Activists Lash Out Against Gay Hotel Owners Who Hosted Ted Cruz With Boycott

Activists Lash Out Against Gay Hotel Owners Who Hosted Ted Cruz With Boycott

Earlier this week, two gay hotel owners hosted a dinner at their apartment in Manhattan for Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz is an outspoken opponent of LGBT rights. Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass own the Out NYC hotel. Risner also recently bought the gay beach resort, Fire Island Pines.  The fact that the two gay men would hold an event for Senator Cruz has sparked outrage from the LGBT community.

It has…

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“We need to click with compassion… Just imagine walking a mile in someone else’s headline.”

Monica Lewinsky’s courageous TED 2015 talk on being patient zero of public humiliation online, why shaming isn’t only an act of violence between individuals but a massively exploitive business model for the media industry, and what we can do, together, to stop it. 

As Chris Anderson remarked when he introduced Lewinsky onstage, “Please don’t underestimate for one minute the courage it takes to give this talk.” 

Complement with some thoughts from yours truly on hope in the age of cynicism

Every single life matters equally and infinitely.

StoryCorps founder Dave Isay at his TED Prize acceptance speech, announcing the launch of a heartening StoryCorps app that allows you to record your story for preservation in the Library of Congress.

To appreciate the supreme timeliness and cultural importance of this project, see Walter Benjamin, a century ago, on how storytelling helps transmute information into wisdom


Fear not.” - colchrishadfield

Former ISS Commander/Colonel/Astronaut Chris Hadfield talks about the orbital perspective, spiders, riding a meteorite to Earth, and the experience of becoming visually impaired during his first EVA. For anyone who hasn’t yet explored his book aptly titled “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth” or the gorgeous photographic display of planetary awe displayed in “You Are Here”, these two works of literary art - along with this TED Talk - are highly recommended and to be shared with everyone. 

A gigantic government vehicle of a space program may not be the most effective route to launch our economy and our spacefaring ambitions. However, we must keep in mind that the private space entrepreneurs paving the way for more effective, continuous, and accessible means to and beyond Low Earth Orbit will enable more human beings to achieve the Overview Effect we so desperately require as we move forward into tomorrow.

Whether it’s NASA, CSA, JAXA, ESA, or the leaders of the NewSpace movement, our longevity as a species and subsequently, our segue out into the solar system and beyond will be greatly pronounced and conceptualized from those who have seen our planet from “the outside” to communicate their experiences, emboldening each of us to embrace our stewardship to the planet and all members of its crew.

Until we are all capable of escaping our terrestrial worldview and casually observing our world along with others known and unknown, we must continue to #FightforSpace.

Per astra ad aspera*


Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame by TED


Consider this, next time you think about reblogging that call-out post about a person you don’t know.