The Mask [Dark Knight Rises Concept Art Series]

Who is Tom Hardy?

After playing Christopher Nolan’s pain suppressing eco-terorrist, everyone now knows who Tom Hardy is.  Much like people see Harrison Ford as being synonymous with Indiana Jones or Han Solo.  Bane–for all intents and purposes–was ‘the role of a lifetime’ that put Hardy’s name on the proverbial map…well at least on my map since I don’t really get to watch a lot of movies.

It’s like Jeremy Renner before  Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011) and Hawkeye (Thor, 2011 & Marvel’s The Avengers, 2012), Christian Bale before Batman Begins (2005), and Heath Ledger before The Dark Knight (2008) [unless you really want to count Brokeback Mountain (2005) for all the wrong reasons].

Now, I am aware that Hardy was ‘Eames: The Forger’ in Nolan’s previous film–Inception (2010), but he really didn’t stand out for me.

But once he work ‘the mask’…

Yeah, now I care.

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