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1) What’s your favorite breakfast food? OH MAN I FUCKING LOVE BREAKFAST FOOD THIS IS FUCKING DIFFICULT but probably the quiche that the vegetarian/vegan/kosher restaurant on campus makes? Basically any of them. They use some really good egg substitute that gets it really fluffly and I get the kinds with cheese. Like, today, I had a piece with feta, dill, and spinach and I don’t even LIKE spinach and it was FUCKING DELICIOUS. I’m also passionate about pancakes and most kinds of eggs and biscuits and gravy and sausage and bacon and BREAKFAST FOOD YUM.

2) If you had to choose between drinking coffee whenever you want but never having alcohol ever again or drinking alcohol whenever you want but never having coffee ever again which one would you choose? Coffee. Sorry, drunk Emma, but you know it as well as I do.

3) Kill/Fuck/Marry: Sam, Merry, Pippin
Kill: Merry? I don’t know, I don’t want to kill any of them.
Fuck: Pippin. What a cutie.
Marry: Sam? Yeah. Sam.
(Coulda said marry Merry and been funny but nah)

4) Are you a mountains person or a nautical person? Mountains.

5) What language do you wish to speak fluently some day? German. It’s very descriptive by smushing words together to make new words and I am all about that.

6) If you could live in any classic fantasy world, which would it be? Middle Earth.

7) Are you mentally prepared for Sunday’s Sherlock episode? I wasn’t before I watched it. I liked it a lot, though.

8) Which friend have you known the longest, and how did you meet? Um, technically Beanie (her real name is Christine, but Christine-y beanie, you know?) although we haven’t seen each other in YEARS, we still interact on the Facebooks sometimes. Other than that, my SCAPA lady friends (like Lucy)

9) If you play any instrument, what do you play? Even if you do or don’t play, what’s your favorite instrument to listen to? I play flute/piccolo and piano and I sing (mostly that one, as it is technically my major…). I’m a sucker for a well-played trombone?

10) Which Harry Potter character are you most like? I think Hermione. Sometimes Mrs. Weasley.

11) What movie, no matter how many times you watch it, makes you cry?  Love Actually. And I’ve seen it SO MANY TIMES.


1) Describe a perfect, completely and even unrealistically hypothetical scenario to deal with your personal general feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety, etc. (For example, my big once described a fantasy of getting a bunch of secondhand china from a thrift shop, taking it somewhere remote, and throwing it up in the air and hitting it with a baseball bat.)

2) If you could take traits from existing animals (or even not, whatever) and combine them to make your perfect pet, what would it be like?

3) What is your FAVORITE thing about yourself??

4) Why do you trust the person you trust the most?

5) What’s your earliest childhood memory?

6) Favorite book you had to read for school. EVER.

7) Who do you live with? What are they like?

8) Does your body function at the “normal” 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit?

9)  What colors do you associate with the following emotions/feelings/whatever: betrayed, VERY EXCITED, safe, invigorated, exhausted

10) What was your favorite movie when you were ten?

11) How do you feel about cheese?

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Some kind of Doctor Who related thing. Maybe one of those adipose stress toys because they're so cute and squishable. Or something music related.


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  1. What is your favorite art form? What a rude question, Sareen. I guess music? I also really like poetry. But I like a lot of other things too. Gah.
  2. Do you ever like to indulge yourself with a particular food? Hah. Yes. Definitely. I like cheese? And things that have things like gravy, including but not limited to: gravy, Mornay sauce.
  3. What is your Adventure Time OTP?  I don’t watch Adventure Time? Don’t hurt me. I’ll get to it, I just have a long “to watch” list.
  4. Is there any place in the world that is number one on your list of places to visit? I would like to go to northern England. I want to see if it lives up to the hype. What are men compared to rocks and mountains, after all?
  5. What is your ideal/dream job? I want to teach the musics! But if we’re saying absolutely if I could do positively anything, I want to be on SNL.
  6. What is your obsession (i.e. tv show, hobby, game, activity, etc.)? I. Um. I really like purple. That’s not a process, or really a thing you can experience, but I love purple. It is a super great color and I just think everything should be purple okay (it’s late and I’ve been up for a long time, if you haven’t been able to figure that out by my answers thus far).
  8. What do you imagine would be your patronus? Filed under: things I think about a lot. I think possibly an elephant?
  9. If you got a whiff of amortentia, what do you think it would smell like to you? Maybe…coffee? Yeah. Coffee and old books and Camay soap.
  10. What’s your life philosophy? Don’t be a dick. Do what you need to do, take care of yourself, do things that make you happy, but BE NICE TO PEOPLE. I feel like if people were constantly trying to do nice and helpful things for other people as they could, we would have to do a lot less for ourselves to have lives that didn’t suck, you know? We’d all have a better starting point. DO NICE THINGS. DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE DRIVER. Seriously, if people just DROVE a little more nicely, how much happier could all the drivers be?

Swiggity swestions please answer these questions:

  1. Where did your middle name come from? If you don’t know why your parents picked it, what does it mean? Do you like it?
  2. Do you know how to ride a bike? If so, who taught you how to ride a bike, and at what point in your life did this happen?
  3. What is your actual, top, I-will-go-down-with-this-ship OTP, from anything? CANNOT PICK MORE THAN ONE OR THE SHIP GODS WILL SMITE YOU. Tell me about why you love them and why they (should) love each other.
  4. If you had to dye your hair a color that somehow represented your soul, what color would it be?
  5. Favorite boy band? (Don’t act like you don’t have one.)
  6. What is your favorite hometown (non-chain) restaurant, either where you live or somewhere you’ve visited? What do you eat there?
  7. What brand of laundry detergent do you use?
  8. Why are you afraid of what you are most afraid of?
  9. Desert island question: Five books, five individual items of clothing, three household objects that could fit in a backpack, three toiletry-type items, and three magically non-perishable, never-ending food items. Specify.
  10. Favorite kind of tea.


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But seriously I love EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWS ME so much, so if any of you want to do this thing PLEASE DO IT PLEASE I want to read your answers and know about your lives

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5, 8, 24, 39~

5. Talk about the best birthday you’ve had

  • Hmm well the first one I think of is the time we played Apples to Apples for like 6 hours straight

8. Talk about the thing you are most proud of

  • I’m proud that I adjusted to college life generally well

24. Talk about something someone told you that meant a lot

  • I always like when people tell me that I’m funny and a fun person to be around

39. Talk about things you wish you’d known earlier

  • I kind of wish I’d known earlier that my undergraduate college experience was only going to be 3 years instead of 4 because I think I might have done some things differently.

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I'm bored in stats so I'm going to keep going. Would you rather be content all the time but never feel very strongly for anything or feel very strong emotions both positive and negative?

I guess the second option because I think being able to have strong emotions is a big part of what makes us human

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If you could go into a machine where you would live out the rest of your life in a simulation where everything always turned out for the best and you were always happy, would you go in?

Sure why not. For all we know we’re in a simulation right now amiright?

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50, 100 150

50. Where would you like to be

  • Wherever Tina Fey is currently. Unless she’s in the bathroom or something awkward.

100. Cried in front of someone:

  • Wow it’s been a while… last time I remember was like 4 years ago and that was in front of my mom

150. Blondes or Brunettes:

  • I actually tend to like guys with darker hair so Brunettes

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Tag! You’re it! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them that they are it! NO TAG BACKS!

1. I played soccer for 12 years

2. I do kickboxing

3. I’m a psychology major

4. I love listening to music

5. I’ve never seen the Titanic (don’t hate)

6. I like kids

7. It’s my birthday tomorrow

8. I think a lot but usually don’t say what I’m thinking

9. I wish I had more time to read books

10. I am currently tired and really want to go to sleep

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I clicked out of the numbers and forgot what they were, so randomly 2,7,5,9,11


2. TV Show

  • Uhhh crap not fair. I’ll go with Buffy.

5. Color

  • Light blue and purple

7. OTP

  • Castle and Beckett from Castle

9. Thing to do

  • Be with people I care about. Or watch TV. That works too.

11. Magazine

  • I don’t really read any magazines

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11, 16, 35

11. Something you miss?

  • Seeing my best friend every day

16. Favorite Quote?

  • Man you’re making me choose one? But I have so many! Okay here’s one:”Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to, doesn’t mean they don’t love you with everything they have.”

35. The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

  • My mom

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Oh dear, you need to think at least five good things about yourself. There are many more than three!

I am terrible at thinking of good things about myself. This is why I hate interviews where you have to say all the things you’re good at XD

LOL I just found this...whoops.


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My Answers:

1. What fandoms do you belong to? Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Once Upon A Time
2. Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? Justification? Marylin Monroe, because, even though I love Audrey Hepburn (and probably enjoy her movies more, to be honest), Marylin Monroe did that whole I-do-not-have-to-be-the-person-my-birth-and-circumstance-relegates-me-to-be thing, which I think is just pretty badass.
3. What is/was your favorite thing about your college/high school? Um, we have a lot of really pretty trees. It’s a national arboretum. And I know I should say something more like, “The people are really smart” or “The professors are really great” or “I’ve made a lot of good friends”. While those things are all true, Vanderbilt in the spring is the MOST BEAUTIFUL place I have ever seen.
4. (Stealing Anna’s question) Do you have a favorite GIF? Um. Surprisingly enough. I don’t collect very many, I just have a couple fairly obligatory ones, and I’m sure I have a favorite one, but…wait, there’s this one (that I don’t have and am too lazy to find) of NPH as Barney Stinson in a car, and he’s looking at something else but then he looks into the camera kind of slowly and winks. It’s just hilarious. (There, I have described a GIF, much like the Twitter that is a text version of Tumblr. I am really cool.)
5. Did you own a Furby as a child? Opinion on them?  Yes. Terrifying. Creepy. Smelled like mechanical fire all the time. Bad.
6. What’s the most tourist-y place you’ve been? Barcelona. Everybody’s a tourist in Barcelona. It’s like the Florida of Europe.
7. Where do you want to retire? London. It’s just my favorite.
8. Would you rather be the damsel in distress or knight in shining armor (removing all gender connotations)? You know, neither, I think. I guess the damsel? But I was always less into stories that had strict lines like that—I liked Tamora Pierce books a lot, where the girl was always pretty badass but occasionally needed help/saving.
9. What time period would you want to have been born in? The late 1800s? I don’t know, I’m not good at this question anymore.
10. Sugar and cream in your tea? Coffee? Yes, yes, dear God, both please, yes.
11. Would you sleep with someone to get ahead in your career? (This is brought on by the episode of Smash my mum is watching) Probably not. But we’ll see how desperate I get.