Researchers have achieved wireless speeds of 1 Tb per second

That’s fast enough to download 10 full-length movies in less than a second… wirelessly.

Researchers at the University of Surrey in England have achieved 5G speeds of 1 Terabit per second (Tbps) over 100 metres in the lab - by far the fastest wireless connection to date.

The 5G, or fifth generation, mobile network will eventually replace our current 4G technology, with its comparatively poxy speeds of around 15 Mbps, and it’s hoped that it will revolutionise how we use mobile devices.

It’s previously been estimated that speeds of 50 Gbps could be achieved on the 5G network, but now the University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) has gone and smashed those expectations.

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From Pope Francis and President Obama to the kid down the block, we have, for better or worse, become a world full of selfie-takers.

But as ubiquitous as they are, there are some places where selfies remain controversial — like the voting booth. The legal battle rages over so-called “ballot selfies” in the state that holds the first presidential primary.

This may be a fight of the digital age, but according to New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner, it involves a very old American ideal — the sanctity of the secret ballot.

"If somebody wants to go out and say that they voted for this person or that person they can do it. They can do it, but that ballot is sacred," he says.

Gardner has been the state’s top election official since 1976. To say he views ballot selfies with suspicion would be an understatement.

He backed a change in law last year that made New Hampshire the first state to ban them explicitly.

'Ballot Selfies' Clash With The Sanctity Of Secret Polling

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Dragon V2 has a new logo ahead of crucial pad abort test

Dragon has a new logo! SpaceX updated the logo of its crewed Dragon capsule ahead of Dragon V2’s Pad Abort test. Since the spacecraft’s inaugural flight in 2010, the Dragon logo consisted of a purple stylized dragon with wings extended and a curled tail. The new design features only the animal’s head, poised in a sleek, aerodynamic fashion.

The capsule will eventually carry American astronauts to the International Space Station once the company completes a series of ground tests.

The first major hurdle the capsule must pass is the Pad Abort test. This tests the abort capability of the capsule in the event that there is a catastrophic mishap on the launch pad, but prior to booster ignition.

Eight SuperDraco engines will propel the capsule away from a test rig that will be set up on the company’s SLC-40 on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. A Service Module similar to final flight hardware will be attached to the Pad Abort Dragon.

Following PA-1, Dragon will undergo a second and final abort test, this time testing an  in flight abort. Flight Abort-1 will launch on a modified Falcon 9 v1.1 booster. The capsule will abort during the region of powered ascent known as “Max Drag” which is when the vehicle is flying at trans-sonic speeds. This is similar to the region of maximum aerodynamic pressure, or Max-Q, but not quite at that flight milestone.

For an abort scenario, this would be the trickiest portion of the flight to abort the capsule. FA-1 is scheduled to launch from SLC-4E at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

The capsule seen above is the flight article for the PA-1 test, which is scheduled to occur at Cape Canaveral sometime in spring of 2015. In late January, the test was estimated to occur in late February or Early March. However, with the current SpaceX launch manifest, the earliest the company could complete the test would be after the March 1st launch of Eutelsat 115. Then, the company would need to repair SLC-40 and install the test hardware.

Pebble Time Beats Original Pebble Kickstarter Record in Two Days

In 2012, Pebble made history in being the most funded Kickstarter project for its smartwatch. The wearable startup raised over $10 million dollars and was the king of Kickstarter until the Coolest Cooler swept in August of last year to raise over $13 million dollars. But Pebble is back on Kickstarter with its latest smartwatch, Time, which is setting some new records including the chance to be back on top. 

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Things found at a thriftstore:  a 110 camera that still had a roll of film in it, with the counter on 23 out of 24 exposures.  I wound it once, took a headshot of my friend (“don’t do that,” she said too late, but didn’t know there was still one photo left on the roll), wound it to the end and into the pocket it went.

Soon as I have the mad-money I’ll get it developed, don’t hold your breath. :)


Tourists v locals: city heat maps show where sightseers flock

Eric Fischer’s fully browsable worldwide map shows blue points for ‘locals’ – tweets by people who have tweeted in the city over a month or more – and red points for ‘tourists’, those who tweeted there less than a month.

See more in the gallery here:

February 2015 Danklo Review + Coupon Code

Danklo is a subscription service that sends out a personalized gift to your doorstep each month! The contents of your box are chosen based off a short quiz you take and each box comes with a cash prize ranging from $1-$1000!! I thought that was a really neat thing to add!

Here’s more info about Danklo from their website

We all know how life can be sometimes; boring, repetitive, maybe in need of something new and awesome. Well, new and awesome might be hard to come by, might cost you a lot of money, or might require too much of your time, but here at Danklo it’s exactly the opposite. Providing you with something new and awesome at very little cost with minimal effort required is what we do, and we do it for you every single month.

Here’s how: Every month we will send you a personalized gift box directly to your doorstep. By utilizing the element of surprise, we like to keep our Danklo subscribers anxiously awaiting for their gift to arrive. You never know what you’re going to get and it will be different every month. It could be something small or something big. It could be something humorous or something of serious matters. Regardless the size or value, we always strive to exceed your expectations, and provide you with something that can be used in your everyday life.

Danklo has three different packages you can choose from: Standard - $7.99/month, Pro - $10.99/month, and DankloPrime - $13.99/month with $5.90 shipping fees each month. 

I received the DankloPrime box for review purposes.

I was really excited to dig into this box because I wanted to see what kind of items Danklo chose for me based off of the quiz I answered!

My box came with a personalized card that details what products I received and there was $5 in the last page!! I really like how they give back to their customers this way, it’s super neat! My card says this month’s theme was “Technology” - which was perfect for me!

Universal Clip Lens 3 in 1 Lens Kit - $9.00

Mini Bluetooth Speaker - $12.00

4 Port USB Hub - 4.00

I was really happy when I saw the lens kit in my box because it’s something I’ve been wanting to try! It comes with 3 different kinds of lens - wide angle, fisheye, and macro lens. 

This bluetooth speaker is perfect for my room, I’m glad it’s small so it won’t take up much room!

I burst into laughter when I saw the USB Hub because I was whining about how my laptop needs more USB ports so I could plug more things in at once and now I can! 

The total retail value of the contents of this box was $25 and I got $5 in cash! It does exceed the cost of this box - $20 - and I, personally, will use all of the items sent! Danklo definitely did a great job with using my quiz answers to curate my box and I totally recommend checking out Danklo and subscribing if you’re into getting mystery boxes like these in the mail! 

You can check out their website here and use coupon code “DankloSave” to get 15% off your purchase!

I received this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and I would not promote an item if I did not think it would spark interest to my readers.

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There’s a great read on there at the moment about Google’s new AI software which has been able to become a ‘superhuman player’ at 22 out of 49 classic Atari games, and matched humans at a further 7.

As awesome as it is to see an AI playing some classic games, the bigger picture here is the theory that if software can learn to play a driving game with no instruction, it’s not a huge leap to imaging it learning to drive a real car in a similar way.