Well whatever if something this stupid is really gonna make me lose close friends, or distance from them, guess I’d better warn my followers before they drop out too:

I will be drawing Ted, Audrey, and Once-ler in a polygamy relationship.

Yeah, their ages will be altered, (maybe a bit?) but it’s still them.

Yes, this means they are in a relationship. With eachother. 3 PEOPLE IN RELATIONSHIP??? HOW WORK????//??

Well whatever, it’s not supposed to be sexual. It’s for the fact that they are human beings and need fucking love and it’s just …that. That’s it.

OH NO, they’re NOT AFRAID to see eachother in their underwear. AND they HOLD HANDS? and CUDDLE? well fuck if you aren’t into that then I guess you guys can leave.

If not then all the merrier.  IF you want to blacklist it, be my guest! The special tags will be “Polyamorous” “Polygamy” and “Tedryler”