A priceless 1978 ad for Technico Inc.’s TMS-9900 microprocessor computer. It doesn’t look like the company went very far (it’s impossible to find much about them on the net) and companies like Intel had come out with equally good chips at the same time-period. None the less, “two bytes are better than one” is probably the best tag line for ads that I’ve seen to date.

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Technico et Jmi Sissoko - Princess
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Lucha Libre 101: Wrestling Styles

In areas such as sport, entertainment, and the arts, the best conflicts have goodies and baddies. Wrestling, more than any other sport, has  endless opportunities for goodies and baddies because it has a narrative.  It’s a serial. There are characters, with backstories, there is love and hate and wright and wrong.

In Lucha Libre, much of this is epitomised and characterised by the distinct styles or types that all male and female Luchadores (wrestlers) fall within: Technico, Rudo and Exotico. Lucha Libre also has ‘Minis’ who are a mix of midgets and particularly short wrestlers. Each style has its own code of conduct, physical style of wrestling and cultural appeal. Tell me more you say? Well read on luchador.

Technico: these are the good guys. They play by the rules, respect the crowd and get the girl.  Technicos are physically slim and lean rather than the muscle-bound wrestlers you see in modern western wrestling. They are also technically accomplished athletes and tend to rely on high flying, skillful and graceful moves.

Rudo: no prizes for guessing that these are the bad guys. Generally much bigger in appearance, more physical in style, they also break whatever rules they need to, will abuse the referee and the crowd and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

Exotico: camp?/gay?/pro-gay?/anti-gay? - there is mixed response to the exotico luchador - they spend as much time in the ring chasing, slapping and ass grabbing as they do fighting, but while often bordering on the ridiculous, they aren’t ridiculed. They often win, are an important part of the narrative and have some kick-ass moves.

The Minis aren’t necessarily a fighting code, as they are defined mostly by their physical prowess, and some are goodies and others baddies - but they too have their own moves and following.

Many characters have swapped from technico to rudo in their career as part of a larger story, so it’s worth pointing out that roles and styles are very fluid. What is true, is that the crowd always know who is who - there is nothing vague or ambiguous, and it’s one of the main drivers of the action in the ring.

Staedtler Mars Technico 780C clutch pencil review

Staedtler Mars Technico 780C clutch pencil review

The Staedtler Mars Technico 780C is a 2mm clutch pencil. It has a plastic body with metal clip, knock and grip.

All works as it should. The lead is held tightly, the clip is firm, there are no unfortunate rattles or wobbles. The knock includes a very functional lead pointer.

This pencil is comfortable to hold and feels substantial and solid without being overly heavy. The fact that the grip is…

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[…] Le périurbain, espace de vie d’un tiers des Français, appartient aux terra incognita urbanistiques. Le dogme technico-politique veut qu’il faille lutter contre l’étalement urbain, et ce depuis… quarante ans. Or l’étalement est désormais bien là. Il faut donc changer d’ambition : considérer le périurbain comme espace de projets légitime, au même titre que les centres-villes et les grands ensembles, pour promouvoir des agencements et des fonctionnements de ces territoires diffus plus vertueux, au plan social et environnemental. […]

(Extrait de l’article La pensée urbaine en panne paru le 11 août 2014 sur le site lesechos.fr).

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CATASTROPHE. La Russie ne livrera plus à la Syrie les fameux systèmes de missiles S-300

CATASTROPHE. La #Russie ne livrera plus à la #Syrie les fameux systèmes de missiles #S-300

MOSCOU, Russie – Que se passe-t-il au Kremlin ? Selon l’agence Interfax, les systèmes de missiles anti-aériens russes S-300 (photo), destiné à la Syrie, seront recyclés. C’est le directeur adjoint du Service fédéral pour la coopération technico-militaire Konstantin Biryulin, qui l’affirme.


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Arequipa, Peru

Friday 4th July - Sunday 6th July

Our first impressions of the main square and streets off of it in Arequipa were along the lines of Sucre, but better with beautiful colonial buildings at every turn.

We intended on not having much of a plan for Arequipa except to use it as a launching off point for the Colca Canyon. However, our broken camera meant that we needed to find a ‘technico’ to try and get it fixed. And then we had to research and buy a new camera when we found out the camera wasn’t fixable, an interesting proposition given the level of our Spanish! Nevertheless, we still succeeded in putting a dent in our budget with a shiny new camera.

We also took the opportunity to take a visit to Museo Santuarios Andinos, which is the current home of ‘Juanita, the ice princess’ whose body was sacrificed at the summit of the volcano Ampato by the Incas and whose body (and the sacrificial artefacts with which she was burried) were only able to be recovered after another nearby volcano melted the glacier in which she had been encased for more than 500 years.

After watching some more of the world cup and wandering around a bit to explore and find interesting places to eat we sorted out how to get to the Colca Canyon and set off.

My stuff from China finally arrived. The 2mm lead pointer/sharpener and 2.3mm eraser refill is impossible to find in Malaysia. None of the art stores I’ve went to brings it in (idk why), and I couldn’t even find any stores selling the Staedtler Mars technico 2mm lead holder; so why not import that too. Lol. 😛