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The Raw and the digital. As we progress into the future, more and more we get instances of stark contrast between the almost brutal minimalism of new design and the raw untouched “design” of the natural world. Its the combination of these two elements that I really like the aesthetic of. 

Let me prove you wrong


We were born in the 90s.

We were born in the imperial age of decadence and splendour. Our wardrobes consisted of bold colours and overalls while we played pogs, Pokemon and the great outdoors

Evenings spent playing in the forests cut short by the dim streetlights signalling our mothers concern. 

Days were long and nights flew by and the winters were actually cold.

But then things changed.

We realized how sick our world was. We woke up from the dream that was what we called day-today life.

Three buildings, 4 planes, 3000 souls.

The foundation of a new reality.

We learned our world was not safe, that our security could not be guaranteed and that there were inherently bad people.

There were people on this earth compelled to hate us.

We grew and realized the constant state of war that looped in the background like an old cassette player; present but made irrelevant by new and more fancy distractions. Our world was steeped in conflict. Bathed in the blood of the young, weak, infirm and innocent.

And we had only just begun to realize the gravity of what was to come.

As we aged our world changed every single day. Phones, email, computers, laptops, tablets and the ever marching technological time piece rained connectivity and signals down on us like a torrential storm. We drowned in the waters of communication.

We were soaked in it.

But we began to love it.

In that love came witness the devolution of mankind; a dependance on imaginary signals and signs and the distraction from truth.

Unfocused, unattended and anxious we grew into our youth surrounded by jeering voices yelling of our selfish, arrogant, needy and entitled ways.

Our parents complained of our unholy connections to devices.

We graduated, the most educated generation in history and yet, there was no work. 

This inability to find work, pay debts and obtain stability has branded us as weak, lazy, and naive.  

Magazines, television reports and the average person says we are the worst. generation. ever.

But let’s take a look at the past shall we.

Our 21 years on the earth did not cause the perpetuation of war, hunger, poverty and destruction.

Our 21 years did not create a generation of joblessness

We didn’t allow the creation of a government that has become corrupted by the corporate greed of business.

We did not allow the presence of obesity and malnutrition to occur simultaneously in our world. 

We didn’t create a world where fashion, music, sex and sport were glorified above all things real. These distractions have tore us away from the truth.

The results and outcomes of these sins will be put on our shoulders. Not our parents but us. 

Call me entitled for wanting a job or a shot at success. Call me naive for thinking war is not the answer.

But do not dare call me the worst generation ever. You haven’t given me a job let alone a chance to prove you wrong. 


Titan is an upper-body exoskeleton that increases the user’s arm strength by 18kg. It was designed for use in occupational lifting and healthcare and may help stroke victims and people with permanent injuries rebuild muscle and relearn fine muscle control. Titan also reduces fatigue, prevents poor lifting posture and provides data feedback, allowing users and doctors to monitor the patient’s progress.

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