The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs and Websites of 2015

DailyTekk has compiled a list of the best blogs and websites of 2015 in the categories of: news and current events, most helpful, most fun, unique, design and art, and the best websites for men and women.

Carefully chosen for their intelligent, fun and beautiful content, they spent an entire year visiting many sites to deliver one of the most important lists you will read in 2015 online. 

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One tech nerd is bringing the ‘80s back, this time in wearables.

The Apple II Watch, designed by 24-year-old DJ Harrigan, is meant to parody the Apple Watch, which was released Friday, and show what wearables might have looked like in the 1980s. The design is bulky and retro, with a tan body and the rainbow Apple logo evocative of the '70s and '80s.

Harrigan works for Instructables, a do-it-yourself site where people can upload instructions on how to make various projects. It’s no coincidence the watch appeared on the DIY site just before the debut of the Apple Watch.

“I’m a huge computer history nerd fan,” he said. “And I wanted to make something that sort of celebrated that, but also made fun of it a little bit since wearables are still kind of this new awkward thing. I just really wanted to imagine what an equivalent would be in the 1980s because it’s such an iconic computer for a lot of people.”

A DIY Dream: What If Apple Had Made A Watch In 1985?

Photo: Jon Brown/Instructables

Morning News Rundown

Nepal quake rescue efforts intensify as international aid rushes in  

Israeli strikes in Syria highlight fears over Hezbollah’s arsenal

Concern in Myanmar over crackdown on student protests

US-Mexico pact brings life back to Colorado River’s delta

Chipotle removes all GMOs from its menu

Slowdown and out in Williston, ND

Polish border turns away Russian bikers

Opinion: Nuke deal to unleash Iran’s economy

Stating security concerns, Egypt gags media

Baltimore mourners remember Freddie Gray

Kazakhstan’s president wins third term

Opinion: Aid may worsen El Salvador crime

Pleas for mercy flood Indonesia’s leader

Corinthian Colleges to close all campuses

Sarajevo’s Jews welcome a baby boom

Dozens killed as heavy rains batter Pakistan

Russian hackers read Obama’s emails

Opinion: Abortion debate needs more honesty

Opinion: Gadgets don’t change the world

Wave of bombings strikes Baghdad

Opinion: The CIA’s black marks on humanity

Watch these virtual fish swim around a shipwreck

As augmented reality ramps up thanks to smart glasses like the ones expected from HoloLens and Magic Leap, we are seeing more and more examples of how the virtual world can be brought into the physical to create experiences like never before. The latest is this CGI project from Memukhin Oleg called “Fishing Day” which was recently featured on The Creators Project. 

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via Instagram’s @petzl_official - Prohodna is the climbing site for the small town of Karlukovo, located 12km Southwest of Lukovit. This open-air cave, adorned with a few beautiful columns, is known as much for its steep climbing as it is for the spectacular, immense holes that pierce its roof. Since the aid climbing of the ‘70s, it has earned its title as one of the most popular climbing sites in Bulgaria. During the hot season, the cave guarantees moderate temperatures. There are approximately forty pitches of all grades, from 5c to 9a (5.9 to 5.14d) in steep endurance style on excellent, featured Jurassic limestone. The routes are between 25 and 40 meters long.
Photo: Sam Bié
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Norfolk Southern train 11V climbs the mountain around track three at Horseshoe Curve near Altoona, Pennsylvania. The entire train can be seen: Engines 8073 and 9311, 87 cars, and helper units 6333 and 6315, a total length of about 5600 feet. The head end is on the left side of the image (running counter-clockwise), and is much higher in elevation than the rear end’s helper units. 11V is a daily manifest freight operating between Enola Yard near Harrisburg and Bellevue, Ohio. I


Apple Watch – Rise

For all the ways you spend your time, the Watch is here.

Source: Apple’s Youtube Channel