in there. We understand because he thinks Stiles is dying from the same disease that took his wife and what not, but it could also be pointing to the fact that Claudia spent time in Eichen House.
  • We know Lydia’s grandmother spent time in Eichen House.
  • We know Lydia’s grandmother as well as Lydia’s mother knew Meredith.
  • We do NOT know how old Meredith is or how long she has been in there.

And all of this together? I have a theory. We were told that the Claudia scenes were cut because it confused things, which may be true, but I think it’s because they didn’t want to introduce that part of the plot yet. I think Claudia also knew Meredith an Lydia’s grandmother.

Let’s not forget this scene from “Insatiable”

Stiles: Okay, will you just let me handle this Isaac. Please. I just I have more experience with banshees.

Isaac: Yeah and mental patients.

Stiles has a known connection to Lydia, but what if it’s because she’s a banshee and he isn’t human? I do think he is less than totally human but that’s another meta entirely.

So what if Claudia had the same connection to Lydia’s grandmother?

And what if Lydia’s sister is the one who died in the car accident that the sheriff is at?


Why is Stiles on a list of presumably already dead people?

I have a theory that Stiles actually died already (possibly as early a 3a). We have been shown plenty of evidence. I will expand on this a little later if people are interested!


Stiles and Lydia have been said to be “two sides of the same coin”, and no one can deny there’s been boatloads of parallels between the two. As Stiles continues to achieve more and more impossible feats and has become increasingly questionable in his actions, I’m starting to see another big parallel Stiles has to Lydia. 

He's something.

Is he psychic? Actually, quite possibly

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god if i had time to write meta i would but i don’t so i’ll just say

to be honest, the trope of the creation of one’s own worst enemy is one of my favorites and it has been the major theme of the entirety of teen wolf so far. peter hale created is own worst enemy when he created scott mccall because scott is his antithesis in every way - whereas peter is selfish and manipulative and cruel, scott mccall genuinely cares for people and is willing to put others before himself and has good intentions. scott’s moral qualities are of the type peter hale could only dream of.

that’s why i have always wanted teen wolf to loop by to this central question of peter vs. scott because peter won’t rest until the power is in his hands and his alone and that can’t happen with scott around. peter will not and literally cannot be content while scott is still around and that’s why whenever we had villain questions, peter made such a good candidate.

scott is the ultimate hero and peter is the ultimate villain and the fact that peter created scott and created his own roadblock to power make the story so much better


So here is what we got from the promo that aired during the MTV Movie Awards:

Some apparent human (or supernatural) experimentation going on. The person is missing a hand and has some sort of muzzle/torture device thing on their head. 

Military-esque, armed people who I believe are wearing gas masks. Set looks like it might be Eichen House. We got these shots after the preview said “the doctors” so these could potentially be some scary as all hell Eichen doctors. 

Someone’s getting a needle jabbed into them (and, again, possibly happening in Eichen House). The eyebrow/eye color suggests Lydia, but could be another female. And it’s followed by this shot:

So we have Lydia bloody and screaming (possible from an ear wound. Remember in season 4 when Meredith screamed? Or it could be some sort of trepanation/lobotomy thing) and I’m thinking we’ll definitely get to see her in Eichen House. We also have that behind the scenes photo of her looking dead and I’m betting this is connected. 

Stiles and Malia looking serious and concerned on the hospital set. Though Stiles has a backpack on still, I am pretty sure this is the hospital set because from behind the scenes photos, we have matching blue tiles. 

Perhaps they are upset because of all of the scary instruments. 

Kira looking concerned at school and it looks like she is talking to either Liam or Stiles. 

Then here’s Lydia, without her usual makeup and her hair look undone. She also looks like she may be wearing a robe. She is lying down on a what could be a hospital bed (Eichen House) and looking dazed/confused. 

Scott in his house looking troubled. 

And someone getting captured by “the doctors” and being tortured. Which looks like a trepanation tool (seriously, google it. And those are definitely lobotomy tools in that behind the scenes shot of the hospital). 

Also, there is the voice over of Deaton saying “The rules have changed.” I wonder if that might be connected to Peter’s line from 3b, when he tells Derek that trickster spirits don’t play by the rules. 

So, in essence, we are 100% back at Eichen (there have been other photos from that set) and I am 100% convinced the trickster storyline is far from over. Hello, trickster spirits Kira, Malia, and who knows who else…

Malia Tate vs. Fandom thoughts, months after season 4

I think the dissonance some fans felt about Malia’s character cognizance comes down to a fundamentally misplaced expectation. Fandom looked at Malia and wanted a story about someone who was mentally a child; the show gave us a story about someone who was mentally non-human

If you were only reading tumblr as the last two seasons aired, you’d think Malia demonstrated no after-effects of her shapeshifting period at all, based on fan complaints. But if you watch season 3 and 4 of the show, it’s clear that there are many ways in which Malia’s eccentricities or hang-ups are highlighted.  The problem is that they’re not the hang-ups fans assumed she’d be having.  Fandom screamed “But she’s only a child!” despite the face that she was demonstrably not a child from her first scene at Eichen House, and was never intended to be seen as one, mentally, emotionally, or physically.. In a few ways over season 4 Malia actually looked at things from a more adult perspective than the rest of the pack, bc she’d been providing for herself on her own for years, and bc she disregarded many of the social crutches the teenagers rely on to justify their decisions.

As the season goes on. we get plenty of content showing Malia’s difficulty in re-joining humanity, to either dramatic or lightly humorous effect.  But she’s not entering the human world as a stunted child, she’s entering it as a young adult who grew up in a non-human environment. She’s not baffled by family or sex or love or responsibility or the idea of school–she’s baffled by culture. By subtle human interactions, by verbal communication vs. body language, by the complex social loyalties of her friendship circle. And she’s lacking in concrete education topics like math or history.  Her lack of consideration for other people is the result of growing up in an environment where self-focus was all that she needed to survive.

In a series as preposterous as TW, I’ve always been amazed that fandom is so hung up on the idea of wanting child!Malia instead of non-human!Malia (which is what we got.)  I come down to two hypotheses:  1) shipping competition (sterek, stydia) and 2) romanticizing the idea of “found” children and orphanhood, such as the myth of being raised by wolves.  Many people used their assumptions about #2 to justify their emotional reactions to #1. In a world as inconsistent and unscientific and outright magical as Beacon Hills, complaining about one character’s development being “unrealistic” to fan assumptions about psychology/science is asinine. It’s a smokescreen fans clung to all through season 3 and 4 (and many still do), despite the canon long since overriding the issue.

Plague Doctors Messing With Lydia’s Head...

What if the “plague doctors” as they more than likely are — perform a lobotomy on Lydia?

Here’s Lydia in the hospital bed looking oddly relaxed and even a little vacant, eerily reminiscent of Void Stiles:

Which is odd considering that we can see here Lydia is bleeding and screaming, being (RIGHTLY) anything but calm and getting injected:

People have speculated that perhaps Lydia bleeding is due to ear bleeds again caused by Banshee interactions… However, what if it’s a lot more sinister than that?

This BTS photo from Melissa Ponzio shows what are horrendous pieces of lobotomy equipment.


The plague doctors seen here (is that a giant hole where their eyes should be, or just the lighting? I mean, creepy) are clearly not adverse to experimenting on people’s heads. 

I need to do some deeper research, these are just quick ideas. But to my bare minimum understanding, lobotomy was once a common medical practice in which parts of the brain were severed in order to fix “problems” which people were perceived to have such as mental illness. The side effect of the surgery was that it alters the victim’s personality.

Another probable favourite activity of these dudes is trepanation, which we’ve already encountered on the show in “Echo House.” Trepanation, drilling a hole into a living person’s skull, crucially, was often performed in the belief that it would “let evil spirits out.”

Considering the likelihood that these “Doctors” are a product of Eichen House in some way, it would make sense that they specialise in this kinds of horrific surgeries. Perhaps they perform trepanation to “cure” people of the supernatural, and/or use lobotomies to erase their memory of it existing/ make people “normal”? Perhaps they believe the belief in the supernatural is an “illness”? Disturbing.

We know that Lydia’s role is extremely central to the plot this season: “She’s going to have a lot to do this season, but it’s all very much secret.” [x]

I’m scared, guys! Also very excited about where this is going

Did Claudia Stilinski drown? Or did she drown Stiles?

Remember in 2x11 “Battlefield” when we got that really weird conversation between Morrell and Stiles?

Stiles: It’s like no matter how much you’re freaking out, the instinct to not let any water in is so strong that you won’t open your mouth until you feel like your head’s exploding. Then when you finally do let it in, that’s when it stops hurting.  It’s not scary anymore, it’s – it’s actually kind of peaceful.

Morrell: Are you saying you hope Matt felt some peace in his last moments?

Stiles: I don’t feel sorry for him.

Morrell: Can you feel sorry for the nine year old Matt who drowned?

Stiles: Just because a bunch of dumbasses dragged him into a pool when he couldn’t swim doesn’t really give him the right to go off killing them one by one. And by the way, my dad told me that they found a bunch of pictures of Allison on Matt’s computer. Not just of her, though, I  mean he photoshopped himself into these pictures. Stuff like them holding hands and kissing. You know like he had built this whole fake relationship. So, yeah, maybe drowning when he was nine years old is what set him off the rails, but the dude was definitely riding the crazy train.

This is interesting for a couple reasons.

One - Stiles knows a whole hell of a lot about drowning. What it feels like to refuse to let water in, the peacefulness that comes with letting go - almost like he’s experienced this first hand. Or someone who went crazy researching the hell out of it after his mother died.

Two -Stiles seems to adamantly want to focus on the fact that Matt was already “riding the crazy train” before he drowned - the drowning only “set him off the rails.” Why focus on making this distinction unless Stiles is trying to separate what happened to him from what happened to Matt?

Also, the show took quite a bit of care mentioning that Matt was nine years old when he drowned, in more than just this scene. Stiles would have been 8 or 9 when his mother died. 

Then in 3x6 “Motel California” we get this:

Lydia: Oh my god. She’s drowning the baby.

Now, I don’t think what Lydia hears is the same thing that happened between Claudia and Stiles, but I do find it interesting that he was right behind her when she heard this. It could be significant.

ANYWAY, I originally had this thought because I was thinking about the dead pool. If we assume the dead pool has in fact happened before (I’ve already speculated that it happens every decade) then what triggers it? I think it’s every time the “supernatural reset button” is hit - like with the ice baths.

So what if Claudia drowned herself via ice bath ritual? Or what if she used Stiles? Personally, I think she used Stiles. It would explain a lot.


Other meta writers have pointed out the connection between Stiles and water and I am 100% on board with the fact that we should be picking up on something there.

One of the key things I’ve seen discussed - water often represents danger in this show. But when Stiles enters the picture, it becomes something different.

Of course we have the infamous Stiles and Derek scene first. The water did represent danger, obviously, since Derek was paralyzed. But then enter Stiles, who treads water for hours to keep Derek afloat.

Then we have the scene where Boyd dies. The water did represent danger again - a fight that ended with Derek being used as an instrument to kill Boyd. But enter Stiles and it’s transformed into a scene about comfort and unity.


If it’s something that happens after the “reset” button is hit via ritual drowning and Stiles was drowned when he was 8 or 9 then BAM! WE ARE BACK AT MY ORIGINAL THEORY OF THE PREVIOUS DEAD POOL HAPPENING IN 2004 (x).

We seriously keep getting references to 2004. Claudia’s death. The banshee who told sheriff to go be with his wife. Possibly the Hale fire. The Tate car accident. These cannot all be coincidences.

Hell, maybe this is why it’s called the dead pool.

anonymous asked:

Despite I like him a lot, the Sheriff's behaviour towards Stiles is really starting to annoy me. He himself said that he has seen a lot of supernatural shit to carry his gun everywhere but even then, he never believes Stiles, never. I wonder if there is something more behind his trust issues with Stiles... What do you think?

I’ve talked a bit about the Stilinski family dysfunction lately and it’s a clear pattern of

  • They both love each other
  • they don’t talk, are crap at communiction
  • the sheriff doesn’t really understand stiles
  • stiles has a huge amount of guilt that stems from the loss of his mother and that has lead him into a pattern of trying to take care of his dad, probably to a) make sure he doesn’t loose him too and b) to make up for whatever he feels guilty about in regards to his mother
  • the sheriff is frustrated with the supernatural elements something that i think i hindering stiles in coming to terms with his spark, and subsequently also his sexuality due to previous harsh comments made by his dad (that i don’t think is meant as homophobic)
  • the sheriff clearly doesn’t trust stiles and it shows. this hurts stiles more than he’s letting on and often leads to further spirals of lies.

You can read more about this here and here

I’ve mostly talked about things from Stiles’ perspective, so let’s look at it from the sheriff’s point of view as well.

What we have to remember is that we see the story of the shitstorms of Beacon Hills unfolding from the perspective of Stiles. We have all the same information he has and as a result we know why he does a lot of the things he does, even the morally grey, the lying and the downright illegal. And even if his dad is now in the know about the supernatural elements in town, i doubt he’s been apprised of all the shit that has gone down.

And Stiles has taken the blame and the hit for a lot of the stuff going on. The sheriff’s been finding Stiles at crime scenes, he’s stolen a police van, he got a restraining order against him that ultimately lead to the sheriff temporarily loosing his job. Sure, he got it back, but i do think he must have gotten a lot of grief for that and his reputation probably suffered as well. Stiles has lied to him a number of occasions, he’s found him at the scene after Isaac escaped jail, he was Lydia’s date when she was bitten, he’s been hanging around Derek and admitted to it back when he was still a fugitive from the law. He also snoops on his dad’s records, listens in on his converstations and sticks his nose in where he shouldn’t.

So the sheriff does have legitimate reason to distrust Stiles because he’s been systematically and delibartely lying to him about the supernatural since Scott was bitten.

And frankly we don’t know much about how Stiles was before all of this but we do have little hints that tells us he was a handful, and that the Sheriff thought (probably rightly so) that Stiles was the mastermind behind it all and that he drags Scott with him.

Just look at these faces - they both look resigned and yet not all that surprised to be in the back of the sheriff’s police car. Clearly not the first time.

And the conversations between stiles and his dad from season 1 that are quite amusing, is on a second or third viewing and with focus on the sheriff probably born more out of frustration and the fact that stiles has a pattern of creative definitions and white lies.


Sheriff: What the hell do you think you’re doing?
Stiles: I’m just trying to help.
Sheriff: Okay, well, how ‘bout you help me understand exactly how you came across this.
Stiles: We were looking for Scott’s inhaler.
Sheriff: Which he dropped when?
Stiles: The other night.
Sheriff: The other night when you were out here looking for the first half of the body.
Stiles: Yes.
Sheriff: The night that you told me you were alone and Scott was at home.
Stiles: Yes. No. Oh, crap.
Sheriff: So you lied to me.
Stiles: That depends on how you define lying.
Sheriff: Well, I define it as not telling the truth. How do you define it? Stiles: Mm, reclining your body in a horizontal position?
Sheriff: Get the hell out of here.
Stiles: Absolutely.

The sheriff has a very clear set of rules for what defines lying: Not telling the truth. Stiles has a creative definition, which speaks volumes about him and his willingness to bend the truth.

And also notice that he’s lying to protect scott. A pattern that has continued throughout the series. And i think much of the lying he’s done in the past has also been to protect Scott. Because that is what Stiles does. The ones he cares about he protects. His loyalties are admirable, but it’s costing him dearly and the price is his dad’s trust.


Agent McCall: You believe this?
Sheriff: To be honest, I haven’t believed a word Stiles has said since he learned how to speak.

It’s said somewhat jokingly but the camera takes time to show us Stiles’ reaction to his dad’s words and he’s usually very good at playing things off as a joke. But this isn’t really all that funny tbh.

And a thing just occured to me. What if all the things the sheriff hasn’t believed out of stiles mouth since he was a little kid, is actually true? What if he does have a kind of third eye thing going on, and he’s been telling incredible stories that people like his dad has assumed are just made up nonsense and lies? We’ve had many examples of stiles instantly take a dislike to people like Matt, Harris, Deaton, the twins etc. And he has uncanny intuition sometimes. For most people this will seem like either lunatic ramblings or flat out lies. Because he doesn’t have anything to back it up. Until much later, but by then most people have forgotten all about it, as evidence of this conversation with scott


Scott: Well, what if it’s somebody else from school? Like, you remember Matt? We didn’t know that he was killing people.
Stiles: Excuse me? I’m sorry, what? I yes, we did. I called that from day one, actually.
Scott: Yeah, but we never really seriously thought that it was Matt.
Stiles: I was serious. I was quite serious, actually. Deadly serious. No one listened to me.

The sad part is Stiles is right, no one really listens to him. And he’s sort of put himself in that position. Because his lies have made his dad distrust him, and his crazy ramblings have probably made Scott disregard most as just weird antics. But what if he’s been right all along?

How long will stiles last before he either resigns completely or blows up at them. We’ve been talking about a schism between stiles and scott and frankly i’m starting to think the worst schism of all might be between father and son…

I hope this helps putting the sheriff’s position into perspective. It’s not meant to give him a free pass because i genuinely think the stilinski men both need to sit down and talk things out, because there are a lot of misunderstandings and flat out wrong assumptions happening in their relationship. Stiles needs to stop lying and tell his dad everything, and the sheriff needs to make an effort to understand stiles better.

And as a mom i can tell you that us parents want nothing else but the best for our kids and want to protect them as best we can. and at the bottom of it all i do think that is what the sheriff is trying to do. Scott, Derek and Lydia are all clearly supernatural and they can’t help being part of the supernatural shenanigans that happens, and the sheriff understands and respects that. And that is why i think he’s ready to accept their help and them being involved. But in his eyes Stiles doesn’t need to be involved because he’s just human and can step back. Which goes to show that he really doesn’t know his son as well as he might think he does.

But at the end of the day, although i think both mean well and love each other, they do continue their dance of miscommunication and misundestandings that frankly is hurting both of them. But like i said - it’s easier for us to sympathize with Stiles because we see and understand his actions and reasoning, but his dad does not have the whole picture. And the result is distrust. And a trust in Scott that i frankly don’t think he deserves, but stiles seem to have resigned himself to and also use at times. and that is just sad.

Right here.

We could’ve known Stiles was supernaturally active from this scene, because of his reaction.

Only supernaturals can actually hear the banshee scream on the banshee wavelength (Comic Con bestiary, way the screen becomes dead silent sometimes i.e. “Riddled”).

He’s shocked because he’s never actually heard Lydia scream before, while we’ve seen Scott react at various distances enough times already to be used to it.

Here in “Perishable” it marks Parrish as supernaturally active because it’s implicit he hears her cry for help.

[Seems like, as with the Alpha roar, supernaturals can get a direction off it, too? Unless he’s wolfy enough that he orients himself by hearing intuitively.]

Unfortunately right there Stiles is mid thrashing around. BUT, that he says he doesn’t think anyone will be able to hear her may mean he’s not technically a supernatural anymore and is in fact human? Whatever his capacities.

broitsbeaconhillls asked:

I had a thought for your meta post on stiles being a reality warper. In the episode where they had the sickness breakout thing at the school, how the chemist had a bullet hole at the front of his head, which would mean the bullet had to go through the head completely, which doesn't really make sense considering how far Mr McCall actually is, which means its very unlikely that he shot it, Can you discuss it?


Being the forensic science nerd that I am, IF McCall actually shot the chemist, the exit wound on the chemist’s forehead would be a lot bigger and more gnarly, first off. And if McCall actually shot the chemist, based on his positioning, Stiles’ positioning, and the distance, the bullet that went through the chemist’s head should have hit Stiles as well (right in the face). Physically it makes no sense, because the Chemist was facing Stiles head on, with the barrel of the gun directly between both of their foreheads.

The only plausible way I can imagine McCall taking the shot on the chemist to go through his head completely without hitting Stiles, is if McCall took the shot crouched low to the ground and pointing at an upwards angle (so the bullet would hit the ceiling). That is highly unlikely though. Stiles has even said the comment of “are you getting taller?” to dismiss this possibility.

If you watch the Chemist after he’s shot, he falls away from Stiles. If McCall shot him, he would have moved forwards, towards Stiles. Heck, he’d probably plop right on top of Stiles and he’d be pinned under a dead man. Just from observing how the Chemist dies in this scene, you have to conclude that he was shot through the front of his head. And we all know that McCall was behind him. The only things in front of the Chemist were his own gun and Stiles himself.







Are you screaming yet? Because I still am.

WHICH is a fascinating parallel considering that this scene in Silverfinger is the first time we’ve ever seen Stiles kill. (granted it was Void possessing him, but still) And in this scene we’re lead to believe that Stiles killed the chemist. The same face he makes in the last images I posted also parallel with the fact that in Silverfinger he has his face illuminated by the yellow glow of the oni he just killed, while in Weaponized he has his face covered in blood of the man he just killed.

Can we also appreciate the parallel that after Stiles kills in both of these scenes, a McCall shows up afterwords? Coincidence? There are way too many similarities between these two scenes for it to have been happenstance.

I’d also check out these metas, because they explain in more detail about how the scene with the Chemist doesn’t add up.