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David Luiz giving interview after the premiere of PSG in the UEFA Champions League against Ajax.


you and David were sitting on the couch enjoying the last minutes before he should play against Ajax. David was holding little Marcus, he’s your child he was only one month old. You were so happy that David is the dad for Marcus it was cute seeing them together.

You looked at David he looked a bit stressed

"David you look stressed" you said and he looked at you

"I am, I have a game then I’m gonna think of you and Marcus home here all alone! What if he starts to cry a lot and you can’t make him calm what if he wants me and I can’t be there what kind of dad would I be?" He said and you smiled

"An amazing one, just the way you’re thinking right now. But don’t worry David I can control it you will be back around 4 to 5 hours he will probably be sleeping" you said and he looked at Marcus who smiled up to his dad you both chuckled.

David looked at his phone it was time for him to go, he gave you Marcus and toke his jacket on and bag on.

"Take care okay?" He said and you smiled

"If you do we will" David smiled at you he kissed your head

"I love you Jenna" he said "I love you too" you said

"I love you too" he said kissing Marcus head

"Soon he will have big curly hair like you" you laughed and David smiled

"I’ll teach him everything I know about big curly hair" you both laughed he smiled at you and walked out of the door

"I’m gonna be fine just go out there play and have fun" you said cause you knew he was worried

"Okay I love you!" He said

"I love you too" you said and he walked out from the door. You smiled to yourself and looked at Marcus who felt asleep.
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