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"Visual microphone" can decode words from the vibrations in an object.

A MIT student has shown how the tiny vibrations caused by sound waves can be picked up by a high speed video camera, and decoded with software to figure out what sounds were being made.

The technique allows the researchers find out the subject of a conversation, for example, by watching the vibrations in a glass of water or a bag of chips.

The current “directory tile” ad experiment shows only for new Firefox users. A new “enhanced tile” program to launch soon will mean existing users can see some ads, too.

Well, this is exactly why I stopped using firefox. I do not want ads in my browser, also they endorsed DRM in HTML5, contributing to a further lockdown of the internet in the name of copyright.

They had their chance of being relevant, but we have better alternatives now. Use a firefox fork such as Pale Moon or Waterfox instead, don’t support what Mozilla has become. And especially don’t switch to Chrome, either.

I’m so repressed on Facebook. Mainly because my dear family is on there but also because my real-life friends are. Have you wondered about that? How you are able to quote be yourself more when you are speaking to non-real-life friends/acquaintances? What is that? Do I just consider you all as fragments, destitutions, sub-selfs? What is our friendship on this website? Would you call it a friendship? Please answer me. Is what we have real?

This is the era of technological communication & creation - where most of us build ourselves through devices and tangled wires. If you do not wish to partake, you have the opportunity to divide yourself of the society, do so if you wish; but if you do not, you must get over it.
—  Thoughts #121