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My Latest Sketchbook! Please share the love.  and I hope you like it! 

here is a look at my coloring technique. as you can see i tend to block in very flat colors and let my line work and shadow shapes help define the three dimensional forms. you can get a lot of dimension just by adding a tone layer as well as a highlight layer. also i add  a scanned in texture of tea staining to help add a watercolor-ish feel and i find it helps take some of the digital feel away from the piece. this was painted in photoshop cs6.

I used five cameras on our recent trip to Spain. Of the five i’ll explain a little why I used each one over the next few weeks. First up, my GoPro. Here I attached it to the van using the suction mount made by GoPro. The mount deals with bumps on the road superbly as you can see in the video below. I mount the camera to the vehicle then fire up the app on my iPhone so I can check I’ve attached it in the correct place and angle (the GoPro has no screen). Once that’s done, I shoot the video footage in 2.5K mode so it allows to level out or crop a little if I need to when I downscale to 1080p HD for output. In the edit i grade, sharpen a little and speed up the video…

Technique/Pose Prompt #1

I’ll take a guess that at least 90% of you only draw on white paper…

So here’s the challenge: You’ve mainly been focused on shading. Let’s see how you do with highlighting. Find a dark piece of paper (preferably not green, but blue, purple, brown, or [especially] black are ideal) to draw on. You’ll obviously require a white pencil or something of the sorts. Do not use a pen; the point of this is to blend natural highlights on the subject, so this’ll be a realistic-type image.

The subject: At any angle you choose (any rotation or direction high or low), draw a woman with her right leg raised as though it’s perched on a stool (do not draw the stool; you are only creating the human being, and nothing else [just for the sake of keeping it simple]). About 65% of her weight is on the “stool.” Her right arm is reaching out towards something that is slightly higher than her natural height. The expression isn’t too important in this exercise (as the point of this is to depict realistic highlighting from a unified lighting source on a simple level), but if you want more of a challenge, have at a more detailed face. Try to keep her hair short, unless you’re feeling pretty confident with how the image is going and you want to make it longer (we’re mainly focusing on figure, here, so the hair doesn’t matter much). Do not draw long hair to cover up some body part that you don’t like. For the same reason we’re not adding in the stool, this is also for the purpose of anatomical study.

This prompt can help with shading as well as highlighting because, if you do this right, you learn how the body “holds” and blocks light and how the various shapes (and even textures) change the light/shadows. You’re only going to be drawing highlights and letting the paper take care of the shadows, so you’ll be focusing on sketching out different areas of the body than you normally do. My advice to you is that, if you’re not acclimatized to doing this sort of drawing, you mark on the side where the light source is situated so you have a general idea what segments of the body the light hits.

This challenge is not for a prize or anything. This is simply a fun activity for individual practice. Challenge yourself, tumblr artists! Good luck!

When you finish your creation, share it with everyone by reblogging this post and pasting the URL to the art into the text section. I’m excited to see what you’ll create!